Monday, July 4, 2011

Chubbs in North Carolina

 It seems like years since I last posted.

Decades, really.

It also seems like decades since my tired little, ever-growing self was planted on my comfy white couch with a Crunch Klondike bar, watching Master Chef.

If it sounds like I am whining, I am sure that is merely the blogger know how those things can be exaggerated...

I am thankful to be in North Carolina on a beautiful lake with bits of Aaron's family....

but after a two day car ride with two toddlers and a hip that definitely needs to be replaced...

and the extreme guilt of knowing exactly the disaster I left my house in

and trying to keep up with Addison's schedule- carrying her chubby self along with little bro' who I swear has to be nearing ten pounds (I realize this is impossible at 31 weeks...but still...the extreme heat makes everything worse)

I am exhausted and am looking forward to heading back to the blessed oasis of home.

Meanwhile? I am soaking up the sunshine and trying to turn Addison into a water baby- one swim time at a time....and enjoying time with Aaron's mother, sisters and niece Svana.

Speaking of Svana:

While visiting Great-Grandma, Addison was showing off her walking skills
 Who are you looking at?

 Aaron's sisters, Mom, Svana, Addison and Grandmommy

This post is more than disjointed, but I was going through withdraw...and needing to type out a few thoughts...and share a few pictures....

Looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs...and facebook birthdays...and snarky status'....later this week when I am back to that aforementioned comfy couch...and Klondike bar...

Happy 4th of July! Miss you all (since I am away from my computer, it feels like I left you all behind)


  1. I was looking at the group pic thinking "that lady looks a lot like Addison" and then read about Aaron's sister. They look a lot alike!

  2. I can tell from the "glowing faces" that it is a little warm in NC. The pics looks great - looks like you are getting the hang of the new camera. It is quite warm in VT today (86+). We are about to head over to Uncle Kelly's house for a cookout.

    We miss you lots, but are glad that you and Addison could makes the trip to see Grandmommy. Won't be long before you start heading back north.

    Lots of Love
    Grampa Smith

  3. I love these pics, Deanna! We all enjoyed looking at them. Addison is, as always, a DOLL!! Even the picture with the devious look on her little face! Love them all!

  4. Love the pics. Her cheeks are always so squishy!


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