Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm doing...

I have been rather silent this week.

Not because I am lazily sitting at home, lounging in the air conditioning eating bon bons with no thought for my little blog...

No. This week I have been rather preoccupied.

I tend to be a very one track minded person. When I have a goal in mind, oftentimes other things get unnecessarily tossed aside so that I can achieve that one goal.

Which isn't so great when you're the mother of a 17 month old, preparing for a newborn and attempting to keep the house clean, food on the table, clean laundry in the house...

...and your goal is editing a book.

So, I decided instead of dragging it out until I go into labor with a messy house, empty freezer, no clean laundry anywhere to be seen, etc...I would put all my focus and energy this week to finish it up so that I could then turn my meager energies onto getting ready for the baby and my home responsibilities.

Setting very specific goals for myself, it has been rather nice to go find air conditioned spots and write, edit, write, edit, write, edit.

I am feeling very excited about the new level of polish the manuscript is getting with this final edit. I'm so thankful that I have this time to spend on it before baby brother comes.

I'm not convinced that I'll entirely be done by Saturday (which is my goal), but I'll be very close. It's been amazing to go through and remove the many, many cliches that I had written in (and didn't realize it), adding fresh descriptions etc

I love to write. This past year I've discovered a new love affair with words. I hope this is just the beautiful beginning of a long relationship.(I'm sure that's just a long, drawn out cliche...but after a day of tearing them out of my manuscript, I feel that I'm entitled to one here)

That being said, it will be wonderful to hand my manuscript off to some friends for a final opinion (??) before handing it over to my agent to do her thing.

I hope you can forgive me for my silence and preoccupation. I am for the first time really starting to feel confident in the quality of my book.

And don't worry- little Chubbs is far from neglected. Either I write while she's asleep, or she spends time with her PCA who happens to be her Aunt Kenly- who she loves and adores. Win. win.

Hopefully soon my creative energies will be away from discovering a new descriptor of "adding insult to injury" and back to my little blog. (-:

I offer to you three pictures as a peace offering:

Chubbs' favorite thing to do these days is read to herself...and the book is ALWAYS upside down. If you give it to her right side up, she'll give you a look like "Come on, mom...that's not right" and then flip it over. lol.
"Yes, I do feed myself. Why do you ask?"

Here's to staying cool in the extreme heat...and being able to focus, focus, focus on my work so that I can be DONE and enjoy a bit of the summer with Chubbs...


  1. that last pic makes me want to a good for Addison for feeding herself way of course

  2. funny! the post and the previous comment!

  3. Yay mama! Excited for you and your writing. I could just die over the 2nd picture of her smiling with her books! Love it! And flipping them upside down!! I agree. The last pic is not so easy on the stomach. :)

  4. hahahaha I bet you had to take her out in the yard and hose her down after the oatmeal finger feeding frenzy! ;) So glad that book editing is going so well. I am still breathlessly waiting its release so that I can snatch it off of the shelves!!!!

  5. Yes, the oatmeal cleanup was legendary...and yes...very disgusting at the same time. (-: The only positive side? She ate a LOT of oatmeal that morning. ha. (I know that picture makes you just really want to go cook yourself a nice big bowl of oatmeal...) (-:

  6. Glad your book it coming along so well! can't wait for the day when I drop in at B&N to pick up my copy. :)
    Addision gets cuter everyday!

  7. Oh, goodness, great last pic with the oatmeal!!!! I was never brave enough to let Sammi make a mess. I'm sure I'll pay for that one day in the future when she develops some sort of massive OCD...LOL

    Good luck with the book! I'm looking forward to reading it. :-)

  8. I was just thinking of you last night, and wondering about your absence (I hope that didn't just sound stalker-like). Glad its just busyness from "book stuff".

  9. You are braver than I am. I just cannot bring myself to let Claire feed herself oatmeal.

  10. Good to see you girls again. I love the new picture of your baby and your new baby on the way! Maddison and Addison are so close in age I love seeing what you girls are up too!

  11. I am SO looking forward to reading your book! Hope you get it done by the end of the weekend so you can have that peace of mind.

  12. Love the new header :-)

    Chubbs is beautiful in all of her oatmeal glory. I imagine that she went straight into the bathtub after that! Best of luck with the book. I cannot wait to read it!


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