Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's not over until...the fat cow plays the violin...

Have you ever seen an obesely large cow disguised in all black decorated with loud red jewelry playing the violin?

If not, you should have been at our church this morning.

As I am in the thick of “that stage” of pregnancy where body normalcy is a thing completely of the past and you hide in large corners hoping that no one will notice how big you have gotten and make critical comments about “other” pregnant women while staring at your swollen stomach no doubt wondering exactly how many Klondike bars a day you have been consuming…

I was a bit horrified to realize that I had to play a special at church this morning.

Me. Alone. Standing in front of the entire church so that everyone could have front row seats to gawk at that fat, puffy pregnant lady who normally hides behind the sweet looking little girl….

And then my eyes went on contact strike, requiring glasses (which really isn’t a favorite) and due to running running running around in the heat…yesterday I noticed that my face was starting to swell up, and my fingers were starting to represent little sausages that put in the right context might mistakenly be put in a bun and covered in ketchup.

Shouldering a bit of a rotten attitude, I donned a black dress (it’s slimming, yes?) and my loudest red jewelry with matching red shoes, hoping for perhaps a distraction from my swollen, bloated, glasses wearing self.

Asking my husband “Do I look fat?”, I carefully studied his face as he without hesitation replied “No, of course not” He had never lied to me before, so it was important that I understand exactly what deception looked like on his face for future reference.

I waddled up to the stage holding my violin, desperately wishing that I had chosen a larger instrument to play that would conceal most of my body, leaving only tiny beady brown eyes encased in my scratched glasses for the ogling crowd. Cello, Tuba…or perhaps a bass drum solo.

I raised my violin to play, seeking to find a spot to rest it under the new fleshly rolls that my neck sprouted within minutes and turned toward the eyes eager to qualify exactly how portly I had become.

My stomach obscured the choir loft, my legs swelled to twice their already swollen size just standing there in my hot red shoes, my sausage fingers struggled to move because of their enormous size, my glasses slipped down my nose due to the growing amount of perspiration and then my nose began to drip. Drip. Drip.

I began my song selection, years of playing and practicing allowing me to forget everything but the moment of making music- connecting with an instrument and making it sing, barely distracted with necessary sniffling to keep the nose drips in check.

I played my no doubt swollen heart out while my large stomach was displayed for all to see, and somehow ignored the stage that was groaning under all of my extra weight.

Thinking about the little baby that I was growing inside of me that was causing my body to be so heinously misshapen, I connected my bow to the strings with hopes that perhaps someday he will learn to love music as much as I do.

My imagination filled with images of my two children someday playing duets in church- standing proudly together as their inexperienced little fingers sought to learn the same instrument that years of mastery now came so easily to me.

Music and love blended together to create a violin solo satisfactory to even my own critical ears.

Finishing my selection, I limped my way off of the stage, experiencing severe lower back pain and praying that I didn’t go into labor while everyone was still staring.

But for those blessed few moments, I forgot. Because that’s just what music does.

Side Note:                                                                                                          
I noticed that my name is on the schedule for August 28th, a week before I’m due. I accused the scheduler of hating me, and gracefully declined. I’m just not sure this fat puffy cow could take a second appearance.

Oh, and to magnify my humiliation? Addison broke my snazzy red necklace after the service while I was talking to friends….as beautiful red beads scattered across the auditorium recklessly flung by her small hand, I fear that perhaps she hates me as well…

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sometimes a profitable day includes running around town like a crazy person, picking up fabulous diaper deals, paying bills, snagging grocery steals- returning home to clean and organize, hitting up a therapy appointment, editing several book chapters- all the while entertaining and feeding a 17 month old.

Other times a profitable day includes sleeping in, sitting on the couch and watching your child jettison around the living room, taking a warm bubble bath in the jacuzzi while said daughter attempts to cruise around the edge while dodging the jets (seriously, that takes some balance skills), taking a long nap, folding laundry and spending more cuddle time with daughter.

Both days are equally profitable. At the end of the first day, you may have more to show for your day, but at the end of the second one- you are still pregnant and have not delivered a 34 week baby- slowing the contractions and such (I'll keep it at such to not cross that border into TMI) by taking it easy.

