Monday, June 20, 2011

Winner Announced/Meeting Update

It could not be a more beautiful Vermont day outside. Warm, but not too warm. Sunny. Breezy. Perfection, really. Addison is playing happily in the living room, talking to herself, cruising between pieces of furniture, suspiciously eating the cheese puffs bowl clean and ignoring the one full of blueberries.

As I sit here willing my fingers to move, I'm trying to figure out why I am so supremely exhausted. Being almost 29 weeks pregnant I'm sure has nothing to do with it. Nor does the day long trip on Saturday to New York with friends to shop and pick up my new camera. And church and the family get together for father's day (guess what I was asked to bring?)...and the frantic cleaning of my house when Addison was finally asleep to attempt to somewhat catch up  (seriously, I swear that my laundry room actually grows piles of laundry when I'm not looking)...and my first photo shoot as a PR rep for my husband's business this morning...and running across town for a meeting with a literary agent...and an hour and a half of having my book picked apart at every possible angle by a professional...

I'm sure none of those things contribute to my extreme tired state.

Although tired, I am very thankful. I was running around like crazy this morning. Driving to the agent's office, I could not figure out why I felt so lousy. Just as I was at the corner of Vomit and Hurl, I realized that I hadn't eaten anything all day...and it was 11AM. How in the world did I forget to eat???? So I picked up a honey bun at the gas station (was wishing for something slightly more healthful, but the sugar boost was nice)

I was really praying for wisdom as I walked into the office, and felt immediately at peace when practically the agent's first words were

"You know, I have a nephew with Down syndrome"

She was very interested in the subject area and was extremely helpful. I honestly told her that I was still working on ridding my manuscript of the "new writer stink" that I felt was still there. So we agreed to let me settle with the manuscript over the summer, really working out all of the final kinks and "new writer stink" (I wanted to say it again, because I was so proud of the phrase I coined to describe the problem-ha) And hopefully I'll have my manuscript to her by mid to late August, giving me a break to have this baby and settle into a new life with two kids while she reads/edits it and figures out what the next best step publishing wise would be.

While I would love to have the book already in a publisher's hands by the time I have this baby, I feel really at peace with this timeline and am excited to have the summer to just really feel 100% happy with my book before it is passed along to even more critical eyes. (yes, I am a perfectionist...but when it comes to publishing a book...I feel like that is a positive trait...)

She told me that she hadn't yet had an author which she had "mentored" that hadn't gotten published. She has several great ins here in Vermont, so while nothing was promised to me today (except the next step in August), I am feeling hopeful and very much at peace.

I know this is who will help me get to this next step. I had been praying specifically for an agent who had a family member with special needs, so that they would feel the connection and desire to help push the project along. While I still have lots of detail work to do, things are definitely making progress towards the publishing department.

On an entirely different about viewing Chubbs in HD?????

You'll have to excuse my poor attempts at doing this new camera (Canon Rebel t2i) justice. Hope to be able to spend more time with it and figure the whole photography thing out a bit more.

The good news is, you will now be able to see Chubbs' every expression...catch every little act of mischief...
The bad news is- I'm going to have to start dusting my house.......

In conclusion, I would like to announce that the winner of the No Guarantees giveaway is:

Abigail: Of course I would read it. The plot sounds like an awesome mix of different people in different circumstances!

Abigail, if you send me your email address, I will get you the $50 gift card to Amazon.

Thank you all for your help with the giveaway post! It was unbelievably helpful to go into today's meeting with that post backing me up. I am forever indebted to all of you for your encouraging words.

 To thank you?

 I guess I will just continue sharing the undeniable cuteness of Chubbs....(-: there a pill you can take for third trimester exhaustion?? it is getting in my way...and oh yes, I'm going to need it in liquid form...


  1. Eat! That's a direct order!

  2. Oooh, nice pics! And I am so glad to hear your meeting went well and you feel at peace with the timeline for the book! Its going to be GREAT!!!

  3. Fun pics! If you get real motivated you can make them bigger than what blogger allows. I use photobucket...

    So excited for you with your camera and a new baby on the way!

  4. is that why my laundry seems to multiply when I'm not looking!?! So glad you are at peace about your book and ready to get ready for this baby!

  5. It seems you got the perfect editor for your book. Good Luck!


  6. So excited that the meeting went well. Quite frankly, I can not wait to get my hands on that book! *sigh* but I guess I will wait as patiently as I am able, which isn't very lol The new pics of Addison are, of course, too adorable! Chubby cheeks like hers beg for lots and lots of kisses! :) I hope you are giving them to her (I'm sure you are!) and give her a couple extra from us. :)


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