Monday, May 30, 2011

home sweet home

 Wash machine whirring busily, unpacked bags sitting in haphazard piles around the house, baby contentedly settling into her familiar crib, sand still clinging in between toes, a family relaxed and reunited after quality time spent in the car- yep, all the signs are there that we had a fabulous weekend away at the beach and have returned, refreshed for normalcy once again (and yet, strangely enough, exhausted)

I wanted to take a million pictures to represent the long awaited vacation, but the weekend was full of small moments that happened so quickly, by the time one reached for the camera, they were gone.

Some favorite moments:

Addison playing nicely with her cousin Svana (Addison finding Svana's silky blond curls irresistible and sneaking in way too many pulls)

Quiet conversations with family and friends.

Amazing food.

Spending time out on the beach, both with a sweatshirt and with shorts and tank tops.

Games that reveal true colors (I guess my true color is not a pretty one...competitive much?)


Chubbs getting enough attention to put her way far over the edge into spoiled rotten. (she garnered ridiculous amounts of attention wherever we took her...and, of course, she thrived on it...)

Yep, all the ingredients were there for a perfect vacation. My only complaint was that Addison decided to throw away her habit of being a wonderful sleeper and decided to stay up super late and get up super early (didn't want to miss out on anything). As she was sleeping in the same room as us, the rule "play quietly until sleep time is over" wasn't as effective as it normally is, as her loud and exuberant "BA BA BA BA BA BA" at 5am was pretty difficult to continue sleeping through. (-:

Here are a few of the moments that I did manage to capture this weekend: (btw, my camera that I have used faithfully for the last eight years broke this weekend...sadness. enjoy its last few shots)

 Addison was all over the place therapy-wise this weekend. Pretty sure she decided to cruise the entire couch length several times. (and not just a shuffle walk...very deliberate high steps)

 "wait, where did my legs go?"

 Cousin kisses from the gracious Svana who thankfully decided not to hold the hair pulling against Addison.
 happy baby.
 trying to decide if the sand is worth another bite...
 apparently I'm the meanest mom in the world to make her wear a sun hat

 lounging on the beach makes Chubbs thirsty
 it's all about finding the perfect position
 yes, I make funny faces at my daughter so that she will make them back. guilty.
 While watching this pic being taken, my mother-in-law suggested that this should be our Christmas card picture...hmmm, she might rescind those words of wisdom after seeing how it actually turned out.
Merry Christmas?
 (fyi, during the car ride, we decided on little brother's name. so excited to finally have that settled.)
As I am camera shopping, I would love to know- what type of DSLR camera do you use and why? I am looking at a Cannon Rebel t2i. Anyone use this and like it? Hate it? and why?

Glad to be home, and desperately hoping for some normal sleep tonight. Aaron is outside tilling up our garden...I expect that I will be expected to go out shortly and help plant....hope my ever growing hinny will be able to be peeled off of this couch. (pretty sure little brother grew double in size this weekend. seriously. I now feel 40 weeks pregnant. 14 more weeks to go...I have a feeling this might be a big baby)


  1. I LOVE Addison's swim suit!! Adorable! We have a Canon Rebel XS that we've had for a year and a half. We love it!!

  2. Love it! We're heading to the beach in less than 4 days! WOO HOOOO!!! Can't wait to see how Bug likes it. I hope that she loves it as much as her mommy does because if I have my way, we'll be there at least once a year lol Your pics cracked me up!

  3. what's the name? can't say it and not tell this nosy bitch...torture...
    and that would be a classic card..
    oh, I use the Rebel T1i, yours would be a step up from it!

  4. I love the photos! Very awesome.

    My camera is a Nikon D5000. It's quite possibly my favorite possession. I can't think of a single complaint about it!

  5. omg the picture with her leg up...amazing! Love it!

  6. Ya I'm with Holly...Dish on the name Deanna!! Cant just throw stuff like that out there and then NOT tell!!! lol...Great pictures, love Chubbs in the pink bathing suit! Oh and Russell drinks his bottle like that too, haha

  7. LOVE the pictures! What is little brother's name going to be?? I'm dying to find out :) I have the Canon Rebel XS, and I love it. I would definately prefer the t2i. That's the camera that Kenzie, Pattt's daughter, has and it takes amazing pictures and video :)

  8. Are you just teasing us with that info about the name???

  9. i would reallllly love the photo of chubbs in this post that used to be your header, to use in my montage...can you share?? pretty please??


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