I tend to feel guilty when I stop the busy to take care of myself. Not sure where that comes from.

Since I'm carrying another person whose future (NICU, anyone?) depends on me keeping him in just a bit longer, I need to remind myself from time to time that it's OK to relax and get some extra sleep. It's OK to take care of me.

I think that's one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. I am an extremely independent person and hate to think that I would (gasp) need other people's help or that I can't do something myself. Even just the concept of NEEDING to take a nap makes me feel weak and I fight against it.

Sigh. I have a lot to learn.  Lesson #infinity248 taught today by little brother. STOP AND REST every now and then. Message received little guy. Loud and Clear.

Trying not to panic that the book draft is not finished and his room needs to be drywalled (this weekend?) and my big freezer meal plan hasn't even been started (anyone want to come over for a giant cook-a-thon next Thurs?).

Because today I just needed to rest. and eat a Klondike. and bubble bath it up with Addison (wow that was so much fun. I would have taken a picture of her with a giant cluster of bubbles on her head while talking enthusiastically into the mirror, but since the tub is surrounded by mirrors, I thought it prudent to not be taking're welcome) (-:

Reminding myself of my priorities...the health of my little boy definitely comes before all of those other things. Received a tip yesterday (thanks Abby) that he could just sleep in a laundry basket until his room is done. Laundry basket. Who knew?

Hope your Wednesday was profitable...whatever that happens to mean for you.

(oh, and if you are attempting to make the fly contraption, make sure the roll is trimmed down lower than the one in my pic. I fixed mine and it has already started catching more flies...and yes, it works best on fruit flies)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Convention of Death

Our house is known to some as the Smith house.

To an entirely different group of people in the therapy world, it is known as Addison's house (probably a much more accurate description these days)

To the mailman our house is known as those people who never check their mail (hey, it's across a busy street...cut us some slack) 

To the neighbors it is known as the house that has the beautiful, lusciously green lawn that is almost always sporting the trendiest stripes and neatest edges (I'm married to a landscaper...I take the perks where I can get them)

To a different group belonging in an entirely separate species, our house is known as the HOT SPOT.

That species?

the fly

Apparently, every summer there is a fly convention where flies gather to discuss recent news, latest discoveries, tactics that work the best for dodging traps...and so on and so forth.

This convention even has a keynote speaker and name tags.

Invariably, every summer this convention is held at my house.

Lest you think I'm just a horrible housekeeper, when we bought the house in February (2009) the hardwood floors were all liberally covered with mass quantities of dead flies. Disgusting.

Aaron said that they built some sort of nest in the siding of the house and that's why were afflicted.

We replaced the siding with brand new, beautiful vinyl siding.

And the flies came back.

Thankfully, we are down to lower quantities of flies than ever, but with last week's heat wave and my inability to stand in my kitchen for longer than ten seconds at a time...unfortunately the convention was promoted to the 100th year anniversary gathering where all the flies in the state of Vermont came to check out this HOT SPOT and stay for a little sauna time.

And all of those big flies brought their fruit fly friends that gathered around the kitchen sink and leisurely snacked on any and every crumb of ANYTHING. ugh.

Last summer, my friend told me about this handy contraption that you can make to kill those pesky little flies. Last year, I tried it for the first time and had great success. I just found that it took time- a couple of weeks for those flies to be tempted in. But the wait was worth it as it soon cut the population down to a squashable amount.

Basically, you pour apple cider vinegar into an old jar. Tape a layer of paper over the top of the jar. Roll up another piece of paper and insert through the taped layer. Secure with tape so that the roll just falls short of the level of vinegar. The idea is, the fly will come in for a tasty snack of vinegar, but be unable to exit back through the roll. Genius, really. Last year it worked like a charm. Fingers are crossed for this summer...hopefully it wasn't included into the "what to avoid" handbook handed out at the convention.

Behold my fancy contraption:

Yes, I realize it's tacky beyond all reason, but I threw it together during one of those ten second stints in the kitchen that I referenced earlier.

Anyway, this year's death count so far? 1....soon to be many, many more.  

