Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chubbs Update

Well, Addison's physical therapist told me today that she couldn't believe I was only a month out because I am so tiny...guess we know who our favorite therapist is now. (for now, I'll just choose for Addison)

I'll warn you that this post is slightly random...just overflowing with love for my beautiful little girl and thought I'd share....

Do you ever have those moments where you just want to freeze time, holding the memory of that smile or gesture forever? The last few days have been packed full of such memories with Addison, for the first time causing me to realize that perhaps it will be hard to share my attention between her and another child (I know, perhaps I am just a bit slow to come to obvious conclusions)

-taking a short break in Dunkin' Donuts, splitting a blueberry muffin...watching my big girl sit up so straight, hold chunks of muffin in both hands and stuff it into her mouth between giggles and outright laughs aimed in my direction (inadvertently causing job security for whoever's in charge of sweeping the floor)

-recognizing that little miss Chubbs WILL NOT clap or wave on command...but she has started giving kisses on command (watch out little boys!) and once given her requested kiss, she laughs as if it is the most deliciously hilarious thing ever, filling the space around her with lighthearted love and simple happiness.

-Hearing her talk incessantly to herself...and watching her sing and dance every time music is turned on around her. (most adorable thing ever...I am working on capturing this on video)

Lately she seems to understand so much more what I am telling her. She'll finish the carrots so that she can get a cookie, and this morning (for the first time in MONTHS) she came to our bed around 5:30, and after I told her that she could either fall back asleep with us or go back to her crib, she stopped wiggling and thrashing and actually cuddled with us. It is so encouraging every time I see her comprehend what I say- she doesn't always show the comprehension on her face, but her actions have led me to believe lately that she hears and understands....that in and of itself is enough to make me do a happy dance (but the awkward, large belly/off balance kind)

She has also begun exploring the house. She'll wander from room to room, doing her own little thing, pulling up to stand and taking some cruising steps, finding the baby in whatever reflective surface is there, coming back to find me to get a snack, and then off to explore again. Her favorite spot? Crawling to her room and shutting the door. Clearly, she needs her privacy. (-: (yes, I check on her every minute. But I love encouraging this independent streak in her.)

Tomorrow we have an eye appointment for Chubbs. Last eye appointment, the doctor told me that the crossing was an optical illusion.     Really? What do YOU think? Should I take this pic in as proof as I DEMAND ask very sweetly that she do SOMETHING?
Chubbs is really starting to rock some skills....that I KNOW are far delayed and should depress me. But, it is SO AMAZING to see her do them and to be so happy while doing them, that it's hard to care. She's doing it in her time table- and she's making it look like the coolest thing in the world to do. She's so close to walking...just waiting for her to decide that she's ready to let go with BOTH hands. (-:

Our house is torn apart with various projects right now (finally the nursery...YAY!)...but I'm taking a break to type out these random thoughts about Chubbs and checkup on the bloggy world...if a Klondike were to come walking my direction from the freezer, can't say I would say no to that either. Ahhh, Klondike break. (the best part is, Addison is asleep, so I get the WHOLE THING. That never happens anymore)

In conclusion, I'm over at Life as Mom today. Check out my post and show me some love if you get the chance. (yes, that post is much more coherent than this one)


  1. I saw your post at Life as Mom and came over to see your blog. Wow! You are amazing. I have been laughing (and I really needed that)What a beautiful baby doll you have! From the Momma of 4 monsters (I mean boys) and 1 baby doll that I am having way too much fun playing dress up with.

  2. let me know what the eye doc says...
    your old one is an asshat

  3. Aww, she's giving kisses out now!! So sweet! Chubbs is doing great!! And I know I have mentioned this before, but I will again...My Doctor told me to never underestimate just how much Russell can understand...because our children comprehend things much sooner than we think and much more than we realize at the time! Love the pictures too...She just gets cuter and cuter :)

  4. I loved this post...seriously put a huge smile on my face! Addison is doing amazing and I'm so excited to see her become a big sister! I can't wait for you to experience the joy of sibling love...it truly is amazing and Addison is going to love her new baby!

    Sutter loves to shut himself in any room he can get too...the other morning he shut me in my closet and then sat in front of the door for a good 10 minutes! He had me trapped and thought it was quite funny, so if you have a walk in closet never turn your back on her! :)

  5. As with all things do your own research but, for my 2 cents on strabismus (or however the dang word is spelled):
    -don't get surgery. it is no permanent fix and eye surgery is way too scary to be doing for only a temp fix imho
    -glasses might help but they don't solve the root problem
    -its caused by the brain not controlling the eyes fully. It is a skill that can be learned as they grow. The best way being through lots and lots of crawling and creeping and other activities that require focusing at arms length or less and/or coordination of both sides of the body working together.
    -patching can be of real help (actually works on problem by forcing brain to work on the eye its being lazy with) but of course, need to take Dr advice on specifics
    -you probably know some Ds parent give their kids low does of prozac (changing minds protocol). I don't. But I've thought about it cause one of the things it usually does it result in straight eyes. But I don't think its permanent.

    Sorry to be long but now you know as much as I do (depressingly little...)!

  6. so all those moments that you just bask in now....yeah they multiply when you have two. sometimes is seems every time I turn around I'm seeing something precious that I don't want to forget! It only gets better :)

  7. bet she is straight on the mouth kisser like my girl! funny thing is that my extended family was very much a cheek kissing family until Cate - now every one of them is into big smooches!! another one of those things that you never realized you loved but a little one taught us

  8. Chubbs just gets cuter and cuter. Thanks for always sharing your life and your stories! I feel like Maddison and Chubbs are growing together!


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