Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fashion for Cooler Weather

Dear World,

The weather is turning cooler. Fall decorations have been placed around the house...unfortunately just out of my reach (they look delicious).Tank tops, shorts and summer hats are being packed away...time for a fall/winter wardrobe suitable for Vermont. At first when mom mentioned this, I panicked...I love my summer clothes and didn't want to say goodbye to them.

But then I realized,

I got this.
It's time to rock winter fashion.
-boots, sweaters, fun hats-
The only thing missing is snow so that I can go skiing.
So I diligently watch for it
every day.
I work on growing into these awesome boots.
So that I can take my winter fashion on the road.

(mom said to mention that we're seeing my eye doctor on Friday to discuss my upcoming cross eyed surgery. Surgery? What???!!!!)
That makes me feel extremely regretful that I refuse to keep my glasses on longer than 30 seconds at a time...
and oh yes one more thing. Being the fabulous older sister that I am, I took a brief moment when mom wasn't watching to pass down some of my last year's fashions to little bother (no, mom that is not a typo)
 It's not my fault that he wasn't impressed. Ungrateful. That's what he is. It's my job to dress him like my doll...Right???? 

Love, Addison


  1. Addison is so adorable!!! I absolutely love that hat. Poor brother, he's gonna have lots of hand-me-downs

  2. I have a feeling she's gonna be just as stylish in her fall/winter wardrobe as she was in her summer clothes! She's on lucky little lady!

    Good luck on Friday!!!

  3. Love her outfit! So stylish!! :)

  4. LOVE her outfit! It never gets cold enough here. . .we are still in the 90s. Grr. So sick of shorts. Perhaps I shall move in with Miss Addison.

  5. We love Addisons little hat.Too cute.It should keep her warm skiing.I think Carter is already letting you know he is not happy in pink.He is so adorable!!!!!!!

  6. hahahaha! Addison, I love your mommy's writing, but your posts are admittedly my favorite:)

  7. Addison is rockin' the hat and winter gear!

  8. Oh my gosh! Chubbs has the cutest outfits...I hope you realize she needs a little sister to pass all these fabulous clothes down too :D

  9. Love these posts!

    I don't know whether to thank you or say "bah" to you for introducing me to Zulily! There is always such wonderful clothing for my Bells!

  10. Chubbs outfit is too cute.
    Haha! He is like "get me out this pink bear suit"!!

  11. LOVE IT!!! I have missed reading about Chubbs and her adventures as a big sister. Glad to be in a routine with motherhood so I can catch up on my reading. Kudos to you for keeping up with the blogging with TWO kiddos! You are my inspiration.

  12. Total cuteness! Addison looks so adorable in that hat. Love it.


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