I left the label on so that they wouldn't see the floating bodies of their dead co-conventioners floating around.

I thought it was pretty considerate of me.

I'm sensing that one of the still existing flies is now writing a murder mystery about the disappearing convention guests.

Guess they should have thought of that before they picked the cranky pregnant lady's house to advertise as the HOT SPOT.

On a different note, you know who is becoming quite the little computer lover?
Chubbs is drawn to a computer like....a fly is to apple cider vinegar. Hmmmm. If I had the money I would totally buy her an ipad. Christmas list?

What is your secret for getting rid of flies in your house?
(and yes, I'm keeping all food put away and wiped down....they seem impervious to my clean ways)

(If any of of you are Fly Rights Activists. I humbly apologize for the offense. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Addison's date

Whenever I am most tempted to complain (like last night), I am undoubtedly smacked in the face with a reminder of how much I have to be thankful for.

Yes, right now I have hard things in my life. Some of them I can't share on this blog. Some of them I do (quite liberally. i.e. last night's post)

But last year at this time, I had much different hard things to deal with. I was a new mom with a tiny baby afflicted with a lot of health needs...who also had Down syndrome.

I was reminded today of how I was carried through those hard times, and of course I can trust for my current ones.

We had a playdate with Addison's NICU boyfriend today. They were born 1 week apart, and stayed in the NICU exactly 5 weeks apiece. Addison's stay was due to her health problems. Her boyfriend, Drew earned a stay in the luxury suite by deciding to grace the world 10 weeks early with his presence.

I'm so thankful that we've been able to keep up with Drew and his family. If I was Anne of Green Gables, I would call Drew's mom, Sarah a kindred spirit. Since I'm not a fanciful character from PEI, I will merely say that I find Sarah to be a dear friend and wonderful person.

I took some pictures of their playdate today....and then compared them to an identical playdate last summer. How much difference one year can make....
 Addison: last summer

Addison: today

The dating couple: last summer

The same couple; this engaging in a few coy dating games
This is Addison's cold shoulder...try-to-break-this-icy-exterior gesture towards Drew...

Yes, truly amazing to see what difference a year can bring.


And sorry for all of the complaining. Because I'd much rather be hot and uncomfortable than dealing with all of the heartache that we dealt with last year. 

It's amazing how you forget about the hard times.

Once the amazing ones have hit.

Because life with Addison? 

is amazing.

love that girl.

(also thankful for in-laws who took us to a nice, air conditioned restaurant tonight and let me stuff my face without judgement....well, at least not audible judgement....

Friday, July 22, 2011

pregnant. and cranky.

I am 34 weeks pregnant. Fat. Hungry Starving all the time. Hot and sticky in this mess of weather. It is One Billion degrees outside.

I worked for 6 hours today on my book today and made it through....20 pages. This is the sixth day in a row that I have done that. Needless to say, I'm not finished. and exhausted.

I had a bookcase all picked out that I was excited to buy for my living room as a reward for when I was finally finished with this draft of my book. Today I decided that I had better go ahead and order it before the sale ends with the faith that I'll finish this weekend.

The shipping cost was almost as much as the I didn't order my coveted prize.

Addison was just in the living room- dismantling the entire room. It's too hot to hold her close, so any sort of safe entertainment she can find is fine by me. I'll clean up the mess come fall.

Yesterday I discovered that my beloved car has a flat tire. Which still hasn't been fixed...which means I am stuck in one location except for the compassion of others.

The heat is overtaking my normally sweet personality (cough cough) which means that I just finished a rather biting email to Target to let them know exactly what I thought of their large shipping cost on something that is only available online and that they wouldn't ship to a store location for me.

I'm sure I'll regret that once my skin has lowered itself from its boiling point.

I'm staring at my chubbalicious daughter and thinking that she looks more edible by the minute. The baby food sweet peas that I'm feeding her are also drawing me in. They smell irresistibly good. The creamy green goodness looks soothingly refreshing.

The tears rolling down my face for no reason at all are intermingling with the perspiration everywhere else creating a recipe of positive sweetness.

I know it's difficult to tell from this post, but something about this HOT HOT HOT weather is causing my body and spirit to turn on me in a giant rebellion of cranky.

