Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Change

 We all know what a quiet, demure person little Chubbs is

But today when I told her that it was my last last day of work...the last day to leave her to go to school, teaching high school band, orchestra and piano theory.....that we would get so much more time together...laughing...talking...playing....

this was her response:
It would seem that she approves.

and yes, she has an insane amount of super sharp teeth....yesterday she ate a frozen grape Popsicle...not just licked...but ate........I digress

This is kind of a big day. For so long, I've been 110% about music. It was all I did- it was all I focused on. (Yes, I never claimed to be a cool, hip person...but if you find those words synonymous with the phrase band geek, then we're all good)

Ever since Addison was born, she opened my eyes to the fact that there's more to life than music and practicing.

Honestly, ever since dealing with all of her medical issues and the drama of this past year, I have felt my intense zeal and passion for music slowly fade. In its place, I have been filled with a burning desire to take care of and protect Addison, helping to make this world a more accepting place for her to grown up in.

Wanting more time with Addison, and needing more time to spend on my book, and let's face it- in September I'm going to have 2 kids under 2- it was time to step aside from teaching and focus on my other really great jobs- mother and wife.

I'm excited for the change and new opportunities. I'm terrified at the thought of cutting down to one paycheck.

So many emotions were going into today that I woke up this morning almost completely broken out in hives. After many calls in to my doctor's office, it was determined to be just an allergic reaction to a medication that they had me on last week, but still...I think it represents what mixed emotions I have about this day.

Making the switch to stay at home mom is difficult and exhilarating all at the same time.

This summer, I will be doing some PR work for my husband's business while continuing to work on my book, so I have a short transition time before the true stay at home mom status hits in September, but this is definitely the first step.

Now if you will excuse me, I get to go play with my super cute baby...attempt to feed her while avoiding those sharp teeth with all appendages...bath her and hope that more water stays in the tub than ends up on the floor this time....have story time and wrestle/standy up time on the bed....

and then after she's all tucked in and babysitter ready, go out on a date with my husband who finally has ONE NIGHT FREE, celebrating this big change in our lives.

Maybe someday I'll go back to being a music teacher, but for now?

I plan on being 110% about taking care of my family and house responsibilities...(is it OK if 90% of that is playing and laughing with Chubbs??????)

The fact that the cleaning expectation around my house is giong up terrifies this clutteraholic.....gulp

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  1. Rock on! I know that it is a difficult and scary decision to leave work and be a full SAHM. You will love it! Have a great date night and be sure to take tons of pictures of your little darling. More cake pictures would be much appreciated :-)

  2. Have a fantastic time tonight!! I think you're making a fabulous choice. I had to go back to work after Samantha was born, but my husband decided to stay home with her. It took some juggling, but it was worth it.

    Just read Addison's birth story - Wow! That little girl has been through a lot, but look at her now!!!

  3. SO happy for you being able to stay home! I hope this means twice daily posts ;)

  4. What a wonderful career move!

    I've been having such problems with blogspot that I will be blogging mostly from Hope to see you there - in your "spare" time! gail

  5. I'll say she approves!!! These pics are awesome LOL Does this dream child ever wear the same thing twice, cuz if she does, we've never seen it!!! Btw...she reminds me so much of you in the 2nd pic, Deanna!

  6. Oh my gosh, too cute. She definitely approves. Congrats on this new transition, I'm totally jealous! I wish I could be a stay at home mom so bad.

  7. Congratulations! I'm glad you'll get to be home spending time with soon-to-be two sweet babies. :)

  8. My Mom taught until my sister was going on two and then my parents made the choice for Mom to stay home with us. What a gift it was to my sister and I! Mom was home with us until I started third grade. I still look back at those years fondly -- eagerly going home from school to talk about the day and do projects with Mom. She also did my Dad's bookeeping for his business, sewed for us, was PTA president, directed the Junior (Children's choir) at our church, taught Sunday School and related things. Of course my parents sacrificed. Motherhood is a selfless and highly unrecognized profession. I would like to think that my sister and I are better people today because of the decision my parents made. You have made a good choice. I pray the Lord will bless you both during this time of transition and in the days to come. He will supply your needs and give you wisdom.

  9. Congratulations, Deanna! You are an amazing mother, and will have a great time being a stay-at-home-mom. It's a huge, challenging job, but you will do it beautifully. I hope you had a chance to have some good time with Aaron. :) Yay for you!!

  10. I hope this "new position" for you works out perfectly! Congrats on the date night!!! WOO HOO!!


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