Monday, September 26, 2011

pumpkin lattes, thank yous, siblings

I'm feeling a touch disjointed today as I am still working to find my new balance, so today's blog post includes mere random tidbits.

1. I love fall. Especially fall in New England. A very fallish recipe for this beautiful day?

Crockpot Pumpkin Spice Latte

I  made it over the weekend to share with friends and have been reheating leftovers ever since. Your mouth (and wallet) will thank you for making your Pumpkin Spice Lattes at home this fall.

2. It is very difficult to duck in and out of stores (especially that don't have carts) with two unwalking children when the store isn't large enough to maneuver the double stroller. My solution?
Part A:
 Part B:
My poor little car is loaded down with enough paraphernalia to cart around six kids...but when you want to get out enough, you have to have the means to carry around both babies. (-:

Anyone have an easier solution to this that doesn't involve a half hour of assembly and pack up?

3. My little boy is growing up so fast. I can't believe he's already working on his 4th week of life.
4. Big sister is starting to notice him more. And I've gotten more grey hairs as I have barely saved him from her on several occasions.

5. I'm starting to adjust to life with less sleep. (and yes, I have tried cutting out caffeine and it doesn't seem to affect Carter either way)

6. I have a stack of thank you notes that I need to get crackin' on. I love to write, but for some reason when pen is poised over that thank you note, words fail me. Have to get better at this. Nothing worse than appearing to be ungrateful when every gift/meal has meant so much more than I know how to express on a small thank you card.

7. Two more weeks until I can Zumba again. (YEAH!)

8. Carter has already done more dirty diapers than Addison, despite her 19 month head start. (so this is now a normal baby's digestive system works)

9. I'm so happy for the start of new TV seasons. As shallow as it sounds, HULU plus keeps me sane on the days when it is just me, two little babies and an absent husband who works long hours. Present favorite show: Castle.

10. Over the weekend, I was complaining about my lack of sleep etc when I ran across this blog...a wife who lost her husband while she was pregnant with their little boy, ironically named Carter. It really put things back into perspective for me. thankful for so many things.
I hear the babies rising from their naps, so it's time to go rejoin this circus. Perhaps I could get Addison to write some thank you notes for me? Nothing says "I am so extremely thankful" like a large scribble drawn by a small chubby hand.

happy monday.


  1. I stopped going to stores that don't have carts...unless I'm alone! :)

    It always seemed like week 6 or 7 life got a little easier with both of my's hoping sleep (even a few hours) is just around the corner!

  2. I have found that an Ergo makes going out so much easier.The organic ones are the best.I do not know how we lived without one for years.I love ours and would highly recommend one.

  3. I am just lovin these pictures of Chubbs and baby brother! They are both so adorable Deanna, I think you should have at least three more :D

  4. I love the page revamp!!!! It looks great.

  5. I just realized when I was looking at your pictures again that you are wearing an Ergo.They really get sooo much easier to wear as the babies get a little bigger (15 lbs or so).I have never used an insert.I used to use a sling but now either a Moby or a Baby B'jorn until my baby is a little bigger.


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