Anyone else have days when they just don't think that they will make it to the next one?

This post definitely falls under the Nothing from Everything and Nothing....but somehow it feels better just to say it...

What's the shipping cost on cooler weather?

(Dear Mother...according to your policy that I must always say one thing that I am thankful for for every complaint....I will have to pick up with that in the next post. If I live until the next post)

I just grabbed a half eaten cracker soaked in an unidentifiable substance off of Addison's high chair tray table and scarfed it up.

Yes, I have sunk that low.

Hello Fall? Yes, I would like to pay for expedited delivery. Cost is no object. Bring it.

(No, I am not being overly dramatic. Anyone else that has been pregnant through a summer in the state of no air conditioning where it has been in the mid to high 90s all week...surely you can understand)

and yes, I realize that if my biggest problems are hot and hungry that my thankful post should be quite lengthy...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm doing...

I have been rather silent this week.

Not because I am lazily sitting at home, lounging in the air conditioning eating bon bons with no thought for my little blog...

No. This week I have been rather preoccupied.

I tend to be a very one track minded person. When I have a goal in mind, oftentimes other things get unnecessarily tossed aside so that I can achieve that one goal.

Which isn't so great when you're the mother of a 17 month old, preparing for a newborn and attempting to keep the house clean, food on the table, clean laundry in the house...

...and your goal is editing a book.

So, I decided instead of dragging it out until I go into labor with a messy house, empty freezer, no clean laundry anywhere to be seen, etc...I would put all my focus and energy this week to finish it up so that I could then turn my meager energies onto getting ready for the baby and my home responsibilities.

Setting very specific goals for myself, it has been rather nice to go find air conditioned spots and write, edit, write, edit, write, edit.

I am feeling very excited about the new level of polish the manuscript is getting with this final edit. I'm so thankful that I have this time to spend on it before baby brother comes.

I'm not convinced that I'll entirely be done by Saturday (which is my goal), but I'll be very close. It's been amazing to go through and remove the many, many cliches that I had written in (and didn't realize it), adding fresh descriptions etc

I love to write. This past year I've discovered a new love affair with words. I hope this is just the beautiful beginning of a long relationship.(I'm sure that's just a long, drawn out cliche...but after a day of tearing them out of my manuscript, I feel that I'm entitled to one here)

That being said, it will be wonderful to hand my manuscript off to some friends for a final opinion (??) before handing it over to my agent to do her thing.

I hope you can forgive me for my silence and preoccupation. I am for the first time really starting to feel confident in the quality of my book.

And don't worry- little Chubbs is far from neglected. Either I write while she's asleep, or she spends time with her PCA who happens to be her Aunt Kenly- who she loves and adores. Win. win.

Hopefully soon my creative energies will be away from discovering a new descriptor of "adding insult to injury" and back to my little blog. (-:

I offer to you three pictures as a peace offering:

Chubbs' favorite thing to do these days is read to herself...and the book is ALWAYS upside down. If you give it to her right side up, she'll give you a look like "Come on, mom...that's not right" and then flip it over. lol.
"Yes, I do feed myself. Why do you ask?"

Here's to staying cool in the extreme heat...and being able to focus, focus, focus on my work so that I can be DONE and enjoy a bit of the summer with Chubbs...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chubbs' take on the weekend

Dear World,

This weekend I spent lots of time...

...playing on the water slide at Gwampa and Grandma's house with cousin Svana...
...getting stuck in the wading pool with a rather severe wedgie (can't anyone see how uncomfortable this is?)...
...making a long term plan for trouble (and feeling pretty good about it)...
...crashing at a party in a makeshift pack 'n play (after several relatively unsuccessful escapes)... for my marathon learning to walk...
...ruining a really great family picture...
...enjoying the scenery...
...catching some rays (wonder how long it'll take mom to realize I took her sunglasses?)...
...getting all dressed up for church (hey mom, you really should clean under the couch)...
...eating and eating and eating...
...taking long sudsy soaks...
Yep, you know it was a good weekend when you're sad to see it end...

