Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daddy Time

There is something to be said for a hardworking man.

A man who steps outside the norm of what is expected of his Chemistry degree and decides to get a masters in Horticulture and then run his own landscaping business.

One of the things that first attracted me to Aaron was how hard he works, and the extreme passion with which he pursues his job.

In fact, as an undergrad, he was on the lawn maintenance crew, and I ran into more sidewalk poles than I care to admit as I would be walking to class and get distracted by the handsome guy on the mower, tearing about campus as though tragedy would strike if it all didn't get done RIGHT NOW.

These days?

Aaron works diligently, many hours a day to grow his business to make a living and provide for Miss Chubbs and I (and of course, little brother).

We are very proud of him.

But one downside to the hardworking male running his own business? (Yes, that could possibly be code for workaholic)

Sometimes he doesn't always have time left over at the end of the day to spend with Addison. He'll finally drag his little self home, covered in dirt and who knows what else...and she'll have been asleep for three hours already.

So when he does get time with Addison, we take advantage of it.

She loves her daddy so much. (and is looking forward to winter, when not only will he have more time for her...but she caught the rumor that he intends to teach her how to ski???)

so this group of pictures makes me smile (OK, and cry just a little...but I blame the hormones)

Yep, sometimes to get Daddy time, it just means that we have to visit him on the job...

at least we know that she came by the "playing in the dirt" gene honestly...(-:


  1. I love those pictures, Deanna- she is getting so chubby! Glad you are back from vacation, I missed my daily dose of Chubbs cuteness:)

  2. I can't believe how big she's gotten!

  3. So cute!! Gotta love the Daddy bond!!!

  4. The Many Faces of Addison McChubbs! Love it! Ellie There is always something so sweet about father-daughter bonding :-)

  5. These are so CUTE! Heard she kept moving the bucket with her foot. :) Go Chubbs!

  6. So nice to see some views with Aaron and Chubbs. I worked out in the yard last week (Matt Cox came to help close the escape opportunities in the backyard so Owen Dickens will be discouraged from migrating to see the cats on the corner.). I thought of the MANY times Aaron helped me and when Deanna came, too. I miss seeing that lawn mower flying down the hill and his checking out the lanes of the exact designs created. Hope you'll come to visit.


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