Thursday, August 4, 2011

NO TRENDY baby eyewear...

This morning after Addison's OT appointment, we set off to drop off her pink pair of glasses to get lens put in (we have to wait two weeks for those to be finished) and to find a second pair for little Miss Chubbs since the eye doctor highly recommended to have several pairs due to the nature of toddlerhood.

We all know that I am struggling with an attitude adjustment towards these I very carefully maintained a positive outlook, determined to enjoy shopping for Addison's newest accessory...

Well, long story short, it turns out that my hope for trendy eye wear is proving to be rather difficult to achieve.

My eyes were opened (haha) when the saleslady brought out ONE PAIR that she had to offer that would fit Addison. Now, I didn't take a picture of this pair because I was too horrified to move at the very thought of putting those gargantuan plastic replications of evil on my daughter's face.

But just so that you can get an idea, I very thoughtfully drew a little picture of what those glasses looked like: (you're welcome)
I did not care for them AT ALL. (All Addison needs now is a huge curly wig to simulate a perm and that's my 4th grade mug shot. Horrible memories that I REFUSE to subject my daughter to) 

I knew that my extreme dislike of the ONE PRODUCT that she offered me was showing on my face. Trying to remain polite (and calm), I asked the saleslady if she had the ability to order any other frames since we were looking for something a bit trendier.

She gave me the evil eye and informed me that since "normal kids" don't get glasses so young, there were absolutely NO TRENDY options available until she was more "toddler-like". 

I stared in awkward silence at the pair she had offered, and then made the mistake of calling them "super ugly" and saying surely there was something else (anything else). Evil eye darkening in intensity, she managed to find two other pairs in a catalog that were almost identical and cost $200 more. Um......

I refused to be impressed and was insulted that she thought that this pair of glasses was cute enough to offer my beautiful daughter (as she kept referencing that only "normal" kids who didn't need glasses so young got trendy options)

Needless to say, she ushered me out of the store VERY quickly telling me that I was being "unreasonable" and that I should go back to the pediatric specialist and beg another pair off of them because I would never find what I'm looking for. (pretty sure she kicked the door behind me and shouted "good riddance" to our retreating backs.....OK, not really, but that's what she looked like she wanted to do)

So here I am, frustrated.  I have gone to great lengths to dress my little princess in the cutest wardrobe possible (but of within reason)

And now this saleslady has the NERVE to tell me that now Addison's little face has to be covered by UGLY plastic monstrosities until she reaches the age that "normal" children get glasses?

WHY isn't trendy baby eye wear a thing? Someone needs to come up with better options than the ones I'm finding online- surely there's a market for them. I have yet to find a pair that makes me truly happy.

Since the saleslady labeled me as unreasonable, I have taken the liberty of drawing up a few sketches of what I consider to be trendier eye wear. 

Who's being unreasonable NOW?

Evening wear glasses
Special Occasion Glasses
What could be trendier than a Vermont girl who recycles???? 
Playdate glasses
Going Out Glasses

Perfectly reasonable requests. And yet I found NONE of these designs or ANYTHING REMOTELY FUN surrounding the pair that I was offered (in case you forgot):
Yeah, that's just not going to work.


In all seriousness though, I am looking for a pair that looks more like this:
all plastic, black or brown...rectangle so that Addison can look as smart and intelligent as we all know that she is....

I cannot find this anywhere. Why is this so hard?



  1. All I can offer is prayer. And my hopes that you indeed DO find the super trendy baby glasses that Addison so obviously deserves.
    I think that I'd be making a phone call to whoever is that lady's boss and reporting HER rudeness. :P Nasty.
    Love to you, Chubbs, and baby brother.

  2. Sorry for your dilemma, but that post was hysterically written. Poor baby. Keep looking and posting. Someone out there can certainly make cuter glasses for toddlers. Good luck!

  3. Emily has to get glasses too :-( so I did a little research and found "specs4us". they make glasses for children with Down Syndrome so they look cuter on their face because they actually fit right, they are more expensive though. I still haven't a clue how I will keep them on her!

  4. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for glasses. But it surprises me that they don't have anything cute for such an even cuter, stylish girl! And what a rude lady that was "helping" you!! Sheesh!

  5. Cute post. A quick search brought up this site:

    Maybe they will have suggestions for you. Good luck!

  6. Sorry, wish I could offer some advice, but I'm still laughing too hard at your drawings!!!

  7. I've Googled a bunch, and found this list of brand that make glasses- I would guess most of them have websites (I checked Fisher Price, and they do.) Maybe that would help?

    I found this site as well:

    I also saw the Specs for Us site, and it looks pretty neat. Good luck! Chubbs deserves to be stylish too- just reading this made me want to slap that lady!

