Friday, September 30, 2011


I find myself walking around in a bit of a haze. Constant feedings...deciding who is crying louder and should get attention first...figuring out a new sleep schedule...lots and lots of therapy sessions...(I just added in two new therapists as I figured Addison now needed the extra attention due to my attention now being split. Plus she is really taking off in several areas, and I wanted to take advantage of that)

I feel like my aimlessness has been present a bit on my blog, and the lack of comments has confirmed that to me. (not that I live for comments, but after not many people comment it leaves me wondering...did I make sense at all?)

I'm trying to get us on a schedule to make room for me to start back work on my book soon, I've been taking the kids for very long walks every day in attempts to reclaim my body before I'm officially able to start exercising again, I'm following the steps from a new organizational book so as to not get overwhelmed with a messy house and overflowing laundry

and every once and a while when I get most overwhelmed I stop and say- it's been 4 weeks. I'm home alone trying to adjust to 2 kids (babies) on very little sleep- I guess I'll cut myself a little slack for not being able to keep up perfectly in all areas of life. My friend Holly has accused me of being an overachiever, and I guess in some respects I am, but honestly, that's all I know, why stop now?

I say all that to say- I have a bunch of pictures for you today. While feeding Carter in the middle of the night last night, I thought up a beautiful comparison between motherhood and swinging (because of Addison's swinging pics that are below)- the highs, the lows, the exhilaration, the fear...but then when morning came, not only could I not remember why I thought it was brilliant, I couldn't remember how I wanted to say it.

That leaves us with- pictures. One of the reasons why I have been taking and posting more pictures of late is so that I can look back and be able to remember these fun, fun weeks that are coming dangerously close to be erased from my hazy memory. lol.

I enjoy dressing Addison up for her therapy appointments. I think she performs better when she's all dolled up. (i.e. the purple cowboy boots allowed her for the first time to deliberately use her pointer finger over and over again YAY)
 During our afternoon walks, we stop at a nearby park and let Addison swing while Carter sleeps in the double stroller (I think whoever invented double strollers should win some sort of genius award)

I have learned that Addison LOVES to swing high. (-: Seriously never had so much fun at a park before. How can you not laugh back at her small gleeful chortles?
 Aaron discovered a way to get a cute sibling picture that didn't end with Addison attempting murder: place an awake Carter next to a sleeping Addison. It worked well, until she woke up.

"What's going on here?"
 "It's Daddy! I love my Daddy."
 "Wait a second. What's this?"
 "I've been tricked."
(notice Aaron's hands rescuing Carter. lol)
Sweet 4 week old:
 And last but not least...LOL. Addison's sense of imitation is strong these don't judge me that I encourage her in her imitation growth:
In conclusion:

1. Happy Friday

2. Anyone still out there or have I alienated  my followers due to distracted postings and lack of response back on my part? (I hope to be returning 100% sometime in the next few weeks. Patience is requested)

3. If you haven't gotten the chance already, could you take a minute and vote for us? (We will owe you dearly)


  1. You are killing me with your sense of humor! Note to self, do not drink any liquid while reading your blog posts unless I want to ruin my keyboard and computer screen. Still here! Haven't left :) Addison has spunk :)

  2. I've never left a comment before, but I read your blog when I have a chance to. Your children are adorable!

  3. Thanks for my daily smile :) What would I do without it?

  4. even my husband voted for you, now he gets the parents newsletter in his mailbox ... (:

  5. I am SOOOO behind on blog reading, due to homeschooling starting again, engagements, kids moving out,beach trips, etc. can't wait to get home and catch up on Chubbs and her mini partner in crime!! Love those photos- I want to see a video of Addison on that swing!! Her laugh is sooo obvious, I love it:)

  6. I don't know why my comments do not always appear but we love your blog.Your kids are so cute.:)I love the purple John Deere boots too.:)

  7. Grandma from the land of far, far awaySeptember 30, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    We're still here....I always read your blogs - just don't always take the time to comment. I love every bit of it. Vermont is too far from Wisconsin!

  8. Sorry! My lack of comments have nothing to do with your posting and everything to do with MY scatteredness (is that a word) lately. I've been feeling bad that I've been a speed reader to everyone lately.

  9. I have been reading. I'm not sure if you have checked out my blog or not, but would love you to if you get a chance. I think your daughter is absolutely adorable. I don't comment very often, but know that I am trying to catch up with blogs as often as possible.

    A Joyful Life

  10. I love your blog! And it always makes perfect sense to me :) sorry I dont comment much-but I always read and I did vote for you! Hope you win-your kids are precious! Gotta get my BG some polka dot tights!!!

  11. I'm still faithfully reading, even if I don't comment. I catch up on blogs as a reward for doing my homework like a good girl! :) Thanks for making my reward so sweet!

  12. Those swing pictures are the BEST!!! You can just feel that little girls happiness...Love it! And Carter is quite the handsome little guy, cant believe how big he is getting!!
    I miss you being able to post more often...But the adjusting to two kids and all the new demands on your time and energy...I understand...No matter how often you post, or how much or how little sense you make, lol, I will always be a faithful follower :D

  13. I like the sweet pictures. The only comments I am writing these days are on the stacks of papers I'm grading. I'd love to comment on your blog and I do read it, but sometimes it isn't possible. Honestly, if I waited for those to whom I write letters or emails to respond, I'd stop writing them altogether. I write because I hope people like to hear and don't get lots of answers. I've even thought about chopping the Christmas card list but so far I've not done. I do consider phone calls communications, too. And when you write books, you'll nit get feedback from every reader and some is not the feedback you expect. For example I got one from a student: "P.S. I'm writing you just because my teacher said I had to a read author and you're the only one I can think of right now!:-) Be assured that's not the case with your blog. Love, Doc

  14. No alienation - admiration! When I had my babies, I couldn't put two words together for the near psychosis lack of sleep brought. You are doing an amazing job!

  15. I think Addison might like to swing even more than Millie does- and I didn't know that was possible! :)

    Darling pictures.

  16. Love all the fancy footwear Addison has been sporting lately! And, I caught my daughter (almost 2 at the time) with a Hooter Hider on "nursing" Mickey Mouse after I brought her brother home. Perfectly normal ;o)

    Jen G.

  17. I don't often comment but I look forward to each and every one of your posts! Addison and Carter are adorable!

  18. Had to show Walt these pics...he roared, too! No choosing which is better...all are priceless, obviously, for their individual reasons you chose them! Not to be outdone by your spot-on comments. "Wait, I've been tricked!" Truly hilarious.

  19. Sooooo funny! You crack me up! We're still reading Deanna. I have to have my daily shot of Addison (and now Carter) to keep me going.

  20. LOL at the lasr two picts. Sometimes I'm afraid my little girl is going to think that's how all mommies look with a pump hanging off of them. So excited you're going to post every day! =D

  21. Boy oh boy, Carter looks like his mommy!

  22. I'm still here. :) Just terribly behind. I too hope to be a better commenter soon.


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