Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Card picture...failure yet again.

This morning was our ONLY morning all week to not have a PCA arriving at 8:30 and a therapist at 9:00 (except Wed where we went to a doctor's appointment fun.)

I was excited for a morning alone with my two kiddos. I decided to attempt TAKE TWO at operation Christmas card picture. Surely I could get one decent shot....(Remember TAKE ONE?)

Turns out, no. But out of the goodness of my heart, I have decided to share the outtakes from today's photo shoot with you. Strangely enough, Miss Addison decided to be a little extremely uncooperative. I would get them lined up in a cute pose and not 5 seconds later...well, the next picture speaks for itself. (Don't worry...Carter was NOT HARMED during these pictures...although not for lack of trying from Addison)

Picture #1: OK, cute. Addison could we get one where you're not doing the splits...and maybe smiling?
5 seconds later
Picture #2: Addison, we're just going to set your brother on your belly...lie still and smile!
5 seconds later...OK I admit that one was probably asking too much
Picture #3: Addison, hold your baby on your lap. Big sisters sweetly hold their brothers.
5 seconds later...
Quick pause to admire this handsome boy...why oh why don't you like him, Addison?
Picture #4: Isolate Addison in the box so she can't try to hurt Carter.
5 seconds later...yes, that is Carter's leg under her arm...
Picture #5: Distract Addison with a book
5 seconds later...apparently she wanted the couch to herself
maybe I could just photoshop them closer together?
Picture #6: Isolate Carter in the black box so that Addison can't hurt him.
Genius! OK, Addison, look at Mommy!
5 seconds close. so very, very close...
Then, I then turned my back for a minute and found that Addison had taken some liberties on setting up the next picture by herself.


I then decided that I could perhaps turn this around....

Wouldn't you just love to see that Christmas card in YOUR mailbox?

I'm NEVER going to get a good shot of the two of them. I'm beginning to think Photoshop is my only option.


  1. HAHAHA! I want that last one as my Christmas card!!! You better send it to me!

  2. Oh my goodness....seriously laughing so hard I was crying! I really think you should use the last one! Well, maybe photo shop in a pic of Addison smiling...LOL. I can't even imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be to try to get that perfect pic...Hope you get one that you like!

  3. ah yes..posing the kids yourself, sucks, huh?
    last years card was four separate shot of my kids, each had their own corner with words in the middle...this year I'm making one of my friends who's a pro do our whole know, if I'm not feeling too fat...

  4. Haha, this was great! I like the last one, or the one with Addison tipping Carter over in the box! lol...Who says a fabulous Christmas card has to be with every looking all prim and proper!

  5. Oh poor Carter! These are great pics even if they are not exactly what you were going for at first. I do like the last one though :)

  6. Hilarious! Maybe you need 2 separate photos. I know, not nearly as fun, but hey! I guess it depends on your end goal.

  7. however, a progression of all the above makes for a Griswald-esque photo shoot. Love it!

  8. These seriously had me laughing. I think you could just send out the last one, I personally love the funny and silly Christmas cards the best. I usually save those ones. My favorite was from a friend that has 3 kids and couldn't get them to smile, so took one of all 3 kids crying and wrote on it "Merry Freakin' Christmas". Anyway, it was the cutest.

  9. Hi Deanna:
    I have a friend who laid both her young children on the floor, and took the photo from above and it was beautiful. She gave the older child a string of Christmas lights or a candy cane or something to seasonal to play with. I believe she has a friend or her husband handy to set up the pose while she was ready with the camera. Good luck.... these are wonderful, though, because they capture your reality so well:)

  10. I think the last picture is perfect


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