Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sick baby

So poor little Chubbs...last night when I hastily hit publish on the post because I heard retching noises coming from my little girl's crib, I had no idea what had come upon us. I had a throwing up, diarrhea filled, feverish, clingy little girl on my hands who had no desire to move, let alone cause her normal round of trouble.

I ended up leaving work today to take her to the doctor. I realize that any other parent might just assume that their child has a simple bug and wait it out after making sure there are some wet diapers (I had to argue with the nurse over the phone to be able to bring Addison in today), but with Chubbs' history, I run her to the doctor at the slightest little thing (call me over protective, but I do what I have to to take care of my baby) Especially with our leukemia watch that seems to constantly have me on edge-every little thing out of the norm makes me start to worry, so when my little girl showed signs of an innocent stomach bug, I freaked out.

Here she is right before we left to see her pal Dr. Costello (the bruise is from when she threw herself into a doorway while her PCA was watching her a couple days ago):
Here she is right after...(love her little shoes-I think she could be a Gymboree model):
She's just been extra beautiful
and extra cuddly today
and I cuddled her, enjoying her chubby arms clinging around my neck and her breath in my hair all the while freaking out, imagining having to deal with leukemia with my beautiful girl.

I love this little girl so much. I hate to see her sick and feeling miserable.

We'll be going in to the hospital lab to get her blood counts rechecked as soon as she's feeling better (because we're due), but thankfully her pediatrician doesn't think that today's bug has anything to do with that. 

And yes, I know I freak out over the smallest things, but can you really blame me?

Note: After waiting in the Pediatrician's waiting room forever for our impromtu appointment, I finally heard a little boy's name that I really like that Aaron sort of likes (there's no better place to have the most trendy baby names paraded in front of you)...we're that much closer to being able to call this baby something other than "little sibling" or "Addison's new chew toy"


  1. Poor little Chubbs. Sorry to hear she has been so sick and I wish you guys all the best in the climb to better health.

  2. I had a closing this afternoon, and my client's poor little guy (just turned 6) looked a lot like Chubbs does today... day 3 of reddened cheeks, droopy eyes, vomiting, and all-around lethargy. We felt so bad for him. :( Your fears are real, and are those that most of us have never had to deal with. Erring on the side of precaution will never leave a mother feeling 'if only I had...' Hope she's back to her usual antics soon, Deanna.

  3. Poor Chubbs...I hate hearing that she is sick! Russell and I are sending her a big get well hug from Canada!!
    Its funny with my other kids they had to be DYING before I took them in to the Drs...But with Russell, its different, he sneezes and I rush him in! lol...So you are not alone there! I understand that having leukemia at the back of your mind would make things extra stressful...I always remember Addison in my prayers around her check up time :)

  4. I have been the same over-protective mom with Lydia. I've never had a baby with a heart condition, and I just get a little freaked out about ignoring something that I might think is minor and it ending up being something major instead! Hence our rush to the ER two weeks ago when Mommy here didn't give her enough Tylenol. Kinda made me feel like an idiot..I mean come on, I've raised one child to almost 13 and haven't killed him yet..but she scared me! Always better safe than sorry!

  5. but I like the name "Addison's new chew toy" :) Sorry your sweetie is sick and stressing you out! She is getting cuter every day!

  6. Poor baby, we will be praying for her! So sorry you are having to deal with the added worry of leukemia- at what age will you get the all clear for her? Please give her an extra hug from Lily!

  7. Poor sweet girl! I hope she's feeling better today and that you all got a little rest last night!

  8. I hope Chubbs is feeling better soon!

  9. We hate when our babies are sick! Poor Addison.

    Being a new reader, I am unaware of a leukemia watch. Oh, man. I pray that all is well.

  10. Hope Chubbs is feeling better! Claire was throwing up last week too and it was not fun. :(


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