Sunday, May 1, 2011

cards, belly shot, daddy time

So a couple of weeks ago, I was notified on facebook that I won a package of homemade thank you cards from Paper Blossoms. Being as I am the absolute WORST thank you note writer in the world, I found it to be a sign from the universe that I seriously needed to get my act together. Anyway, I got my cards in the mail the other day, and I wanted to share them with you. Aren't they beautiful? If you are on facebook, check out the Paper Blossoms page.

Next, I am reluctantly sharing my most recent belly shots due to recent requests. I'm not one to keep broadcasting how fat I am getting, but I found it to be a good opportunity to model one of the maternity outfits I got on such a good deal from Kohls the other day. Love. I really love finding good deals.
 Also, if you can't tell-I'm pretty excited about this pregnancy. (-:
22 weeks:

(I'm standing in front of a large black S on the case you find my head shape to be odd. lol)

OK, I admit, it's not a maternity outfit, but it works really well for it-is super stretchy, ultra comfy, and I love the belly lines on the dress.

My morning sickness has been gone for about four  or five weeks now (Which means that my negative weight gain is now into the positive), to be replaced by some pretty severe hip pain...but that's why I've made a new friend called "Chiropractor" who is helping me through this difficult time. (-:

And of course, I simply had to share this photo of Daddy and daughter. Because Aaron has now entered his busy season (he runs a landscaping company), Addison doesn't get as much time with her Daddy as she did over the winter. She treasures every minute with him. (-:


  1. Could you be any cuter!?! You look amazing! I love the picture of Addison and daddy...the both look so happy! :)

  2. You look amazing, Deanna! And what a great picture of Aaron and Addison. Aaron's eyes are actually open!

  3. okay, two things (well maybe three or four) The pic of Aaron and Addison is GREAT!! (I see she's now wearing the ruffle shirt w/o something under, YAY spring!) i would be remiss not to tell you how much i like your earrings ;) and you got your hair cut! very adorable all the way around, you are!

  4. You are beautiful, Deanna! I love the "maternity" top! And the photo of Aaron and Addison is definitely a keeper - so, so precious. :)

  5. you are one the cutest pregnant chicks I've ever seen...

  6. You look awesome! :-) No need to worry about getting "fat" - you just look great!

  7. GREAT photos! your belly is so cute and you look beautiful!

  8. You look great Deanna!! I never liked posting pregnant pics, I think I only did once with Russell and only because my Aunt hounded me too...But you look so cute, I think you should post one a month for us :D

  9. You look beautiful!

    Claire doesn't get much daddy time in the summer either because of our cows, so she is so excited when they do have time to play.


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