Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings- Myth or Reality?

I don't believe in weird pregnancy cravings. .

This is my second pregnancy, and my entire life I have scoffed with ridicule at the stereotypical pregnant woman who wanted pickles and ice cream. Because really? That's ridiculous.

My last pregnancy, I remember one night at 10pm asking very sweetly making my husband go to the grocery store for black olives because I wanted tacos RIGHT THEN and they MUST have black olives.

But not really a craving. Just good, common sense. Tacos should have black olives. Fact of life.

This pregnancy, at least once a day I have had a bowl of Cheerios or Life with whole milk and fresh strawberries. But still not a craving. When I was so sick, it was the only thing that stayed down, and it just grew to be a comfort food. Instead of dessert-I prefer a nice big bowl of cereal with those sliced up strawberries. Ahhhhh. So good.

A couple weeks back I passed a pastry sale at Shaws. A dozen deliciously perfect plain glazed donuts for $2.99. Such a great deal-and they looked delectable beyond all reasoning with myself. So I bought the dozen and guiltily ate way too many of them.

Side Note: The reassuring fact that you can eat whatever you want when you're pregnant and you will easily lose it all through nursing is a LIE fed to newly first time pregnant people from bitter-still-wearing-maternity clothes-with-teenagers moms who wants everyone to suffer from the falsehood as much as they have. It's a LIE. (learned it the hard way, yup.)

So the donuts from Shaws-totally not a craving. Just a good sale...that resulted in some bad eating choices. (the fact that I saw them on Wednesday, did not buy them and thought about nothing else until Friday when I had a chance to go back...means nothing towards proving the existence of cravings. I just hate to pass up such a good sale)

Still laughing at the "craving" idea. Who has those? Not me. I assure myself daily.

Until today. Well, yesterday actually. Yesterday I was eating lunch at Applebees with a very good friend. I decided to try a new beverage- raspberry lemonade.

Oh sweet nectar of the gods.

Raspberry lemonade. It was tangy. It was sweet. It slid down my throat in the most glorious fashion, setting on fire every last taste bud. The ice cold beverage landed smoothly in my stomach, indulging in a satisfied happy dance which immediately demanded the need for more. raspberry. lemonade.

Thank goodness for free refills.

And carry out cups.

The only problem was, today (24 hours after my last sip of raspberry lemonade) I was driving home from a performance and that's all I could think about. I struggled to keep my car on the road while my throat was crying out for more of the tangy sweet beverage I had introduced to it yesterday. In intricate detail I imagined that I was holding a delightfully chilled cup of the desired beverage, carefully sipping the goodness, feeling that same happy dance in my stomach celebrating the best thing since Dove chocolate pieces. Ahh yes, that's the stuff. The dream was so real I got all kinds of cranky when I brought my hand holding the cup up to my mouth for another sip and discovered that it was startlingly empty.

I know now how vampires must feel.

Sooo, I did what any cheap pregnant woman would do. I stopped at the grocery store to pick me up some lemonade and raspberry syrup to make my own raspberry lemonade (can't go running across town every time I get thirsty...and don't even suggest a mix....gag me now.)

The only problem was, the store did not carry any syrup (you know, the kind you put in coffee, teas or LEMONADE) How is that even a legit grocery store??? Just a waste of space. I have lost all respect for Hannaford...

...and Price Chopper...TWO stores who had the very nerve to stand between me and my raspberry lemonade. As I raced through the aisles hoping to find it in an unexpected location (perhaps it was in the freezer aisle now???) I was faced with the bitter truth.

I was not going to get any raspberry lemonade.

I felt my throat begin to close up. Life was no longer worth living.

I drove home in defeat.

Now I sit, drinking regular yellow lemonade and my taste buds are not on fire. My stomach is not doing a happy dance. It's actually making me a little sick. Little baby boy does NOT approve of this substitute.

Sweet nectar of the gods has been replaced by muddy water mixed with a little tar flavoring.

Hubby left to go to church an hour ago. He mentioned off hand that he might stop at Shaws to see if they carried the desired raspberry syrup. (What do you know, he does listen when I talk)

Someone mysterious person stated pretty strongly that he would not be let back in the house if he dared come home without it.

Pretty sure that didn't come out of my mouth. Addison's first sentence. So sweet.

I give in. I admit it. Pregnancy cravings are real. (and so is raspberry syrup-fyi to grocery stores who have now made my list)


  1. LOL!!! I don't think that I had too many cravings with Lydia. However, I did with my other two...A LOT! lol The old chicle about pickles proved VERY true! :)

  2. When I was pregnant with Jack I had a serious vitamin C definciency, why else would I insist he go to circle k at 3 am for OJ?
    who wants Rickets? Not this gal

  3. They sell strawberry lemonade at McDonalds.

  4. not the same. needs to be raspberry.

  5. negative on Shaws and raspberry syrup

  6. Your pancreas will thank you if you don't find it! All the sugar in lemonade.

  7. When I was pregnant with my son I had a huge obsession with Arby's roastbeef and cheddar sandwiches. The thing is I don't really like cheese and I hate that fakey cheddar cheese sauce. But that didn't stop me from buying them when they had the 5 for $5 sale and eating every single one.

  8. Do you have a World Market nearby? they sell a VARIETY of flavored syrups

  9. With Landon I had to have Subway sandwiches and pancakes with peanut butter and honey! The only thing that stands out with Sutter was tangerine popsicles!

  10. The only thing for me was I did not care for chicken breasts, other than that, all was the same, just more of it!

  11. Simply Lemonade is found in the dairy department of most grocery stores and comes as Raspberry Lemonade also. It tastes exactly like most of the raspberry lemonades that I have had at restaurants. It happens to be something I "crave" on a semi-regular basis. Hope this helps :-)

  12. this post made me laugh :) hope you found your syrup!

  13. I had to laugh at this. The one thing I wanted to eat constantly when I was pregnant was cereal. Not really a craving, but one of the foods I always wanted. And it wasn't something I usually ate...


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