Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What would you do?

I'm writing for help because my current sleep deprived mind is having difficulty coming to a decision on my own.

Here's the problem:
Last week I hired a new Personal Care Assistant for Addison. I was so excited because she

-is studying to be a Physical Therapist
-has the perfect schedule to be here when I need her
-is interning at a Kids Rehab Gym so she can take Addison there for free

She came the first day (Tuesday) and did an AWESOME job. I was home as well, but was busy feeding Carter, doing laundry and picking up while Addison was having very purposeful babysitting time. When she left, Addison was exhausted and took an amazing nap.

Her second day of work (Friday), I got an email from her early that morning that said that she was so sorry that she had the flu and didn't want to expose Addison to her germs. She made a big point out of saying that she still wanted this job very badly and hoped that I didn't think that she was not taking it seriously. She also stated that she would for sure be there the next day that we had agreed on.

I was a little suspicious (and annoyed a I had been counting on her for that day) but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Her third day of work (Monday), SHE NEVER SHOWED UP. I emailed her a very polite "Didn't you say you would work with Addison today?". I never heard back from her until late, late, late that night.

She said that her mother had contacted her about a family emergency and that she had to go out of town to be with her family and this was the first chance she had to email me back. She said that she was so sorry and would understand if I didn't want her to be Addison's PCA anymore, but that she still really wanted the job and hoped I could understand the troubles that were out of her control.

So here's my dilemma? Am I to be understanding and overlook this rough start or is it naive to believe these excuses? She is the perfect PCA- should I stick it out or try to find someone new?

The problem is, I'm exhausted and don't have time to interview a new batch of girls, but I really need someone I can depend on. Do I just assume that events will even out for this girl or figure that she took a long weekend and plied on the excuses to gullible me?

What would you do???


  1. hmmmm. Maybe you can give her the benefit of the doubt one more time. But I would also make it clear to her that you MUST be able to depend on her and that this is kind of her last ditch effort to prove to you that she is that dependable person. I always like to be the second chance giving type of person.

  2. OK, that's a hard one... Maybe just be really open with her, and tell her what you just told us on the blog - that you're trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but you have to have someone you have to depend on every time. I do find it weird that she couldn't take 1 minute to shoot out an email before going out of town - seems like a dependable person would have done that... I'd say before I went to the headache of reinterviewing tons of people I'd give her one more chance. It sounds fishy, but maybe she did have a really bad weekend, and this would never happen again... Ahem. Maybe. Of course the other question (if she is not dependable) would be if she's really going to do such a good job with Addison when you're not there...

  3. That's a tough one. I think you could give her the benefit of the doubt but I'd be up front that this is her last chance. Do you have an references you could check? Maybe call the gym and see if it has been an issue before?

  4. Hmmm, sounds a little flaky, on the other hand I have had things that sound that unbelievable happen to me before, so it is possible. If it were me I'd probably give her another chance because if its true she really wants the job she won't let it happen again. If it does, even if it is true, that's too much drama for her to be reliable no matter whether its her fault or not.

  5. If you really think she is a perfect PCA and did an awesome job I would stick with her. Why take the chance on getting someone not as good? If you see a pattern develop...well that's something different.

  6. Personal Care Assistants? Why didn't anyone tell me about these creatures ten kids ago?! Where do I find one?!!

  7. I would definitely contact the gym....see if she calls in w/ stories there, too. If she's dependable there, then I'd give her another chance, though I might leave and come back earlier than planned just to see if she's really doing a decent job. But.....I also think you go w/ your gut. If you think she's yanking your chain, then you really need to be upfront w/ her and let her know she's breeched your trust and that it is up to her to re-establish that relationship.

  8. LOL...To Patti's comment! I want one of those too!!
    And she is not the perfect PCA if she doesn't show up!! At her age she should be ashamed not to be more responsible and considerate...Regardless of any family emergency it only takes a second to make a quick phone call or shoot off a short email...Perhaps give her another chance but just like the others said I would be very upfront with her and how you need to be able to depend on her. If you say you are going to be some where BE THERE! Arghh, I would be frustrated too! Hope you get it worked out.

  9. first of all...I'm still floored you get one of these...
    second of all...I would give her one more chance and make it very clear that this it...no excuses

  10. I don't know, I guess maybe some would call me a push over, but I would give her one more chance with. I would give a fair warning that if this doesn't work out that this will be it. And then if she can't do it, move on.

  11. We have one, too, and have had some scheduling issues as well, especially since we've gotten them through an agency. I know what it's like! I'd give her one more chance, but be prepared with backup that day if you need it, just in case...

  12. I'd call the gym to see if she has a pattern there. Ii would address the concern you have with her and give her another opportunity. She needs to realize that "good communications make and keep good relationships and friendships." These days with cell phones and email to add to regular phones, she has multiple ways to let you know if there is a problem.

    I didn't realize these folks stayed with your child without you and thought you had to be there with them so that was a new wrinkle in my education.

  13. LOL at Patti's comment, too!!! And echoing everyone else's sentiment about a second chance.

  14. Hi! I have a good friend at work whose father is a paraplegic and has been through a number of PCAs throughout his life. Good ones are very very hard to find. I would move on if your gut is telling you to do so. Seems like in this situation two strikes and the lack of communication is the straw that would break the camel's back (for me at least). Hope you and the new addition to the family are doing great ! Can't wait for more pictures. PS I saw pink glasses the other day and thought of Addison. I know we don't know each other too well but I know you! =) from your blog of course.

  15. Maybe you already posted about this, but I was wondering how one goes about getting a PCA?


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