Sunday, October 9, 2011

Buddy Walk

Today Team Addison joined hundreds of others storming the streets of downtown Burlington to raise awareness for Down syndrome. Wearing matching t shirts that proclaimed the mission of our Buddy Walk, we all marched with the same cause- for our children, grandchildren, friends, niece/nephew, cousin-all with that extra chromosome.

Addison's biggest supporter behaved admirably...(don't worry, he worked his straps down after we were out of the car)

of course he wanted to eat RIGHT when the walk started.

Traveling on her throne, Addison had everything her heart could desire- including every name tag she could get her grimy fingers on.

You know, Addison, it is a Buddy WALK...make those tennis shoes do their thing.

Carter and Addison someday???? (bro and sister walking together- the sister has Down syndrome)
Team Addison (happy that Gwampa and Grandma Smith could join us)
oh yes, with the sleeping prince
(look how big my little 5 week old baby is getting)
Addison's favorite part was the post walk ice cream.
the only place she would leave her name tag alone...(how lovely to have a glasses necklace)
This was our very first Buddy Walk. Last year this weekend we were in Boston to surgically close the second hole in Addison's heart.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was downright hot- pretty unusual for Vermont in October.

Sometimes I feel pretty disconnected from our local Down syndrome chapter because we haven't been able to make it to a meeting since last summer (oops), but it was wonderful to reconnect today and see so many friendly faces. People from all walks of life with one thing in common- a child with an extra chromosome. It's pretty amazing such a small thing can pull people together.

I think someone should create a virtual Buddy Walk for the online Down syndrome association. How would we even do that???

(p.s. this post is so simple because I am glad to have a full night's sleep ahead to recover from our busy weekend. ha.)


  1. cant wait for our walk. Love Addy's ruffle socks, and the picture of the brother and sister walking together.

  2. Looks like a great walk. Go Addison. And really, it's not that simple of a post. All of the posts don't exactly have to be super long and profound either. Nice just to see that beautiful little family and those who love you out walking!

  3. Loved this! Looks like you guys had a great Buddy walk! Had to laugh at that picture of Addisons glasses hanging around her neck, haha...

    And the picture of the brother and sister walking holding hands had me in tears. Brad and I visited with our friends last night who have a baby with Ds and they talked of their fears of having more children and what their kids would think of their brother and if they would be embarrassed of him...It broke my heart. I would love for them to see a picture like that!


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