Thursday, July 14, 2011

sibling pic/belly shot

A large bowl of cheerios, bathed in creamy whole milk with bite-sized chunks of fresh strawberries floating freely- strawberries so fresh that I had to actually scrub dirt off of one of them-

Thank you, Costco.

My belly is happy.

An hour for a 6 month assessment meeting with all of the therapists and social workers on Addison's team, an hour long PT session, much needed gab time with a friend, several hours of book editing, 1.5 hours with Addison's brand new OT....

today has been full. Much like my stomach is now that I have eaten that bowl of cheerios. OK, fine.


I'm just hopping on here briefly to share a few pics with you. For the first two, I was trying to get a shot of Addison touching and laying her head on my belly like she loves to do. A sibling shot, if you will.

Instead, all I got was this:

and this:
I don't think she's quite ready to share the camera yet.

(OK, anyone else see the dimple right above her belly? What is that? Should I be concerned? Lately it's been coming much more pronounced...)

This next picture is my 33 week belly pic. I would like to get some nice maternity shots with me and Addison, but kind of hard to use my new camera on myself...still trying to figure out how best to do that one.
Yeah, little brother is getting HUGE.
(kindly avoid beginning your comment with "You fat cow" or "time to lay off the cheerios and whole milk" or "you need to zoom out more to get it all in"....yes. sensitive. guilty.

Carrying around a big pregnant belly and a floppy 20 lb toddler everywhere in the blistering heat is so much fun I totally think you're missing out if you haven't experienced this thrilling sensation (hey, trying to use reverse psycology on myself)

Hearing today that my 17 month old's fine motor skills are at the level of a 9 month old was really hard to swallow.

But I don't have the emotional energy to type out a hugely involved post, working through how that makes me feel, so I'll just state it for now and come back to it later.

Lots of work to do now that we FINALLY have a new OT. I love her, and she is very motivated to help us make up for lost time because of our less than satisfactory old OT.

On a positive note, Addison is rocking the gross motor skills and totally met every single goal that we made 6 months ago for her.

You win some, you lose some.

and then you eat another bowl of cheerios.

happy Thursday night.


  1. Chubbs! She is so cute and you are a hot mama. Totally eat those bowls of Cheerios. Just think of the fiber and then the antioxidants from the strawberries. Whole milk for baby's brain. Yum!

    I think Bear is at a 9-10 month level for fine motor and she is 22 months. It will all come together eventually. Way behind on speech too . . . rocking the gross motor. Our cheeky girls are gross motor Queens. They have much more important things to do and things to get to than do fine motor stuff.

  2. I've been blog-stalking here for awhile...
    I think you look precious! Definitely cute and pregnant. I say find a friend who'll snap a few shots of you and Chubbs out in the sunshine. You won't regret you asked. Glad to read about the new OT. And I don't envy you being pregnant with a little one in the summer. HARD work!

  3. You look so beautiful, Deanna!! And keep on eating the whole milk - third trimester is when your baby's brain grows the most, and the extra fats will help with your skin elasticity for birth ;) (sorry - that's the birth educator in me coming out!) Addison is so adorable... so happy for you guys :)

  4. You are beautiful mama! And Chubbs is doing great and will catch up! Enjoy those Cheerios.

  5. Ditto what everybody says about how beautiful you are :)
    Also, the dimple on Chubbs- there's a medical name for it, and it's too weird for me to remember, but Noah has that. It's just a weird thing kids get.
    How's that for informative?
    I shoulda been a doctor!!

  6. Your bowls of cherrios sound delish to me right now.:) I am a few weeks behind you....but believe me my tummy would make you feel great about yours.My last two have each been ten lbs.:)I love a nice BIG baby!!!Addison is beautiful as always!!!What a precious little girl she is!!!You can read about us on our blog Our Little Haven On the Hill.

  7. You are darling!!! Enjoy the next few weeks, I promise they are going to FLY by!

    Not sure what that little dimple is, I don't think either of my boys had it, but if her dr hasn't said anything I'm sure it fine.

    As for the fine motor skills, she'll get there! We have our IFSP in a couple of weeks and I'm a little nervous in that same area but I try not to worry about it too much since I know he's busy working on other being as fast and destructive as humanly possible! :) We don't have OT yet, but my guess is it will be introduced in August!

    Enjoy those cherrios while you can because soon you'll have two little ones who want to share every meal you eat and you'll never have a whole bowl of cereal again. LOL

  8. Aw Deanna, you look so darn cute pregnant!! And I love that first pic of Chubbs, lol.
    And the fine motor skills...Well, I know how you feel. Sometimes these evaluations hurt me deeply and other times they don't affect me at all. Like I was saying to you the other night, Chubbs rocks gross motor. She is months younger than Russell but always one step ahead!! Fine motor will come, as well as speech and everything else.
    If it makes you feel any better I have a 13 year old who probably has the fine motor skills of a 7 year old, and I have a 9 year old who has speech skills of a 16 year evaluations are silly...But I do know how you feel. *hugs*

  9. Oh my goodness those are the most adorable pictures. What a sweetie.
    You look great!!!

  10. I didn't rock pregnancy like you do! Time for Daddy to snap some pix.

  11. You look beautiful. And she is as sweet as ever. So happy that she's rocking gross motor. Fine motor will come, mama, that's what I always hear. It IS hard, though. XOXO


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