Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Eve of the End

Well, here it is. The Eve of the last day of Down syndrome month...which coincidentally means the eve of the last day of my blog promise to blog every day to raise awareness for Down syndrome.

I know there were a few doubters out there who whispered behind computer screens and smart phones as you read my promise that NO WAY would I be able to complete this.

But I did.

And I think what we've all learned here is - I have a lot to say (apparently) because I managed to fill up 31 days of blogging (I know there's still tomorrow, but we all know I'm just going to post pics of the Halloween costumes) with idle chatter, important information, a ton of pictures paired with the always snarky remarks, and one post full of lies from yours truly's overactive imagination (hehe).

I've been thinking a lot lately about challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves to that next level of achievement. I've mentioned it more than once that I've been doing a 5k training program (I think I'm running a 5k on Thanksgiving Day...insert gasp of disbelief) And I've also mentioned that I am NOT athletic at all, but that I was inspired by Addison to work hard at something new and reap the bigger reward of accomplishment than perhaps of something that comes easily to me.

Today the plan required me to warmup 5 min, repeat 3 times cool down 5 min. As I left the house, I was freaking out about having to run 7 minutes straight. Laugh if you must, but if you're laughing right now, surely you're never done the run ten paces-collapse on the sidewalk- limp home-never move from the couch again routine.

Anyway, after I returned home from the run, I waited for Aaron to ask me if I successfully was able to finish. Finally when he didn't ask I prompted him

"Aren't you going to ask me if I did it?"

He didn't even look up from his computer.

"I know you did."


"I know you wouldn't have come home unless you had finished today's assignment"

He has never given me a higher compliment....(and he managed to refrain from using the word stubborn) Love that guy.

I guess in some way I'm using this as a test in perseverance to use towards getting my book published. Like- if I can push myself enough to successfully run my first 5k, then surely I can push myself enough to get my book on the shelves instead of giving up and packing it in a dusty box in the basement because it was too hard. (btw, thank you to those who wrote nice things about my writing in that last post. It really meant a lot!)

I'm feeling inspired. Something about new motherhood leaves me exhausted and weary- but inspired as every day I watch new life grow, explore and greet each new day with coos and smiles. (which for the record- it's nice that I have a monthly journal to look back on  because the month of October is a sleepless blur to me now...did it actually happen?)

Addison truly makes me want to work harder every day. It's amazing to watch her stand and then fall- over and over again-every time with a smile, every time with a determined tilt to her cute little head. That little girl is going to walk...and run...and probably run 5ks of her own someday. Because she works hard...and succeeds...over and over again..

I want to be more like Addison. She rocks the pants off of the talents and abilities that she has been given instead of settling for "easy"..what's the fun in that?


  1. I would bet that Addison's mama rocks the pants off of every assignment too! :)
    Great job on the running...I am so proud of you. Not proud enough to get MY heiney off the couch but still proud! lol

  2. It CAN'T be the end of the month already!!! NOOOO!!!! We have been officially spoiled. :)

  3. beautiful picture! Now get some rest. You did great! :)

  4. I agree- we're definitely spoiled with daily posts now! :)

    A huge pat on the back to you for not only blogging daily among everything else you have going on, but doing it on so little sleep and energy. You're my hero! :)

  5. You did great this month blogging! I only have Russell here with me all day and even I struggled to post daily, so you did AWESOME!! Loved reading your blog everyday :)

    Oh, and that picture of Chubbs is too sweet :)

  6. OK, just want to say that you are my hero for keeping at it in running. Oh, and my freaked out comment on your running post last time was actually meant as a compliment. Sort of. Still a little sore about being so gullible and freaked out. You had me wrapped around your little finger believing every stinking word. :) So actually, I WOULD DEFINITELY read a murder mystery by you. Because those are the kind I like, the ones that wraps you around its finger.
    OK, and DARLING picture of Addison!

  7. Might be the sweetest, nicest things I've ever compliment by far!

  8. Love the picture! Total trust.

    You have inspired me. I haven't run in over 20 years and have been trying to do some jogging during my treadmill time! Thanks.

  9. You are doing awesome on the running plan. Can't wait to hear about your first 5k! I need to get back at it... and just for the record you (and of course Addison) inspire me... I still have the email you sent me back in May... I read it so many times during my pregnancy it wasn't even funny.
    So Thank You!

  10. What an adorable picture of Addison with Daddy! It's worth the whole month of posts!
    Halloween costumes were adorable, too.


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