  8. Porter wears Fisher Price peanut frames. They aren't as trendy as I had hoped but not bad and better then what they encouraged us to get. I had them ordered and we now have 2 pair. They come in pink. Also, I know there is trendy baby glasses famous peoples children always have nice glasses... Just no idea where to find them.

    P.S. you'll be surprised how much you will like the glasses. :) I prefer P with them now and he was capable of so much more than we thought... He just couldn't see.

  9. I DIED laughing, Deanna! LOVE the sketches~ wow. I'll be interested to see what you and your fans come up with for fashionista eyewear and you should DEF complain about the customer service you didn't recieve and the unbelieveably rude comments and attitude. Thanks for making my day better with your post! And Addison's pics~ OH. MY. WORD. That SMILE!!!! :) Priceless.

  10. I know this maybe wasn't meant to be funny but seriously Landon keeps asking me why I'm laughing at the computer! LOL I have zero advice but good luck on your search...I'm sure there's something out there to match her cuteness! :)

  11. oh my gosh, I am bookmarking this page for days when I need a laugh! I thought those glasses Nella used to wear were super cute...I bet Kelle paid a fortune, but it just may be worth it. Chubbs has the Diva reputation to uphold, you know.

  12. I don't think I have ever commented on your blog but I read often and just think that Chubbs is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!! We had to find glasses for our son at a young age and these were a few of the websites/links I found helpful.

  13. LOL...great drawings Deanna, you are very talented!! Sorry I have no advice either :(...But I hope you do find something that suits little Chubbs beautiful face perfectly!

  14. I know Kelle Hampton's daughter Nella wears some very cute hip baby glasses.

  15. I'm so sorry... if I were you I would make a call about the rude woman's behavior... but that is just me. She was totally out of line.

    I wanted to let you know that we found out in March that my 3 year old needed glasses. Yes, I know its not the same as he is older and is not downs, but I went through the EXACT same feelings you are feeling. He is actually VERY farsighted, and can't see far or near! It made me sad that he was getting glasses so early in life, and I had some horrible flashbacks to having glasses when I was really young too (I got mine at 3). I cried the whole way home in the car... it was so unfair. We also found out he has to have patching, and has patched every day since then. But... he is doing amazing with the glasses, and most of the time with the patching, and it has been so rewarding to see him discover things that he didn't before because he just couldn't see them.

    I know you will find cute glasses... I just know you will! And... I know Addison will do AMAZING with the glasses, and it will help her so much!

    Hugs to you and her.

  16. Is there any way to use a cute pair of sun glasses and put the lens in them? Just a thought. She will be beautiful with what ever you put on her.

  17. Try this website. My nephew has downs syndrome and he has a pair of these frames. They have worked from for him and they are more trendy than some others.

  18. Deanna hi ! I finally got to open your blog with out shutting down my computer. Addison is so beautiful and those photos are fantastic - LOVE the evening wear ones hilarious ! I totally know what you mean about BLAH kids glasses, Cy my 3 year old wears glasses and the ones we got from the shop in town are Horrible but its all they had - then I looked online and found some great kids glasses - once you know the shape and size that suits her best - you will have lots of fun. Glasses have to match ones personality !

  19. God forgive me but I want to slam that woman for her "ab"normal behavior!

  20. I hope that the salesperson wasn't as unreasonable as you make her sound, but I hope you understand that she probably doesn't have any control over what frames she has in those sizes. So I'm just saying that I'm sure she would have loved to sell you something you wanted to buy but she has no control over it. Working retail can be frustrating when customers take it out on you when there's really nothing that can be done at a store level.

  21. I don't care what kind of control that salesperson had- talking about what NORMAl kids would be wearing at that age was unprofessional and downright thoughtless. A little kindness goes a long way- all she needed to do was say, "I'm so sorry we don't offer anything cuter, you're right- an adorable baby like Addison deserves an equally adorable pair of glasses!" or something to that effect...She might not have had any control over her inventory but she had complete control- or lack of it- over her tongue.

  22. Dear Deanna-
    This anonymous had THICK glasses 7& 9 for nearsighted. In 2009 got thinner lenses on my right eye when I had my cornea transplant. They removed a cataract & did a lens implant. I'm down to a 2 on that side :-)--am thrilled not to be pushing them up all the time. I wore a strap on my glasses a lot when I was growing up. My Mom got grossgrain ribbon in many colors to make covers for the ugly black strap, pulled my hair back and attached a matching bow. Most of my life my ability to see, and frames that would hold such a thick perscription have been more impt. than the style of my glasses but I'm glad to read of sites that offer some fun options.

  23. We actually go to a place called A Child's Eyes, and they showed us at least 20 pairs to choose from. I thought it was funny that the warranty was buy 1st pair, get 2nd pair free, pay 1/2 price 3rd pair, get 4th pair free.

  24. I've bookmarked just in case my little one who has down syndrome needs glasses one day...I've heard they're good.


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