Sunday, September 18, 2011

baby shower

My life is full of baby deliciousness.

A newborn who loves to cuddle and nurse. A toddler whose chubbalicious self grows more curious and big sister-like by the day.

I am blessed beyond what I could have imagined for myself.

My only wish is for that blessing to include a bit more sleep...or my husband to not be working 6-7 days a week...or to find a PCA who could consistently help me...or to get rid of this ginormous headache that appears every afternoon at 2 and doesn't disappear until I go to bed...

But, not complaining. That all comes with the territory, and I know that this is just a phase that will pass all too quickly. Having a newborn is such a mix of emotions. In one sense, you want them to HURRY UP and get bigger so that you can get some more sleep. But at the same time, you want them to stay tiny and beautifully newbornish for as long as possible...
 My friend Lydia threw me a baby shower yesterday.

Actually, she did more than that. She came the day before and CLEANED MY HOUSE, catered a luncheon, and set up this beautifully fall themed party right in my own space (and thank you also to Keri and Mindy!). It was so beautiful and wonderful. My one regret was that I didn't really take any pictures...(when Carter vomited all over me minutes before the first guest arrived, it made sense that I was a touch distracted)

Here's a taste for some of the shower's decorations: (the pumpkins say his name...and the stand WAS full of yummy cupcakes)

 and this is really the only picture I got with Carter...I know. ALMOST too embarrassing to post. Not sure what I was trying to say to him (perhaps a silent sleep themed plea?)

So it was a lovely shower, and I am so thankful for all of the hard work that my amazing friend put into it and the women who were gracious enough to attend, ooh over my baby, and bring oh-so-thoughtful presents for my little boy (he is so appreciative to no longer be bathing with pink wash clothes and towels)

When it comes to baby showers, I would much rather be the person throwing it, or the snarky commenter over in the corner with the colorful running commentary...but I have to say that this one was lovely...and perfect...and left me feeling totally encouraged to mother yet another day. Aaron has been extremely busy these past weeks so it has just been me alone with the two kids and discouragement has not been far away. The shower did a lot to remedy that emotion. Thankful.

In conclusion, an update on sibling love. This is a 3 picture progression. See if you can figure out what happened:

 Note: Carter was not hurt in the making of these pictures. Mommy was right there to catch him when he started to roll due to big sister's very loving kick...

Oh Addison. What are we going to do with you???


  1. What a wonderful friend you have! Lovely all around.

    Addison will learn soon enough that little brothers get bigger and get even!

  2. Hello.I think of you often.I had my baby a few weeks earlier than we thought so September 8th our new little one joined our family.:)We are loving having a newborn again.I will try to remember to pray for you when we are up and nursing in the middle of the night.:)It was really nice of your friend to give you such a nice party in honor of Carter!!!!!:)I totally understand all the "help"that Addison offers as well.We have a 21 month old who wants to give the baby kisses and hold her hand all the time and I just can't turn my back....:)They grow so fast these days will soon be past and we will wish for them all over again.:)I will pray that you get the rest you need and that your headache will go away and stay away!!!!I hope someday to meet you in real life as we are out and never know!!

  3. Ahhh, How I have missed your frequent postings! Looks like you had a beautiful baby shower! Loved the pictures of Addison and's exactly how Russell treats Zane right now! Never mind a swat with the hand when a swift kick can do wonders!! Haha

  4. Ohhhh. Addison!!! :) HAHAHAHAHA! The girl has spunk! Cracks me up!

    BEAUTIFUL pics from the shower. Hope Aaron's schedule winds down soon. It's so draining to be on your own so much with 2 little ones.

  5. What wonderful friends you have!!! Looks like a beautiful way to spend an afternoon!

  6. How lovely of Lydia and your friends to honor you in this way! All the tocuhes reminded of Lydia's careful attention to details over the years I have known her. :-) How nice to have a fall theme -- and it is even a little more fall-like in SC. I'm glad Aaron's business is doing well for that is blessing. Maybe when it gets colder, he will be able to be around a little more.
    Miss seeing you. Love, Doc

  7. What a beautifully put-together party!! And what a beautiful baby. Too funny about the kick - his sweet and adorable and charming big sis will likely soon learn that she can use her baby brother to her advantage and stop beating him up. LOL


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