Monday, August 15, 2011

Update on QUINCY, the bat

Sorry to leave you "hanging" about our bat evacuation plan.

No doubt you figured that
A. Quincy miraculously reproduced himself and our house was flooded with bats, one of them commandeering the computer, cutting off my blogging access.
B. After countless bat bites, we turned into a family of vampires, and we were out exercising our new powers.
C. The rabies got case....

Truth is, I had a bit of a weekend meltdown. Too much heat, a misplaced critical comment from the hubby, a stubborn baby, a nursery that is nowhere near done and nothing I can do about it, a stomach ballooning out by the minute, stress from the bat, and just overall exhaustion= Deanna's weekend meltdown.

But lucky for you, I have picked myself off the floor (figuratively, of way I could get up off the actual floor) and am updating you on our bat...Mr. Quincy himself.

So, Thursday night after my slightly over dramatic post, we didn't see Quincy AT ALL. We slowly wandered out into our living space area, expecting to be attacked at any minute by the flying black bomber, but...NOTHING. Lured into a false sense of security, we assumed that he had somehow snuck out of our house.

We lounged back in our living room comfort spots, watching TV, working on computers on the opposite sides of the room, jumping at even the slightest sound or overgrown fly barreling us down.

He was gone. Phew. But since we hadn't SEEN him leave, we kept our "bat free zone" all sealed up, still nervous from the experience.

The next morning, Addison had a therapy appointment. I didn't know if I should say something to the therapist...

"by the way...a bat MIGHT try to attack you during today's appointment"

I couldn't think of a good way to subtly drop the information into the conversation and for all we knew, Quincy had left, so I said nothing.

Addison cruised all over the living room, followed by her dutiful therapist while I sat on the couch literally holding my breath and praying praying praying that Quincy wouldn't come out to join the therapy. (Perhaps he needed a few flying never know)

No Quincy. Thank goodness.

All that to say, later in the day the pest elimination guy FINALLY came by. I figured that even if Quincy was gone, we should check to see how he got in so that we could avoid it in the future.

Brandon, the pest guy, gave me a long speech about how bats are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in an open house like ours....he must have said ten times "like finding a needle in a haystack"

That made me nervous because if he didn't find anything...didn't necessarily mean that Quincy was for sure gone.

Long story short....FIVE MINUTES into the "needle" search, I saw Brandon widen his eyes while shining his flashlight behind our flatscreen TV mounted on the wall over the fireplace and say in a conspiratorial whisper

"He's here."

I'm sure he wasn't expecting the melodramatic gasp from me or my immediate grab for a pillow to cover my face and the leaning into the hallway wall, hoping to disappear.

While we were watching TV last night....he was there. During Addison's therapy appointment...he was there. All the while I was finally walking around my house, starting to feel safe again...he was there.

creepy. creepy. creepy.

Brandon had on his thick gloves, and he climbed on a large ladder to grab the bat, having the foresight to turn off the overhead fan and take the screen off the DR window and open the front door first...(that's why he gets the big bucks).

He grabbed the bat and I could hear squeaking. Taking the bat to his truck in a bag, he promised to let Quincy go back at his office so that Quincy wouldn't just try to come back in. (Aaron think that was just a line and that Brandon didn't REALLY let Quincy go...but why would he lie to me?)

As Brandon searched the house, he found a couple of small places where a bat MIGHT come in that he suggested we seal up come October. Fine. Done. (he also said that it was almost impossible that the bat had gone back and bit Addison sleeping in her crib before attacking us in the living room...I had been worried.)

I felt as though Brandon had just given me my life back. The fear was gone. He found the bat.

What a relief. As I wrote him the check for $50, I considered it to be the best money I ever spent.

My house was now bat free.

Thus concludes the story of Quincy, my short bout with rabies, and the almost-vampire twist on my life.

Some pics from the weekend that helped hold my sanity together:
Addison showing off her balance during bat observed therapy

Addison putting back a maple cremee at the Addison County Fair
 I had a craving for a fresh cherry I spent way too long making one, but it was beautiful...and delicious, so it was worth the effort. (-: (Anyone want to come over for pie and coffee to my bat-free house??)
Addison, sensing my meltdown distress, actually FELL ASLEEP cuddled up with me...what a sweetheart...

Happy Monday. Watch out for black flying objects...and always keep a pillow nearby...


  1. So glad Quincy is gone! Great pictures, too - - and you don't look large at all. We should all be so fortunate to look so nice while pregnant!

  2. On my way...that looks delicious and you just reminded me I haven't made Cherry pie in forever. I may have to remedy that this afternoon.

  3. wow, I totally know how you feel in your story...I can feel every creepy feeling, thought, and stress....similar to your story our snakes...and I dreamed the thoughts of pest control letting them go near our house to return.. lol and as to pest control 2 visits for us hurt more in the pocket. $150 first time and $165 the second time! But the snakes are gone. I guess well worth it in the end. ;)

  4. I thought you'd given birth to little brother and didn't have time to update! pie looks delish:)

  5. i love the picture with you and Addison sleeping on the couch. You don't look like 37 weeks pregnant, maybe 30 ... not even ...



  6. just $50 huh? If I was him I would have charged way more...just cuz I know you'd have paid up #mwahaha

  7. oh my gosh, I am clutching my sides laughing.

  8. Congrats on Quincy leaving!

    That pie looks fabulous, by the way. And that last picture is one of the sweetest I've ever seen. :)

  9. Ahhhh! How crazy! I get all freaked out when I see a centipede in my home... can't imagine having a bat in my home! Glad the guy found it. Sounds like that was a miracle from God just for you since they are hard to find. :)


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