Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guest Post

My daily post is over here today.

For those of you who are here at Everything and Nothing from Essex for the first time, I have been posting every day for the month of October to raise awareness for Down syndrome (not every post is about Down syndrome, but most of them are).  Feel free to scroll down and read some of the already written awareness posts.

For those of you regulars, my guest post over at Life as Mom is an expansion of "Making a Difference for the Different"- the post I did earlier in the month. I really loved the concept and wanted a chance to clean up the writing, delve into the subject little bit more and post it on a bigger blog to raise awareness for our children. Many thanks to Life as Mom for fitting it into their schedule last minute!

*and once again- if you have any questions about raising a child with Down syndrome or what it's like to have another baby after the whole Ds experience- please ask! I'm doing a post later this week dedicated to answering your questions about that or anything else that you have been wanting to ask me! My email is or you can leave your question in a comment here.


  1. hmm I liked that post both times I read it :) you know you are right about introducing our (well OUR kids get it by default) kids to "different" early on. When I was a baby one of my mom's best friends was in a car accident and spent the rest of her life (she died last month) in a coma. Her mother cared for her until the end and we visited her at least once a month. We sat on her bed and talked to her while she was being fed, and I learned that there was nothing scary about different.

  2. I have been readig your blog for several months now, on recommendation from a friend. I enjoy it everyday, I look forward to seeing the adventures of Addison. I don't have children of my own, but spend a lot of time wit my 3 little nieces (and one more on the way!). The stories you tell about Addison are the exact same as my nieces. They are funny, crazy, crabby and just plain great every day! Thanks for sharing your beautiful kids with us and the story of Addison.


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