Monday, August 29, 2011

Addison's Ad

Must be around 8 pounds, have lot of hair to pull and answer to the name "Addison's brother"
Also, would prefer that playmate to unselfishly NOT want to play with any of my toys...but I do need someone to smuggle some more in for can see that I am just a deprived, hurting child.
Out of the goodness of my heart, I will allow said playmate to occupy the room next to mine (which doesn't look completely done to me, but hey, at least there is now a bed in there) as long as applicant doesn't interrupt my 12 hours of beauty rest each night.
and whoever ends up sleeping here is lucky...because the room looked like this a couple of months ago...
Just to be clear, I will still be the one in charge of the house known as "Addison's", but it would be nice to have another child hangin' around know, to do my dirty work and for me to boss around...
 Interested applicants please be prepared to face THIS face during your interview:

Let me know when I might expect you.


(What do you think...Craigslist ready???)


  1. LOVE it!!! I think she and mommy will both get their wish very soon and a little brother will be here in no time! :) Enjoy the last few days as a family of three because life's about to get twice as much fun!

  2. Didn't I say that you were going to have baby Carter (love the name btw!) this weekend? Probably will for sure if you all have big Labor Day plans....after all it IS "Labor" Day, right?? ;)

  3. Carter!! LOVE the name! You have such great taste in names :)

  4. So Funny!!! And Carter's room looks awesome!

  5. Love the room & the name too!! Praying that Addison gets the perfect response from her ad SOON!!

  6. love the room AND the subtle name announcement, deanna! both in very good taste :) we can't wait for more news.....

  7. cute post. think carter's going to love his new room.

  8. Addison is quite the writer and seems to have a lot of opinions and sass. Loving it! Love love love the pictures. What a little darling with her glasses. Excellent room btw.

  9. Great pictures and comments ..... vey funny... good luck for your birth!



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