Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I just walked in the door from a lovely date with my husband and his new goatee (I'm sorry, I just HAD to mention it because I think it's awesome). My parents stayed at our house and watched the two children...after a long day of doing various tasks for me around the house AND taking over Carter care...I could totally get used to this spoiling thing.

After finishing my 5K training program today with my dad and realizing how slowly I was running (as he could keep up with me while still walking. gulp.) I am now feeling the effects of kicking it up a notch in addition to being satiated from dinner out.

My bed is calling to me and my eyelids are heavy, so today's post merely includes a confession:

Ever wonder about some of Chubbs' fabulous facial expressions during our photo shoots?

The deep dark secret about Addison?

EXTREMELY ticklish.
Good thing Grandma doesn't have to resort to such devious means.
She's got the magic touch.
Sorry you had to see the pumpkin hat two days in a row (it was the hat to her pumpkin costume last year...for those of you who were asking) but it's not like you can break out an awesome pumpkin hat anytime of the year...and of course it goes with everything...

Aunt Bekka- thanks for sending Chubbs' awesome new dress with Grandma. (-:

To those of you who were sure I would fail the challenge by missing a blog post today...I made it in today with 1hr 45 min to spare...so there..

oh and also- I've already gotten some great questions about parenting a child with Down syndrome or about taking the step of having another child after already having one with Ds...but there is still a chance to ask whatever you might be wondering for a blog post I'm doing later this week. My inbox is still open: dsmith0806@gmail.com


  1. I love the pumpkin hat!!! So adorable!!!

  2. What a blessing your parents are! Thanks for sharing during an obviously very busy time!

  3. I love the dress Chubbs is wearing it's adorable! And I have to say, you kind of do look like a teenage Mom, haha...But that's a blessing so be thankful!!! lol

  4. My question is not necessarily relatedto Ds specifically. I am wondering how you fit in all the therapy and keep your life balanced. Also you had mentioned music therapy - I was wondering what you do and what advice you have for someone who does not have much of a musical background. It sounds like it would be beneficial for both my kids!


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