Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Addison Advice on Dismounting

Dear World,

Addison here. Back with a bit more advice for anyone who wants to listen. Today's advice is about a therapy move I invented all by myself. You should have seen the look on my mom's and therapist's faces when I broke this out for the first time.

If you ever have trouble dismounting off of furniture, you might find this tutorial useful.

If you're at all like me, you find that sitting still and looking pretty gets dull after a few minutes seconds.
I think of all of the things around the house that still need to be torn up before naptime
and I prepare to dismount...Addison style.
Step one: Pivot body
Step 2: Lower one leg (while scooting body to the very edge)
Step 3: Free leg #2 from the couch by doing a slight leg stretch (if completed correctly, this step should award you some dismount style points. I, of course, top the style point chart every time.)
Step 4: Now that both legs are free and one shoe is mostly off (a happy byproduct of Addison style dismount), continue lowering one leg at a time to the ground.
Step 5: Find the floor with your foot, touchdown and then continue stretching for just a second so that you're adequately prepared for your next mission of the day: Destroy House
Step 6: Lower second foot down and stand contemplating your success.
Next thing you know it, you're free to wander again. Addison style dismount works on everything...although mom gets slightly nervous when I try to get off of mom and dad's bed (and once the dining room table) this way. No idea why. I can hop the extra height, no problem. Right?

So there you go. You are welcome, world.

Wait, how did this guy get in my blog post?
I'll have to speak with the management about this blogging breach. So he keeps his head raised for long periods of time to make sure that I'm not going to trample him, poke his eyes, or steal his pacifier.....big deal. I invented the Addison style dismount. Total win for me.

Off to spread the love,


  1. Is she free this afternoon to come teach Sutter that move??? I know it's sort of a long plane ride to Ca, but I've been trying to teach him to "find his feet" for months and he still insists on the head first method...needless to say he's not allowed on any elevated surface unsupervised!

    Way to go Addison, you've got some serious move's little girl!

  2. lol...Deanna, your posts are hilarious!!! I mean "Chubbs" posts...
    And I must show this new move to Russell because the head first thing is getting old!
    And look at little Carter and how strong he is already!!! Awesome :)

  3. Perfect 10. Awesome job Addison!

  4. LOVE it! Your description is hilarious. Go Addison! What a big girl! And Mr. Carter is looking oh so adorable!!!

  5. I love getting and reading your blog entries. You are an awesome mommy with two adorable children. God bless your family.

  6. LOL - Addison's posts are the BEST!! And she's awesome at getting off the couch! I think I didn't trust Samantha to get off the couch until she was, like, 3.

  7. She's going to be a cheerleader, I think!

  8. You always make me laugh! Addison--you go girl! Perfect 10!

  9. Love this! Claire always has that one leg that seems to linger behind on the couch too. :)


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