Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 Liter vs Goblet

They say opposites attract.

 As a "can't get my hands dirty" music major in college, I was strangely drawn to the rough and tough chemistry major who drove the lawn mowers so skillfully across the campus. He was always covered in grass clippings and his cologne resembled something from the gasoline line.

Maybe the gasoline induced loss of consciousness was to blame, but whatever the case- Love struck.

Our friends called us the Princess and the Ogre.

After a rather odd courtship (no time to get into that here), a fairytale wedding, 4.5 years of marriage later, we are happy as can be. But still complete, total opposites.

Aaron runs his own landscaping business and I am so proud of how hard he has worked, and how amazing his business is doing at the moment (knock on wood). But that still doesn't change the fact that my dryer lint is always full of grass clippings and after a cuddle with Daddy at night, Addison smells a bit like a man who's been sweating in the sun, working hard all day...with a small dash of that same lingering gasoline smell.
(I know that probably sounds so extremely appealing to you ladies, but hands off...he's mine(-:)

I love bubble baths, classical music, writing, cooking, dressing up, and witty banter.

We are completely opposite...but it works for us, so no judging. If either of us had married someone just like ourselves, 4.5 years ago minus one day we would be in prison for spouse slaughter. It just wouldn't have worked.

Yep, opposities do indeed attract. My chemistry major husband assured me that's a real thing. (as the innocent student who caught the ceiling on fire during the one chemistry class that I was forced to take-it was nice to marry someone with that strength so that I NEVER have to worry about chemistry again...either kind. lol)

Now that we are first time parents (and as green as can pun intended), our different personalities show through in our parenting styles.

Why the long, drawn out explanation?

To introduce these next two pictures.

The first picture Aaron took while he was watching Addison and I was off teaching a piano class for adults in the community. The second picture is Mommy feeding Addison dinner...while Daddy was diligently preparing a landscape design for one of his clients...
Daddy time:
Mommy time:
Any guesses as to how this child will turn out? Is there such thing as a princess tomboy?

and if you're wondering why no sippy cup...she WILL NOT tolerate a sippy cup...only wants a bottle or a real cup. And if it's a real cup...why not a goblet? (Note: I absolutely love drinking out of goblets. Seriously, why were other glasses even invented???)


  1. goblets suck--they absolutely hold no appreciable volume of liquid---only acceptable glassware is bottle holding liquid, mason jars--preferably 1 qt, pilsner or related stout glass with sufficient volume (~1 qt)

  2. LOL!!!! There is such a thing as a princess tomboy,and that is perfect cuz no matter who she is with she will be happy...mani-pedi with mommy,great..trimming the trees with daddy, awesome :)
    I love your pictures,and descriptions!! Thanks for sharing
    and I agree...goblets are awesome!

  3. YES! Goblets rule!

    From the girl who grew up with a father who always had my mother put HIS portion of the gallon of milk into a glass jar, special, for him in the fridge. To this day, even. :)

  4. I'm going to say yes....I think I qualify as a princess tomboy, I love girly things, but I camp, garden, hike, play baseball to go along with my symphony rehearsals and wine glasses :)

  5. Tiaras and baseball bats - works for me!

  6. LOL...Great post! Brad and I are total opposites too and thats what works for us!
    I am so happy to hear there is another baby out there who refuses sippy cups!!! Russell will not take one for anything! When ever it gets close to him he throws it as far away from himself as he can! But he will drink from a normal cup though...Maybe he needs a goblet as well :)

  7. aren't you glad she's versatile enough to use both? After all, she's both her daddy's and her mommy's girl!


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