Sunday, July 10, 2011

laundry goddess in training

Chubbs selflessly volunteered to unpack the snacks bag...liberally helping herself along the way, of course...
There are two types of people in the world.

Those who like to do laundry.

And those who don't.

Regrettably, I fall in the latter category.

Granted, I love that tumbled-just from the dryer-heavenly scent as much as the next person, and I invested last year in an amazingly nice front loader washer and dryer set to help inspire me to laundry greatness...

But the ONE thing that pricey little pair doesn't do?

Fold and put away my laundry.

As easy as the concept seems, something inside me resists the chore- most likely assuming that since it's so simple, I can put it off until the very last minute. (Until my family is going down into the laundry room to find a clean pair of undies where baskets are overflowing with beautifully smelling clean clothes, waiting for the negligent housewife to come put it in order.)

Guilty more than I care to admit. Gulp.

And it's not like there are big encouraging laundry blogs to help us through one monotonous load after another (like the cooking and decorating blogs)

I can just see it now:
Monday: Get those Edges Folded Straighter
Tuesday: The Latest Scoop in Fabric Softeners
Wednesday: Link Up If You've Done Laundry This Week
Thursday: Dirty Little Laundry Secrets
Friday: Guest Post: How Doing Laundry Changed My Life

Anyone know of a blog like this? Someone should totally start one.

My older sister is incredibly organized and diligent in keeping up with laundry. I think clothes are actually afraid to get dirty in her house, it's like some sort of laundry goddess is at work tracking down even slightly soiled garments and shaming them into never daring to show dirt (or chocolate spots) again. Filth cowers in her presence and then meekly obliterates itself. At her house? No dirty laundry to be seen anywhere...and no piles of clean laundry waiting last on her to-do list. It's a mystery how she does it (and yes, she has an eight month old)  

Once I was making homemade pizza in her kitchen and accidentally dripped a little sauce onto the floor. The laundry goddess used a clean towel to wipe up the spill...and then started a new load of laundry that JUST INCLUDED THE TOWEL which was back clean in the drawer before I could blink.

My procrastinating self was amazed.

Anyway, all that to say- laundry is something that I have to work really hard at, but have been giving it my best shot...especially now that Addison likes to locate folded clothes and scatter them haphazardly faster than you can say "Demon Chubbs" (and, let's face it- she has a lot of clothes to keep track of)

I have been doing much better than my early married days of letting the laundry always stay in the basket, I promise.

But my growth was slightly stunted this weekend when I returned from our trip. I had laundry from two weeks of travel with myself and a toddler...and an unnamed person (but really, there was only one person living at home these past two weeks..Ahem...) left all the windows open and went to work right before a large storm, causing piles of clothes in our room to be soaked through (Not as bad as it sounds...we need a new dresser)

So after running the snazzy white and silver front loaders in my laundry room ALL day, this is what was left to fold and put away: (Note: can anyone spot my laundry helper in this picture?)
there she is...(-:
and yes, it took me a full 24 hours to finally get all of this put away (had to take plenty of nap and snack breaks, of course)...and yes, two more loads were still in the basement when I took this picture...but I DID get it all put away...mostly because I really wanted to sit on my comfy couch...but I still rest in the knowledge that my sister would be proud of me...laundry goddess in training (doubt I will ever graduate out of the training, but it's a nice title)

Oh and just an update with Addison's feeding woes. Remember how I told you I was working to get her to eat more fresh fruits?

She refuses blueberries...but when I made blueberry cobbler???
Suddenly blueberries are on her favorites list...hmmmmm

A spoonful of sugar apparently helps the fruits go down as well...and the caked topping doesn't hurt at all, I'm sure.

Now I'm off to refold all of the clothes that Addison decided to mangle while I was writing this post....

What inspires you to stay on top of your laundry?


  1. I completely understand! I used to do all the laundry on one day - washed, dryed, folded and put away. . . but they I had two kids. The method that's worked for me the last several months: Monday thru Friday do 1 load each day - start to finish. I do whites, darks, towels/sheets, kid's whites, kid's darks. That means not all the laundry is clean at the same time, but to me it doesn't matter. This is the only way I've been able to figure out how to stay on top of it.

    Addison is growing up so fast! She's going to be such a good big sister!

  2. Chubbs - you are looking so grown up with the way you are handling your spoon. When can you come to Grampa's house and we can practice eating ice cream together?

    Love you
    Grampa Smith

  3. Hmm. Laundry blogger I will not be. But if I were I would probably write posts about short-sheeting beds. Not having clean underwear is usually inspirational to me. Love the pics of your hidden helper!

  4. Ummm no one. I have to say that I am quite adept at always having most of it clean. Buttttttt....I too am he type to leave piles laying around, or even to be so lazy as to not even pull the freshly laundered clothes out of the dryer in the first place. There are times when I wash the same load several times simply because I was too darn lazy to take the dry ones out of the dryer so the wet ones could go in. When you find that magical laundry genie, send him my way PLEASE :)

  5. We quite frequently have piles on clean laundry on the floor. Which isn't the best place for clean laundry....hubby usually wears clothes out of said pile until they are dirty again and put away. He doesn't see the point in putting them away when they are just going to get dirty again...

    Claire doesn't eat fruit either. I can sometimes get her to eat dried fruit though. Maybe the cobbler would work, but I doubt it. She doesn't have a sweet tooth. She actually refused ice cream today!

  6. I do a full load laundry everyday (thank you DIY husband and reflux daughter). . . at least one load. However, it typically isn't folded until a day later. Of course that laundry basket is SO tempting for Ellie to empty--throughout the entire house. It is like a trail of laundry. Oh and the drawers. OF course she must "help" by removing all clothing and dishtowels from the drawers.

  7. Love the hair among the pile pic!!!

    Have you heard of Norwex? It doesn't help fold or put away, but there are products that will help save money and the environment.

    I have the same problem plus 2 more people :( Too much work.

  8. Know what? There IS a laundry blog... I've seen links to it from another blog I read:

    If it helps... I also HATE laundry for the exact same reason.

  9. So're just like my sister and I think I'm just like your sister! LOL

    Look at that fancy fork/spoon work and all those yummy blueberries smeared on a cute little face! Who can blame her, it looks delish!

    Happy folding! :)

  10. I HATE FOLDING AND PUTTING AWAY LAUNDRY!!!!!! I'll start the laundry, no problem, but when it comes to hanging clothes up, folding it, forget it. You are not alone :) And I have to say, your older sister washing ONE towel at a time? That's wasteful of water, isn't it? At least wait till there's enough for a small load. So maybe you have the upper hand in this--you wait until there's plenty to do before you stick it in the wash ;)

  11. Yeah, I pretty much procrastinate about putting it away too....and I have three children under 4...that gets ugly sometimes. Don't you love the front loaders though :)

  12. I do two full loads of laundry a day...SOMETIMES THREE! What motivates me to do it, is if I don't do it that day, I just have more to do tomorrow! lol

  13. I am a grandmother of four. I am certainly glad I am over all that. I am browsing for laundry, saw purex coupons , saw your site. It is really intriguing, stumbling upon photos, posts, and comments.

  14. Laundry blogger I will not be. But if I were I could probably write posts approximately brief-sheeting beds. Not having easy underclothes usually is inspirational to me. Love the snapshots of your hidden helper!


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