Saturday, July 23, 2011

Addison's date

Whenever I am most tempted to complain (like last night), I am undoubtedly smacked in the face with a reminder of how much I have to be thankful for.

Yes, right now I have hard things in my life. Some of them I can't share on this blog. Some of them I do (quite liberally. i.e. last night's post)

But last year at this time, I had much different hard things to deal with. I was a new mom with a tiny baby afflicted with a lot of health needs...who also had Down syndrome.

I was reminded today of how I was carried through those hard times, and of course I can trust for my current ones.

We had a playdate with Addison's NICU boyfriend today. They were born 1 week apart, and stayed in the NICU exactly 5 weeks apiece. Addison's stay was due to her health problems. Her boyfriend, Drew earned a stay in the luxury suite by deciding to grace the world 10 weeks early with his presence.

I'm so thankful that we've been able to keep up with Drew and his family. If I was Anne of Green Gables, I would call Drew's mom, Sarah a kindred spirit. Since I'm not a fanciful character from PEI, I will merely say that I find Sarah to be a dear friend and wonderful person.

I took some pictures of their playdate today....and then compared them to an identical playdate last summer. How much difference one year can make....
 Addison: last summer

Addison: today

The dating couple: last summer

The same couple; this engaging in a few coy dating games
This is Addison's cold shoulder...try-to-break-this-icy-exterior gesture towards Drew...

Yes, truly amazing to see what difference a year can bring.


And sorry for all of the complaining. Because I'd much rather be hot and uncomfortable than dealing with all of the heartache that we dealt with last year. 

It's amazing how you forget about the hard times.

Once the amazing ones have hit.

Because life with Addison? 

is amazing.

love that girl.

(also thankful for in-laws who took us to a nice, air conditioned restaurant tonight and let me stuff my face without judgement....well, at least not audible judgement....


  1. i love that pic of them holding hands. too cute. its awesome to see miracles at work!
    xoxo Heidi

  2. Such cute pictures, they both look great :)...Although Russell will not be to pleased to see these pictures, he's a little on the jealous side! lol

  3. What an awesome post. They make a cute couple. :)

  4. Anne of Green Gables is the best book ever....and I think you and I just may be kindred spirits :)

  5. Oh Deanna, please don't apologize for complaining! Is it somewhat twisted to say that your occasional complaining is encouraging? Uplifting, even? Because we can totally relate to feeling awful and hot and tired and at the end of your rope and very pregnant and starving all the time! You are very honest and real and I love that about you! God has blessed you with an amazing gift for writing. Thank you for serving Him and blessing us with it!

  6. So cute, the picture of them both crawling out of the pool. :) remembering everything you have to be thankful for really puts things in perspective. I try to do it at least once a week.

  7. "Bosom friends" as Ann would say. How delightful that you are staying in touch. You will never regret taking so many pictures!

  8. beautiful post and beautiful pictures. I love seeing how far both kidlets have come.


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