Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mean Mommy at the Pool

Today I woke up. Fed Addison breakfast. Went to a 3 minute chiropractor appointment. Played/Read/Therapied with Addison. Fed her lunch. Put her down for her nap at 11:00.

And was exhausted. Done. My energy for the day had been completely depleted.

I'm inclined to blame this large man child that I am now dragging around everywhere I go.

After a two minute snooze on the couch, my mother-in-law came over and painted the walls of the nursery while I worked on the woodwork. Yes, I was super tired, but I knew this must get done before this man child makes his appearance into this world. So, we faithfully painted away...getting that much more done on the room work that just never seems to end...

After she left, I collapsed on my bed with a banana and a strawberry/banana greek yogurt, hoping to find some strength there. Nada. (but for the record...that is a delicious combination)

I looked around at the disaster that my house had morphed into ever since Addison has decided to tear everything apart room by room, taking advantage of the fact that I just can't get down to pick everything as fast as she can scatter it...

I thought about the piles of laundry that I should be taking care of...

I wondered what I would fix for dinner and thought I should go investigate the pantry...

Dishwasher that needed to be unloaded, floors that longed to be swept, counters that cried for wiping down, clutter that necessitated disbanding...

the thermostat read ONE BILLION DEGREES.

the more I pondered it, the more exhausted and overwhelmed I felt.

So I did what any responsible, proactive mom/housewife would do.

I ditched it all and took Addison to the pool.

Now, the pool water was refreshing, and watching Addison laugh and splash was indeed endearing, but I did have a hidden motive for taking her to the pool.

We have been working so hard on getting her to walk. She will cruise around VERY comfortably, holding onto furniture lightly with one hand...taking step after step quickly with ease and skill. BUT as soon as you try to get her to take steps FORWARD toward you or perhaps push her dolly stroller, she will take ONE step and then sit her stubborn hinny down, REFUSING to take any more steps even though she has proven that she has the strength and ability due to her constant cruising.

so frustrating. Up until today she has been winning this little battle, because despite my best efforts I COULD NOT get her to stay standing and step forward.

Enter: Mean Mommy at the pool

Taking my beautiful daughter into the pool, I found a depth that she could comfortably stand in, but was too deep for her to sit in.

I sweetly asked her to stand and offered her my hands to hold onto. She only allowed me to hold one of her hands. Fine.

"Walk towards Mommy" I coaxed. She gave one halfhearted step towards me, assumed her stubborn "don't want to" look and started to sit down.

As soon as her little legs were collapsed, her mouth and nose started to sink into the water.

I have never seen her shoot back up to a standing position so quickly.

At first she continued to just take one step and then attempt to sit down, jumping immediately back up because of the water height. Then it was two steps...then three...After a few minute she learned that she had just better stay upright if she didn't want the water on her face and she took step after step after step forward...with ease and skill just as I knew she COULD.

I felt mean. and knew that I had tricked her. and felt sorry for all of the hard work that she was doing...exhausting herself, knowing that this didn't solve our problem.

But it was a "step" in the right direction, and certainly helped build her confidence level.

We'll be definitely going back to the pool as often as we can in the next few weeks to practicing walking some more...

...most likely just when everything else needs to be done as well...but this is pretty important too...and Addison needs the "only sibling attention" while I can still give it to her...and it totally tricks her into walking practice...

don't judge. I'm dealing with a VERY stubborn child...soon to be joined by a no doubt stubborn sibling...and I can only carry one of them, so this walking thing is just going to have to start happening soon...


  1. not mean...pure genius...
    and don't you have ac? for real, it's 2011, doesn't everyone have ac?

  2. lol. here in Vermont not many people have ac because the summers are normally so mild and the really great heating systems that are needed for the winters can't be run with central air. We just have a window unit in our bedroom that we turn on to sleep with at night. It's really not that bad (except for that one record breaking week a while back)...the pregnancy just makes everything seem worse. (-:

  3. This is brilliant! Not mean at all. :) I think it's a great idea. I should've tried it myself - we've been trying to get Jozef to walk and he just refused too (sounds like Addison learned some tricks from him!). Plus, you get to cool off at the pool - win, win! Hope you're able to get some relaxing in soon!!

  4. Note - the previous comment is from me, Katie - Jesse was signed into his Gmail. :)

  5. LOL...Chubbs and Russell were meant for each other!! They have the exact same personality!! Although I do think Chubbs is a little more driven than Russell! We are working on the same things right now, standing, balancing...And maybe, just maybe a step?? The problem is Russell ONLY stands if he wants to! If we try to make him stand he folds his legs up under neath him...I think I may have to take him to the pool! Haha

  6. I don't think that's mean at if you are mean, then I am too! I have a very stubborn little girl too and she can do so many things but lacks the I have to push her and yes, I think some of my actions might be a little mean too (like making her walk to get her drink when she is REALLY thirty!). Way to go on getting her to take steps, that's awesome. Oh, how I know what you mean by having to carry more than one baby around. Emily still isn't proficient at walking so I am doing the carrying two babies thing a lot lately, I just wish they both weighed the same amount so I would be so loppsided!

  7. Very smart! Getting her to push through tough things will help her in the future. Great idea.

  8. Good for her! :) And you can come to Illinois and borrow my AC anytime- I've had to use it a lot this year!

  9. I too think it's genius!! It's constructive, gives you some time with your lil gal and you get to go to the pool. All while accomplishing something. :) Kudos to Chubbs too!

  10. Very creative! :)

  11. I am new to your blog and was suprised to hear you were eating maple ice creamat Addison fair. My husband has family from there. They used to run a farm for many years. Small world. Who takes your pictures while you sleep with (CHUBBS)? I always wonder when people are in the pics who is taking them or if you use a timer?


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