Monday, May 9, 2011

pat on the back

Today was an off day from work (only 12 workdays left...but who's counting?), and I found myself delightfully in an unexpected guilt free zone. Normally on the days I'm not at school teaching, I spend every available moment writing, writing, writing my book. But I am currently between drafts, am waiting for a publishing meeting at the beginning of June, and as a result am in a short holding pattern...

So, I cleaned my house. I know, I am probably the most exciting person in the world.

Truth be told, this past year I have raised a rather high maintenance child, worked every other school day, kept my family in clean laundry (mostly), fed my family creatively while on a budget, did a variety of side playing gigs, kept up faithfully with my blog posts (why yes, thank you for noticing) and oh by the way wrote a book. With a schedule like that, something had to give, and more often than not, it was the housework (which you'll notice is entirely missing from the above use lying about it).

So today I cast aside my writer's guilt, and attempted to move my house's status from very embarrassing to just slightly embarrassing (unless you open the wrong door too fast and objects begin to rain down on you). Chubbs of course helped, waiting until I collected dust piles before crawling over and sitting her little bum right down in the middle of the pile all ready to be swept up. Oh yes, she also dashed over while I was vacuuming and attempted to take a nice juicy bite out of the cord-broke my rollers in the bathroom-and resorted all of the paper in the recycle bin.

I folded laundry (a bazillion loads), cleaned floors, organized trash bins, plowed through piles and piles of papers on my desk AKA the dining room table, cleaned the dishwasher with a snazzy cleaner thingy, thoroughly cleaned the garbage disposal (in the process breaking it...but thank goodness it's finally clean), wiped down, dusted, etc etc etc.

Yes, I'm inordinately proud of myself. Cleaning and organizing aren't really my thing, so when they by some miracle happen, I always taken a short moment to smugly pat myself on the back and dream that this feeling of being organized will last longer than the amount of time it takes me to start piling up the papers again.

 As I will be joining the rants of the SAHM club in 12 very loooong work days, I figure the standard of my cleaning might be expected to go up here in the near future...about that...I make no promises...

Chubbs and I took a delightful break out on the lawn where she insisted on practicing her standing in the grass-the texture fascinated her. She also did a couple seconds of independent standing, making her face where she tries to get me to laugh and then falling backwards (wow she's lucky I have fast reflexes).

Anyhoo, such an exciting day, I'm sure it's hard to hear about all of the excitement you missed here today. You know, I waste a lot of energy on guilt about how my house isn't perfectly clean, but I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that it's OK that housecleaning just isn't my thing. I have other strengths (awkward pause while we all try to desperately think of something), and I do my best with the cleaning, staving away rats and debilitating mold-that should count for something. Note, I find it fascinating to read blog after blog about how to be a better housewife...but then all the reading wears me out and I have no actual energy left to institute their "34 steps to a more organized house" article...

How do you keep your house perfectly clean all of the time? (I just assume that everyone else does and I am the only failure...besides my wildly successful day today, of course)

Oh wow, gotta go. Chubbs is making noises that sound an awful lot like vomiting in her crib. The back patting must stop (for now).



  1. I don't. But in my never ending attempt to maintain a (somewhat) clean house I've broken down tasks by day so that I don't have to expect too much of myself on any one day.

  2. i try....but it seems like i am always throwing stuff in closets or mopping like a mad woman on the two days a week that our therapists come here! but i guess in a way it is a good thing that they kind of make me keep it together ;) but it does always feel really good for the few moments that you can sit back and enjoy the 'cleaness' until someone makes the first mess....and love chubbs new hat :)

  3. I made sure when the kids were really young that they knew everything had its place...Like if they pulled something out to play with, fine, but the second they were finished it got put away not just left. Now that they are older its just routine to them so my house stays clean :)...and with this many kids we NEED the house to stay organized or we would never find anything!!

  4. my house is like one big game of What's Wrong With This Picture?
    toilet paper in the kitchen? sure
    Eric's undies in Jack's second drawer? yup
    my camera tripod in the nitch in the living room? you bet
    BTW, still reading...been a nutty couple of weeks

  5. ROFLOL! Oops! Did I say that out loud? If I can't do it perfectly why do it at all? You got more done in one day than I get done in a week and I am a stay at homer. You did well!


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