Saturday, June 4, 2011

happy saturday

When I sit at my computer to post something new, inevitably I have such a mish mash of topics floating through my disorganized brain, that it is often difficult to narrow it down to one, succinct post.

This morning for example.

Do I post about how Addison's PCA finally had her baby yesterday...on the side of the road while on the way to the hospital? (causing me to add a new clause to my prayer for quick delivery)

Do I post about how we went to visit her at the hospital and Addison was welcomed onto the floor like a champion returning home? (loved that)

Do I post about how Aaron is working 15 hour days in his words to Addison "so that you can have a pretty pink room, a warm bed and all the yogurt, carrots and sweet peas you need"? (now that's a man)

Do I post about how I have roughly two weeks left of being a band/orchestra director, and as glad as I am to finally be done and stay home with Addison, I think I will miss that stage of my life? (well, somedays at least)

Do I post about how I have no one to watch Addison during my final end of the year concert (Tuesday night), so part of the Barber of Seville overture might include BABABABABA screams coming from a pack 'n play on the side of the stage? (anyone care for a a few quality hours of snuggling with the goddess of troublemaking?)

Do I post about how Addison is crawling, standing and cruising all over the living room right in front of me, and she keeps attempting to stand from the middle of the room with no pull up assistance? (-: (I'm so proud of her, I can barely stand it)
Do I post about the crazy amount of contractions that I had yesterday and my fear that this 'easy, normal' pregnancy is too good to be true? (slowing down and taking it easy is on today's list)

Do I post how yesterday I found a veggie sandwhich on a sourdough sub roll, with tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, green peppers, spinach, provolone cheese and just a touch of olive relish that seriously made me question everything I thought was good in life before that sandwhich was amazing (and could totally take up an entire blog post...I just drooled a little bit onto my computer while typing that)...for those of you locals- Paisley Hippo in Hinesburg- it's a sandwhich he created just for me...(-:

I sit here, drinking my coffee while watching Addison play contentedly, and I just am so thankful for many things that I think that could take up several posts as well, so I decide to pick none of the topics, sign off early and go play with my baby, thankful for her every breathe, smile and attempt to be a big girl (yes, right now she is trying to take over the computer.) Ok Addison, you can say one thing:

asdfjlbnwi tuhgt[o9hj]`asmnvciouHQWOUHPOE WTU29UNJFSn;alkmng454

and on that note: have a wonderful Saturday. (if you can dicipher her message, please let me know...that's the hard thing about her stage right now...she's starting to get very opinionated, but can't tell me what each little cry means...we're learning the hard way here...another blog post topic possibility)


  1. I am glad you did this post, now we got to know a bit of everything :)

    And Addison is just too cute

  2. Well said, Addison! Happy Saturday to you, too! :-)


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