Saturday, October 8, 2011

A is for apple

An apple a day
keeps the doctor away 
(excluding the eye doctor, of course)
A wagon ride a day
makes this little girl so happy
she'll probably never want to walk on her own.
(unless by walk you mean getting out and pushing the wagon herself
while checking out the bag of apples)

(both of these activities also insure that there will be a nap coup at the Smith house...apparently)

Happy apple picking season! I'm going to try to make this...hopefully this weekend.


  1. Change of plans...I am not making those. Immediately :) don't you just love apple picking season. Addison is so cute!

  2. I get so jealous with all these fall pictures and activities...
    oh well, guess I'll have to take the girls swimming this afternoon

  3. Millie has that same shirt. I swear, our daughters have enough matching clothes to be fake twins. :)

  4. are you making those cheesecake thingies tonight?....if so, we'd love one (or two) on the Buddy Walk tomorrow! Also, you didn't mention that the horse face
    painting is not a stencil....Addison sat still long enough for the girl to actually paint it!!!

  5. Apple picking was one of my favorite activities with my children. Still is!

  6. Those look too good.I may have to try them too.:)

  7. LOVE the pics! and now I MUST try that delicious-looking recipe. Lesson plans can wait, right? =)


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