Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Addison's take on Therapy

Dear World,

I have therapy 4 times a week. One might say that I need the extra help, and I let the world think that. Truth is? I let my influence brighten more days by allowing the presence of these 4 extra people in my house every week. It's truly an act of kindness on my part.

When these therapists come, I teach them how to read what the card REALLY says:
I cuddle if they look a bit blue:
I provide comic relief:
I throw a "look who's getting the attention now" look at little brother
I walk circles around my black boxes and rearrange the therapist's hair as I pass by (why have they all started wearing high buns???):
I imitate their extreme facial motions to help them feel better about themselves:
I consult my notes to see what else I have planned for the day:
and make sure that everyone present understands what those plans are:
I quite casually show off my brilliance and wait for the gasps that I know are coming:
I give courtesy smiles:
and request pick ups:
Yep, therapy these days is a highlight for everyone involved. It's all part of my plan.

p.s. Did you notice that this blog was nominated for best Special Needs Blog? I clicked the link and noticed that mom's blog had been given 4 votes. That's just embarrassing....Show this blog a little love...for me????


  1. I will definitely vote for you!

  2. Seems I can't register without being pregnant or small children! I tried.

  3. Whoot whoot on the nomination! Off to vote.

    Addison, you are a trip! You have the best facial expressions.

  4. She's too cute. :)

    I voted for you right away!

  5. LOVE the 'look who's getting the attention now' look! She is the cutest. :)

  6. voted for you and miss addison :)...and thanks for always making me smile!

  7. I have followed your blog for a while now but today I just went to your Down syndrome page and read it. All I can say is.......WOW! You expressed so many of the emotions I felt when my Madi was first born, but never had the courage to admit. Thank you for being so honest!


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