Friday, June 24, 2011

Chubbs at the Zoo

Starting the day- posing with Grandma Ruth
Since we don't have a Zoo in the entire state of Vermont, I was pretty excited to take Addison to the Milwaukee County Zoo today. She was relatively unimpressed by the animals...until we got to the enormous tiger. (I am totally loving this fearless daughter)
My beautiful sister Bekka with her daughter, Lauren.
Chubbs saddling up for her first ever pony ride. She was terrified and most unhappy to be up there. It took a lot of convincing and "bass mouth" faces from Mommy to settle her down for the ride.
By the end she was much happier...(-:
The two sisters with their babies
All of the excitement wore Chubbs out...
But by far...her favorite part of the Zoo???

The Dairy Barn


  1. I am so glad the two of you are having such a wonderful time on vacation!!! The pictures are just too precious!

  2. oh my.....a creamee.....Grandpa will be jealous! Glad you're having such a great vacation.

  3. How exciting! These are great pics of all of you at the zoo! Addison looks like she is really enjoying the ice cream. Anna Joy and I loved seeing you and Addison today as well as Andrea, Becca and Lauren! Thanks for letting us hold Addison and play with her!

  4. So much fun catching up with you! Hope your trip home is easy. gail

  5. Aw fun!! Addison is so adorable. :) Too bad you can't make it over to Minneapolis - we'd love to treat you to the Como Zoo/Minnesota Zoo and Sebastian Joe's ice cream (gotta get your zoo fix while you can!) :)

  6. The picture of Addison w/ the Tiger reminds me so much of the book "Madeline" - "To the tiger at the zoo, Madeline said 'pooh pooh!'" :)

    I read your blog fairly regularly. I quickly met you once when you were pregnant w/ your sweet daughter. The Lord has truly blessed you with an amazing amount of grace and a great gift for writing. You are an encouragement!


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