Hope your weekend was equally as amazing.
Love to all,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

sibling pic/belly shot

A large bowl of cheerios, bathed in creamy whole milk with bite-sized chunks of fresh strawberries floating freely- strawberries so fresh that I had to actually scrub dirt off of one of them-

Thank you, Costco.

My belly is happy.

An hour for a 6 month assessment meeting with all of the therapists and social workers on Addison's team, an hour long PT session, much needed gab time with a friend, several hours of book editing, 1.5 hours with Addison's brand new OT....

today has been full. Much like my stomach is now that I have eaten that bowl of cheerios. OK, fine.


I'm just hopping on here briefly to share a few pics with you. For the first two, I was trying to get a shot of Addison touching and laying her head on my belly like she loves to do. A sibling shot, if you will.

Instead, all I got was this:

and this:
I don't think she's quite ready to share the camera yet.

(OK, anyone else see the dimple right above her belly? What is that? Should I be concerned? Lately it's been coming much more pronounced...)

This next picture is my 33 week belly pic. I would like to get some nice maternity shots with me and Addison, but kind of hard to use my new camera on myself...still trying to figure out how best to do that one.
Yeah, little brother is getting HUGE.
(kindly avoid beginning your comment with "You fat cow" or "time to lay off the cheerios and whole milk" or "you need to zoom out more to get it all in"....yes. sensitive. guilty.

Carrying around a big pregnant belly and a floppy 20 lb toddler everywhere in the blistering heat is so much fun I totally think you're missing out if you haven't experienced this thrilling sensation (hey, trying to use reverse psycology on myself)

Hearing today that my 17 month old's fine motor skills are at the level of a 9 month old was really hard to swallow.

But I don't have the emotional energy to type out a hugely involved post, working through how that makes me feel, so I'll just state it for now and come back to it later.

Lots of work to do now that we FINALLY have a new OT. I love her, and she is very motivated to help us make up for lost time because of our less than satisfactory old OT.

On a positive note, Addison is rocking the gross motor skills and totally met every single goal that we made 6 months ago for her.

You win some, you lose some.

and then you eat another bowl of cheerios.

happy Thursday night.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chubbs fell out of the Crib

Addison flipped out of her crib this morning.

Onto her head.

The sound of her tiny body thumping against the wood floor in the sickening finality of an unplanned landing is a sound that this Momma will never forget.

Her screams of terror that followed shortly after painfully hit my heart that was already twisting dangerously.

I ran to get to her- to lovingly scoop her battered body off of the floor and comfort her chubby self with kisses full of soothing balm.

My baby was hurt.

I needed the comfort just about as much as she did.

And no, this did not happen because her mattress wasn't low enough...or that we forgot to put up the extra side rail.

We did everything we could to protect our little girl, but for some reason the side rail malfunctioned.

She stood up to it as she always does, and it gave way- effectively pitching her innocent little body onto the floor.

Landing on her head.

I can't help but remember when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Addison.

I was told by a very grave doctor that something was wrong with my baby- she would never lead a normal life- she would never be the beautiful baby that I was envisioning- she would never be the child that two young parents asked for.

I spent long weeks hating the thing that I was forced to grow in my uterus. I didn't ask for it. I didn't want it.

I didn't want to be the mother of a retarded baby.

I prayed to a God full of mercy that he would take my baby. Allow this to end peacefully so that we could cry tears of anguish for the baby that we had lost and then  move on in hopes to conceive a normal child.

In my opinion it wasn't fair that I was the 25 yr old who had made all of the right choices and yet still was being punished with a defective baby.

It wasn't fair.

To me at that time, almost two years ago, the death of my child would have been a welcome release from the sure hell that my life would become to have a child with Down syndrome.

But today when I heard her sweet little head land in such an ungracious manner on the cruelly hard floor and her cries for help that broke my heart, I knew that to lose her would be to lose the most precious thing in my life.

My little Chubbs...

...the most perfect little baby I could have ever asked for and who has brought more happiness, joy and laughter to our lives than we ever could have dreamed back when we decided to give the whole parenting thing a try.

It's amazing how God knew what was best for our family. How he knew the exact path that would bring us the most joy and peace.

