Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sometimes a profitable day includes running around town like a crazy person, picking up fabulous diaper deals, paying bills, snagging grocery steals- returning home to clean and organize, hitting up a therapy appointment, editing several book chapters- all the while entertaining and feeding a 17 month old.

Other times a profitable day includes sleeping in, sitting on the couch and watching your child jettison around the living room, taking a warm bubble bath in the jacuzzi while said daughter attempts to cruise around the edge while dodging the jets (seriously, that takes some balance skills), taking a long nap, folding laundry and spending more cuddle time with daughter.

Both days are equally profitable. At the end of the first day, you may have more to show for your day, but at the end of the second one- you are still pregnant and have not delivered a 34 week baby- slowing the contractions and such (I'll keep it at such to not cross that border into TMI) by taking it easy.

I tend to feel guilty when I stop the busy to take care of myself. Not sure where that comes from.

Since I'm carrying another person whose future (NICU, anyone?) depends on me keeping him in just a bit longer, I need to remind myself from time to time that it's OK to relax and get some extra sleep. It's OK to take care of me.

I think that's one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. I am an extremely independent person and hate to think that I would (gasp) need other people's help or that I can't do something myself. Even just the concept of NEEDING to take a nap makes me feel weak and I fight against it.

Sigh. I have a lot to learn.  Lesson #infinity248 taught today by little brother. STOP AND REST every now and then. Message received little guy. Loud and Clear.

Trying not to panic that the book draft is not finished and his room needs to be drywalled (this weekend?) and my big freezer meal plan hasn't even been started (anyone want to come over for a giant cook-a-thon next Thurs?).

Because today I just needed to rest. and eat a Klondike. and bubble bath it up with Addison (wow that was so much fun. I would have taken a picture of her with a giant cluster of bubbles on her head while talking enthusiastically into the mirror, but since the tub is surrounded by mirrors, I thought it prudent to not be taking're welcome) (-:

Reminding myself of my priorities...the health of my little boy definitely comes before all of those other things. Received a tip yesterday (thanks Abby) that he could just sleep in a laundry basket until his room is done. Laundry basket. Who knew?

Hope your Wednesday was profitable...whatever that happens to mean for you.

(oh, and if you are attempting to make the fly contraption, make sure the roll is trimmed down lower than the one in my pic. I fixed mine and it has already started catching more flies...and yes, it works best on fruit flies)


  1. I always love little feet pictures of Chubbs, she has the cutest shoes :)
    Deanna, I am praying for you that your little guy makes it to full term like you want for him too...Make sure you rest as much as possible...And do NOT feel guilty!!

  2. I'm game...too bad that drive might be a bit too far :) Take care of yourself!

  3. Can I ditto the laundry basket? Until we bought her a swing it was the guarenteed way to put Henri to sleep; pop her in with the dirty laundry, give a quick swing and she was out. Also, she's slept in a travel pack-n-play since she was born and loves it. Nice small space to not feel lost in.
    Glad everything slowed down; hopefully you're able to do so as well!

  4. Please take care of yourself! Rest rest and rest, that is your job right now... and possibly snapping a few cute pics of Chubbs from the comfortableness of your couch.

  5. Sometimes I love the busy, got-everything-done days, but today I would give anything for a nap!

  6. Wish I lived near you--would do a freezer cook-a-thon with you. . . or at least be delivering meals. It would all be desserts though. I do not cook. Only bake.

    In taking care of yourself, you are making yourself a better mother which means taking better care of Chubbs and little bro. Therefore, napping is good and you can no longer feel guilty.

  7. First off, love the last pic of Chubbs! :)
    Second, any day spent with your children in any sort of meaningful interaction (be that running errands, playing, or cuddling) is a profitable exercise. Will your precious babies remember that "Mommy always kept the house spotless" or "Mommy always had time for us"? I like to think (and I am pretty sure I'm right!) the second is way more important! And Little Brother deserves your resting as well so that he will have the best chance to hang out in the oven until he's done baking! ;)
    Much love to you all!!!!


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