Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Addison Advice

(Addison has been complaining about her latest drop in attention around here...so to soothe her over, I offered to give her some blog space. That seemed to momentarily pacify her.)

From Addison:
Now that I'm a big sister, I feel like I have quite a bit more wisdom to share with the world.
For example, there are a number of ways one can wear red shoes:

and sidewalk chalk can be used for so much more than just drawing (delicious)
and there are very effective ways of taking care of annoying little brothers...
oh yes, and a few fake tears will take you a long way...
and manipulative smiles will delay bedtime just that much longer...because who can resist stopping to play for a little while...

I'm off to spread crumbs across the entire Living Room because I'm pretty sure I heard mom vacuuming while I was asleep...can't let that place be crumb free for longer than an hour or so...a toddler lives here after all.

I managed to clip off the "S" key from the computer while posting...so my job is done here.

You're welcome, world.


  1. tell your mom to QUIT VACUUMING! She just had a baby!!

  2. Oh my word, does she look like Aaron in that crib shot!! His exact belly laugh! :D Love this post. Hilarious!

  3. Too funny! Love this. She's quite a little ham, and a fashion maven, to boot. I think she should have a weekly fashion advice column here. :-)

  4. you're mom vacuums? send her here...my kids love to spread to crumbs...
    and Brooke says hi

  5. Love it! I don't know what was better, the chalk outline, the "S" key or the crumbs comment. Hilarious!!!

  6. Addison, how do you still manage to be so cute even when you're crying?

  7. very cute post about an uber adorbale big sister! One more week before Fiona can have her clubbed feet brace off during the day, and I can finally get shoes for her. Think I might have to get her a red pair.


  8. Sutter pulled the "f" key off yesterday and he also thinks sidewalk chalk is much better as a food than a coloring tool...crazy kids! I think being a big sister fits you well crazy girl! :)

  9. Haha, love the fake tears picture...She reminds me of a rotten little boy from this house!!

  10. Chubbs is a doll. Where ever did you find those awesome shoes? So glad you posted Miss Ballerina In the 1st Position photo :)


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