Friday, July 22, 2011

pregnant. and cranky.

I am 34 weeks pregnant. Fat. Hungry Starving all the time. Hot and sticky in this mess of weather. It is One Billion degrees outside.

I worked for 6 hours today on my book today and made it through....20 pages. This is the sixth day in a row that I have done that. Needless to say, I'm not finished. and exhausted.

I had a bookcase all picked out that I was excited to buy for my living room as a reward for when I was finally finished with this draft of my book. Today I decided that I had better go ahead and order it before the sale ends with the faith that I'll finish this weekend.

The shipping cost was almost as much as the I didn't order my coveted prize.

Addison was just in the living room- dismantling the entire room. It's too hot to hold her close, so any sort of safe entertainment she can find is fine by me. I'll clean up the mess come fall.

Yesterday I discovered that my beloved car has a flat tire. Which still hasn't been fixed...which means I am stuck in one location except for the compassion of others.

The heat is overtaking my normally sweet personality (cough cough) which means that I just finished a rather biting email to Target to let them know exactly what I thought of their large shipping cost on something that is only available online and that they wouldn't ship to a store location for me.

I'm sure I'll regret that once my skin has lowered itself from its boiling point.

I'm staring at my chubbalicious daughter and thinking that she looks more edible by the minute. The baby food sweet peas that I'm feeding her are also drawing me in. They smell irresistibly good. The creamy green goodness looks soothingly refreshing.

The tears rolling down my face for no reason at all are intermingling with the perspiration everywhere else creating a recipe of positive sweetness.

I know it's difficult to tell from this post, but something about this HOT HOT HOT weather is causing my body and spirit to turn on me in a giant rebellion of cranky.

Anyone else have days when they just don't think that they will make it to the next one?

This post definitely falls under the Nothing from Everything and Nothing....but somehow it feels better just to say it...

What's the shipping cost on cooler weather?

(Dear Mother...according to your policy that I must always say one thing that I am thankful for for every complaint....I will have to pick up with that in the next post. If I live until the next post)

I just grabbed a half eaten cracker soaked in an unidentifiable substance off of Addison's high chair tray table and scarfed it up.

Yes, I have sunk that low.

Hello Fall? Yes, I would like to pay for expedited delivery. Cost is no object. Bring it.

(No, I am not being overly dramatic. Anyone else that has been pregnant through a summer in the state of no air conditioning where it has been in the mid to high 90s all week...surely you can understand)

and yes, I realize that if my biggest problems are hot and hungry that my thankful post should be quite lengthy...


  1. Summer in Switzerland has gone already. We have temperatures below the 70ies and almost everyday there is rain.

    Oh well, fall is already here, get those skis ready!



  2. I can soooo relate. I was a beached whale in VT waiting for a July baby to be born and thought I would die. ANY chance of splurging on a window A/C unit since the bookshelf fell through? you may feel better with one cool room in the house.

  3. Well, we do have an air conditioning in our room. But because we set Addison up to nap and sleep there in a pack 'n play, and she WON'T fall asleep if she can see us in the room..I still end up spending most of the day in the hotter portions of the house. At least she is staying cool...she overheats very easily.

  4. The heat WILL break:) At least you're keeping a sense of humor!

  5. the cracker? so effing gross Deanna...really? I'm making you puke? you just won the prize lady...
    and if you weren't so damn cute in your header pic I may have believed you about being huge...
    you're almost done, hang in there...I was super preggers once in the summer too, it blows...

  6. yeah, being pregnant with a September baby is the WORST ever! I'm pointing my fan east now.

  7. Oh Deanna! I hope you get some relief soon!!

    On another note - very very cute bookcase! Check Ikea - they have VERY similar ones, and for less money (we have a few in our house!). The shipping may be cheaper too, or if you have an Ikea near you - go pick it up (they have a/c and really delish ice cream cones for 50 cents!) ;)

  8. Here you go:

  9. awwwww, poor Deanna! I feel for you in your pregnant no ac state. I was there last summer, although not as far along as you are. Miserable! And we only have one ac unit at home and our temps here have been hitting 100, with heat indexes of up to 120 this week. Kind of makes me as glad as I could be to be here at the hospital.

  10. LOL...Ok, even though I am laughing while reading this...I DO feel for you!! Being VERY pregnant in extreme heat with a toddler to care for...NOT fun!! But just think by Sept 7th this will all just be a memory :D...And yes I am still rooting for you to have that boy on MY Birthday! And I would give anything to have the heat wave you guys are having right now, we have gotten NO sun up here this summer...It sucks :(

  11. if it makes you feel better, here in MEXICO no houses come with AC, you have to buy whatever device you can afford and install it in each room.

    we live in the north, so weather here is extremely hot too! 90-100F and we only have one minisplit in our room, which be bought it 3 months ago, and we have been enjoying the cooler room of the house too much! sometimes i feel claustrophobic! but hey much better than nothing.

    but too bad the computer is downstairs, and yes, im just with a little fan here.. sigh....

  12. No air conditioning? Sending up an extra prayer for you.

  13. The positive--you are making great progress on your book. One cannot be pregnant forever.

    Negative--hot! Two years ago, I was VERY pregnant with Ellie. So pregnant and very hot. We broke records that summer (most 100+ degrees in a row). The difference is, I didn't have a little Chubbs to worry about--just my furbabies that for some odd reason that it was fabulous to lay on me.

    Hang in there. . . I know it is easier said than done.

  14. Yeah.. at 34 weeks pregnancy, body looking like a very fat but after delivery you will go normal weight..


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