And I fought against it because I thought I knew better.

How wrong I was.

so very, very wrong.

Today as I hold my baby extra close (checking frequently for signs for a concussion), my heart is overflowing with thankfulness.

For Addison's extra thick skull, for the floor that apparently softened just as she fell on it, and most importantly,

for a God who gives us truly only the best.

Trying to edit my book, putting together a nursery that is nowhere near to even being started, being hit with too many Braxton Hicks contractions for my peace of mind-

I needed the reminder today that I'm not in control, (although I really wish I had just read it on somebody's fb status instead of having my baby put in harm's way)

My little miracle baby just notched another survival onto her list of close calls.

Sometimes it's truly eye opening to look back and realize how much my mindset has changed

and how my baby is growing into a toddler.

and how I could not possibly be more proud of my baby even though she isn't talking, walking, singing and dancing.

She is.

And that's enough for me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daddy Time

There is something to be said for a hardworking man.

A man who steps outside the norm of what is expected of his Chemistry degree and decides to get a masters in Horticulture and then run his own landscaping business.

One of the things that first attracted me to Aaron was how hard he works, and the extreme passion with which he pursues his job.

In fact, as an undergrad, he was on the lawn maintenance crew, and I ran into more sidewalk poles than I care to admit as I would be walking to class and get distracted by the handsome guy on the mower, tearing about campus as though tragedy would strike if it all didn't get done RIGHT NOW.

These days?

Aaron works diligently, many hours a day to grow his business to make a living and provide for Miss Chubbs and I (and of course, little brother).

We are very proud of him.

But one downside to the hardworking male running his own business? (Yes, that could possibly be code for workaholic)

Sometimes he doesn't always have time left over at the end of the day to spend with Addison. He'll finally drag his little self home, covered in dirt and who knows what else...and she'll have been asleep for three hours already.

So when he does get time with Addison, we take advantage of it.

She loves her daddy so much. (and is looking forward to winter, when not only will he have more time for her...but she caught the rumor that he intends to teach her how to ski???)

so this group of pictures makes me smile (OK, and cry just a little...but I blame the hormones)

Yep, sometimes to get Daddy time, it just means that we have to visit him on the job...

at least we know that she came by the "playing in the dirt" gene honestly...(-:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

laundry goddess in training

Chubbs selflessly volunteered to unpack the snacks bag...liberally helping herself along the way, of course...
There are two types of people in the world.

Those who like to do laundry.

And those who don't.

Regrettably, I fall in the latter category.

Granted, I love that tumbled-just from the dryer-heavenly scent as much as the next person, and I invested last year in an amazingly nice front loader washer and dryer set to help inspire me to laundry greatness...

But the ONE thing that pricey little pair doesn't do?

Fold and put away my laundry.

As easy as the concept seems, something inside me resists the chore- most likely assuming that since it's so simple, I can put it off until the very last minute. (Until my family is going down into the laundry room to find a clean pair of undies where baskets are overflowing with beautifully smelling clean clothes, waiting for the negligent housewife to come put it in order.)

Guilty more than I care to admit. Gulp.

And it's not like there are big encouraging laundry blogs to help us through one monotonous load after another (like the cooking and decorating blogs)

I can just see it now:
Monday: Get those Edges Folded Straighter
Tuesday: The Latest Scoop in Fabric Softeners
Wednesday: Link Up If You've Done Laundry This Week
Thursday: Dirty Little Laundry Secrets
Friday: Guest Post: How Doing Laundry Changed My Life

Anyone know of a blog like this? Someone should totally start one.

My older sister is incredibly organized and diligent in keeping up with laundry. I think clothes are actually afraid to get dirty in her house, it's like some sort of laundry goddess is at work tracking down even slightly soiled garments and shaming them into never daring to show dirt (or chocolate spots) again. Filth cowers in her presence and then meekly obliterates itself. At her house? No dirty laundry to be seen anywhere...and no piles of clean laundry waiting last on her to-do list. It's a mystery how she does it (and yes, she has an eight month old)  

Once I was making homemade pizza in her kitchen and accidentally dripped a little sauce onto the floor. The laundry goddess used a clean towel to wipe up the spill...and then started a new load of laundry that JUST INCLUDED THE TOWEL which was back clean in the drawer before I could blink.

