Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chubbs' take on the weekend

Dear World,

This weekend I spent lots of time...

...playing on the water slide at Gwampa and Grandma's house with cousin Svana...
...getting stuck in the wading pool with a rather severe wedgie (can't anyone see how uncomfortable this is?)...
...making a long term plan for trouble (and feeling pretty good about it)...
...crashing at a party in a makeshift pack 'n play (after several relatively unsuccessful escapes)... for my marathon learning to walk...
...ruining a really great family picture...
...enjoying the scenery...
...catching some rays (wonder how long it'll take mom to realize I took her sunglasses?)...
...getting all dressed up for church (hey mom, you really should clean under the couch)...
...eating and eating and eating...
...taking long sudsy soaks...
Yep, you know it was a good weekend when you're sad to see it end...

Hope your weekend was equally as amazing.
Love to all,


  1. aren't you just about the most adorable pregnant women ever
    you make me sick...

  2. lol Holly. Trust was 95 here today with no air conditioning. My sweaty mess of a self is pretty much the farthest thing from adorable...with 7 more weeks of the heat to look forward to. oh joy.

  3. Super picture, Deanna. What a great shot of you, Addison, and baby brother.

  4. My favorite pics - the ones of Chubbs eating with her mouth open, and of course the one of you as your new header! You look so gorgeous and happy.

  5. Love them. Your new header is such a sweet picture!

  6. lovely pics and post! beautiful girl ! fantastic water slide! love from a momma with stuff under the couch too! by the way you look amazing in your header picture xx

  7. What an awesome waterslide and I am in love with the dress Miss Chubbs is wearing. It is beyond beautiful. Love your blog...I totally agree and could cry when a great weekend end but hang in there little one Mommy and Daddy will make sure everyday of your life is like a super awesome weekend I'm sure of it cause they are AWESOME!!

  8. What an adorable series of pictures. :o)

  9. Oh, what a cutie pie!! I fear I'd never get anything done around her because I'd be kissing and nibbling those cheeks all day!! Hi, I'm Amy... I have a little guy just about your little girl's age who also has an extra chromosome. Just thought I'd come by and say hi!

  10. Great header picture Deanna...I agree with Holly, its quite sickening how incredibly cute you are at the tail end of your pregnancy, lol
    Loved ALL these pictures of Chubbs! She's getting so big!! She looks adorable all dressed up for church :)

  11. What a great picture of the three of you!

    Hope you find some air conditioning. It is brutal out there.

    Blessings from my part of the great Atlantic northeast.


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