Thursday, June 23, 2011

checkin from Chubbs

Dear World,

Just checking in from my stay in Milwaukee.

I spent the day playing with my cousin Lauren....that was fun.

Also, I taught my Aunt Andria that calm, peaceful reading sessions can go from this:
to this...within seconds:
to my cousin, Lauren....don't be don't have any hair for me to pull. Well, you did...but I kind of already pulled out all two of them.
I just play sweetly and give kisses (If they say to pick on someone your own size...then my 8 month old cousin who is the same size as me is fair game...right?
and cuddle with my Uncle Jonathan
and share the ideal cuddle spot with Lauren (to the single ladies...yes, I hear Uncle Jonathan IS available)
So pretty much been a low key visit so far. I haven't napped much...but who does on vacation? Mommy said something about going to the Zoo tomorrow, so I'm pretty psyched about that...

well, I'm psyched about that...and playing with Lauren's toys. Somehow they're more fun since they're not mine.
Toodles. There are more heads of hair in Wisconsin that I still have to go pull.

-Love, Chubbs


  1. Her expressions are the best! She is SO cute!

  2. She is too darn adorable!!! And so is her lil cousin, Lauren!!! :) Have a wonderful vacation girls!

  3. I was smiling and giggling right along with Addison! I love her <3

  4. Haha, Love that video!! Never seen a kid THAT excited over those little plastic rings!! Great pictures by the way :)

  5. Looks like soooo much fun! Love the video!

  6. What a bummer!! I'll be flying into Milwaukee in a week and a half!! We keep missing each other in Wisconsin!

  7. That video is hysterical. Had to rewatch. Thanks for my laugh today! And have fun at the zoo =D

  8. Ha ha! So cute! I love how in the background of the video Lauren could care less about the links and more prefers to play with a pair of socks. lol.-Bekka

  9. She got my girls giggling watching that video! So cute!

  10. Aw! I just wanna squeeze Chubbs! She is so stinkin' cute!

  11. Miss Chubbs, you are the cutest thing ever. I see that you are studying psychology already. Smart girl :-)

  12. The expressions Chubbs makes crack me up. My day went from hum-drum to amazing just because of her smile! Thanks for sharing!!!


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