My procrastinating self was amazed.

Anyway, all that to say- laundry is something that I have to work really hard at, but have been giving it my best shot...especially now that Addison likes to locate folded clothes and scatter them haphazardly faster than you can say "Demon Chubbs" (and, let's face it- she has a lot of clothes to keep track of)

I have been doing much better than my early married days of letting the laundry always stay in the basket, I promise.

But my growth was slightly stunted this weekend when I returned from our trip. I had laundry from two weeks of travel with myself and a toddler...and an unnamed person (but really, there was only one person living at home these past two weeks..Ahem...) left all the windows open and went to work right before a large storm, causing piles of clothes in our room to be soaked through (Not as bad as it sounds...we need a new dresser)

So after running the snazzy white and silver front loaders in my laundry room ALL day, this is what was left to fold and put away: (Note: can anyone spot my laundry helper in this picture?)
there she is...(-:
and yes, it took me a full 24 hours to finally get all of this put away (had to take plenty of nap and snack breaks, of course)...and yes, two more loads were still in the basement when I took this picture...but I DID get it all put away...mostly because I really wanted to sit on my comfy couch...but I still rest in the knowledge that my sister would be proud of me...laundry goddess in training (doubt I will ever graduate out of the training, but it's a nice title)

Oh and just an update with Addison's feeding woes. Remember how I told you I was working to get her to eat more fresh fruits?

She refuses blueberries...but when I made blueberry cobbler???
Suddenly blueberries are on her favorites list...hmmmmm

A spoonful of sugar apparently helps the fruits go down as well...and the caked topping doesn't hurt at all, I'm sure.

Now I'm off to refold all of the clothes that Addison decided to mangle while I was writing this post....

What inspires you to stay on top of your laundry?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chubbs is back to Essex

Late last night, a tired Honda Odyssey van limped slowly into Essex Vermont, carrying weary travelers who had just braved an 18 hour road trip from Lake Waccamaw North Carolina. The beaten down adults dragged themselves out of their cramped traveling positions while an overly eager toddler leapt into the arms of her waiting Da-da with a smile big enough to light up the dark Vermont sky.

Despite the long hours, the driver kept her happy temperament:
and flair for the dramatic:
and cheerful playtime attitude when her driving time was over:
along the way, she met new friends:
and experienced new things:
and just overall had a good time:
so as much fun as traveling the world (well, the Midwest and South anyway) has been these past two weeks, no two people were ever happier to just settle down for the rest of the summer...enjoying each moment, prepping for little brother, taking care of Daddy, and editing the book.

(Note to self: The sense of adventure must be one of the first things to go with a large pregnant belly and a wiggly some point the fun just becomes too much work...just call me the pregnant party pooper)

I have to say, I left my computer behind this past week because Aaron said a break would be good for me, and I thought mobile aps on my phone would cut it.

But. they. did. not.

What's up with FB mobile? I couldn't read or post any comments and could only see half of each post, and there was pretty much no wi-fi where we were, so reading blog posts were out of the question.
 boo hoo.

As much work at times this blog is, and keeping up with all of you- I love it so much, and found that a little part of me shriveled up and died at the lack of contact from my bloggy friends.

Yikes. I might have a big problem. But, I lasted the week "purge" breaking down only once to steal a computer and post a few pictures (and spending a couple of hours editing my book...I found my mind erasing into a blank slate without the opportunity to express myself through the written word.)

all that to say I'M BACK! Ready to hit the ground running with my book these next two months, and hopefully reconnect with all of you this next week. And for goodness sakes, fill up my sad little neglected blog with plenty of snarky thoughts, pictures of Chubbs, and overall expressions via WORDS!

Anyone still there?

During my purge, I got to thinking-Are there some of you who read my blog, but I don't know about/follow yours? I love reading all types of blogs, and if you have one, please leave a link to it in a comment and I will definitely head over your way to do a little return following/stalking. (-:

Anyhoo, happy Friday! Off to run a couple of errands and then put my neglected house back in, fun, fun...