Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Chubbs wore for the Royal Wedding

I meant to post this yesterday, but got a touch distracted...

Two weeks ago when every detail of William and Kate's wedding started overtaking the news (and Entertainment Tonight) I was more than a little annoyed. Why oh why did they want us to care so much? I found myself hoping Charlie Sheen would do something outrageous so that we could hear about something-anything else.

But then as the day approached-I found my curiousity growing. After seeing Kate's face up on my TV screen so many times, I wanted to know how it would end. I wondered what it would be like to have such a public engagement and wedding, and yes, I wanted to see the dress.

So, I watched the wedding-not at 4am, but late last night when I still couldn't sleep because I was a bit wound up. It was beautiful, romantic, and history in the making. I'm glad I took the time to overcome my cynicism.

I was asked if Chubbs wore a tiara for the special day.

No, but so she would fit in with the royal wedding crowd, she did wear:

and she definitely didn't try to throw it across the room, eat it, tear it to pieces, or have a diva like attitude that such a thing was on her head (ok, yes, she did all of those things)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the royal wedding. Beautiful bride, handsome groom-millions of dollars...(I wonder if a multi million dollar wedding makes up for the fact that you can't have it exactly how you want it-so many rigid traditions to follow. (I kept imagining them breaking into the wedding dance as they came down the never know-that could have been Kate's dream.)


  1. Chubbs, you are as pretty as a princess, as always. Especially with that smudge of pink lipstick and crown!
    I'd love to see some photos of your pregnant mommy, can you arrange this for me?

  2. too stinking cute...chubbs would have fit right in :)

  3. Love the hat! With all the horrors going on around the world and in this country, I think we needed to watch a "fairy tale." Hope ou have a great week.

  4. Haha...Great hat Lady Chubbs!! What a lovely outfit :)
    In the news the other day it said how many thousands of Canadians had tuned in for the royal wedding...HA...All I could think was it was because we had NO choice it was on EVERY SINGLE channel!!! Ahhh...It was a nice wedding and all, but they can stop the reruns any time now!

  5. I love it! She looked absolutely gorgeous! Chubbs, I mean. ;-) Kate looked pretty, too.


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