Tuesday, August 16, 2011

High Risk Pregnancy vs Normal Pregnancy

I have been pregnant twice. Once with Miss Addison. Once with this little guy who I have yet to meet.

I have noticed a dramatic difference in the two pregnancies. One was considered a high risk pregnancy because of an abnormal ultrasound and an amnio that tested positive for Trisomy 21. The other pregnancy has shown no concerns (thus far), providing a normal pregnancy that any 27 year old might face.

Looking back, I can't help but compare the treatment from the doctors...and laugh just a little bit. Let's just say that I was spoiled with pregnancy number one...

High Risk Pregnancy: Doctors constantly asked me if I wanted to speak to "someone who understands" and gave me concerned stares, tilted head and widened eyes in sympathy. The entire office knew me and my case, and I was a bit of a celebrity every time I came in.
Normal Pregnancy: I have far fewer appointments, and am totally forgotten by the time the next one rolls around.

High Risk Pregnancy: I got many, many ultrasounds. Some just normal, some in 3D. Everyone seemed anxious to show me mug shots of my little girl.
Normal Pregnancy: My last full ultrasound was at 20 weeks. The 36 week ultrasound lasted 30 seconds as the doctor merely checked for the baby's position. (he's currently breech, btw...yikes)

High Risk Pregnancy: I called in panicked with cramps and concerned doctors rushed me to the hospital for observation and all the free juice my scratchy little throat could possibly desire.
Normal Pregnancy: I call in panicked with severe hip pain that takes away my ability to walk and they tell me that walking is overrated anyway.

High Risk Pregnancy: I had non stress tests twice a week just because starting around 33 weeks. This included being served ice cream while I sat in a comfy chair with my feet up, listening to my baby's heart steadily beat for an hour.
Normal Pregnancy: I complain that I hadn't felt my baby move much at all that week, and after a 20 minute cursory listen, the doctor slaps a brightly colored band-aid on my stomach and says I'm fine.

High Risk Pregnancy: My husband had the nursery ready by the time I was 30ish weeks pregnant because we were told the baby would come early
Normal Pregnancy: I'm sitting at 37 weeks pregnant and the room isn't even ready to paint yet because the new drywall on the ceiling still needs to be sanded.
(I realize that isn't about my doctor, but I couldn't help but throw that in)

High Risk Pregnancy: I called into the doctor hotline at 1AM complaining that I couldn't sleep, and the doctor offered to sing me a lullaby in the key of my choice.
Normal Pregnancy: I call into the doctor hotline at 10 PM and complain of the severe contractions keeping me awake and the doctor says that she really doesn't want to be bothered unless I am dying or am about ready to push.

High Risk Pregnancy: I was put on bed rest at 36 weeks because of high blood pressure by a doctor concerned that I was overdoing it with my part time work schedule.
Normal Pregnancy: I told the doctor how the day before I primed 4 walls of the nursery, cleaned out my deep freezer, froze 6 meals, chased around a 1 year old, jogged 3 miles, and did 10 loads of laundry. The doctor suggested maybe trying some prenatal exercise classes to keep me more active.

High Risk Pregnancy: I got treated like royalty on the labor and delivery floor because I had already had FIVE stays there previous to being induced at 39 weeks and everybody knew me and was anxious to meet sweet Addison.
Normal Pregnancy: Well, I just don't know yet...but I'm sure I'll have to fight just to get a room and a bed since laboring in the stairwell would seem more fitting for my currently healthy condition.

High Risk Pregnancy: I just wanted to have it over...to meet Addison...to fall in love with the little girl that I only knew by a label due to an extra chromosome...I willed her to come early because I couldn't stand the suspense any longer.
Normal Pregnancy: I keep thinking of new projects I want to finish around the house first...and put off the labor thing just a little bit longer as I feel inspired to redo my house...baby will come when he's good and ready...right?

Yep, the two sure are different. If you were ever dreading the possibility of having a high risk pregnancy...now you know some of the perks. Me? I was feeling a bit ignored this pregnancy...

...until I realized...

...that's normal...

Hmmm.....not sure I care for this normal thing...I have really been enjoying my bit of extra special via Addison...whatever will I do with normal???


  1. Well now you have just made me realize all I missed during MY pregnancies!! No fair! Haha...Laughed through this whole thing!!

  2. I was gonna say the same thing as Jenny - youve made me realise what Ive missed. Love a good third trimester meltdown means things are right on track - youll be nesting soon !

  3. hee hee, glad you're so boring now! As for the breech...eeh he's your second, boy could wait to flip till you're in labor :) and you probably won't drop till the very end either. And hey if you're anything like me you won't be in labor long enough to be stuck in the stairwell, you go in trying to hold him back after only a couple hours of mild labor. Now that could get you some attention :)

  4. You're so funny! I loved this, it was the perfect way to start my day! I hope you have fun painting and get all of the last minute things ready for that sweet new little brother!!!

  5. OK, so I've got to know - did you really run 3 miles and do all that other stuff in one day? I mean, even just running 3 miles in one day would have my jaw on the floor. I don't even do that when I'm not pregnant. Sheesh girl.
    What is it about the skinniest cutest pregnant girls being the ones that obsess more than anyone else about their size.
    You once more made me laugh. Never fails, unless it's when you make me cry. Usually one or the other with your blog...

  6. I have accompanied others through labor and delivery in both Africa and the U.S.and thought about what miracles occur in God's design of the human body. BUT you certainly provided a very unique description of all that I have missed by never being pregnant and having a child of my own. :-) I really got a chuckle out of what you wrote. I hope Jr. decides he likes pre-delivery gymnastics and flips and stays standing on his head for you and am praying for a safe delivery with Aaron having time to change out of his lawn-mowing clothes to accompany you. And I will be happy to welcome your well-trained adorable children to study in Greenville if the Lord lets me live that long. There will probably be a new style of automactic washers.dryers by that time to replace the one that will not doubt be worn out before too mnay years pass. Yes, children of more former students/extension guys are arriving next week. :-)

  7. I went the opposite road. Two relatively normal pregnancies before a high risk third. Originally I wasn't high risk because of Lydia, I was a high risk because of me.
    I remember being pregnant with Caleb and doing CNA work in a nursing home. I was still lifting, bending, even cleaning up puke (YUCK! No one else could do it without getting sick!) until I was almost 7 months. Then contractions started. WOW! After a conversation where my doctor threatened, cajoled, and practically begged me to just STOP, he finally said what I needed to hear. That I would lose my baby if I didn't. Ok. Ok. I hear ya. That crazy kid decided after that that he quite liked the accommodations and stayed for an additional 7 days past the day he was supposed to arrive!
    Lydia's pregnancy was a whole 'nother ball of wax. I had so many issues from the start and pretty much every day for the first 6 weeks after we found out that I was pregnant, possibly losing her was a very grim reality. So I started celebrity status early. And frankly, was over it by the time she was born. lol Luckily, she has decided that SHE should be the celebrity now. And I am for sure ok with that!

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  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Addison is the cutest!! Good luck in the final furlong of your pregnancy.

  10. OH MY GOSH, SO FUNNY!!!! I felt ignored through my entire pregnancy, glad I am not the only one :-)


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