Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This face cheers me up

Baby slung over one hip, coffee not yet a reality, and sleep still heavy in my eyes, I went down into the basement to fetch a fresh box of Cheerios.

You can imagine my surprise that instead of stepping onto the nice dry carpet I'm accustomed to in our laundry room, my socked foot sank into several inches of standing water...on the carpet.

Ugh. We've never gotten water in the laundry room before, but new plumbing job in the basement+big storm last night=Deanna rearranging her morning to dry out the basement.

I moved everything out of the water, threw away wet boxes, ignored the smug sing songy voice of my husband in my head saying "I told you so" as I regretted not organizing the basement better, pulled up the carpet, started the fan and dehumidifier (all the while Miss Addison was hanging out in her walker, dangerously eyeing the water with a will to play and then crying when such desire was not granted), and prepared the shop vac to handle water. After mere seconds of running the was full, and this pregnant mama realized that there was no physical way to lift the vac into the sink to empty it...

Good time for a break, another cup of coffee, and snuggle with with Chubbs (who had been feeling wildly ignored during basement cleanup project...she told me so)

While cuddling on the couch, she was seriously making me laugh with her hysterical faces...followed by laughter. (-: I totally forgot about the basement drama. What was the deal with that again? Her new stage is that of a toddler-HUGE personality and getting into absolutely everything (this morning I saw her cruising along furniture when she thought that I wasn't watching...stinker)

Being the considerate person that I am, I decided to share some of these faces with you. I warn you, looking at these pictures puts you at risk to become extremely jealous that you can't cuddle up on the couch with this laughing bundle of goodness...(-:

Chubbs McPhee, possessor of a HUGE personality

Exhibit A:

...and attempting to help unload the dishwasher? Nope, just trying to crawl over it.

And in conclusion, I would just like to announce that we are finally off all medications. After coming home from the NICU with 5 separate medications to give every 8 or 12 hours..we are now done! Yay! (I can no longer shock people by saying that my daughter is on was fun while it lasted. lol)

I hope the faces of Chubbs-the toddler diva in training- cheered you up as much as it did me this morning. Love that little girl!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Aww, what a sweetheart! Loved the pictures, made me smile :)

  2. Lol, she's too stinking cute! Definitely jealous. I just happened to see your subtitle on your blog banner, and it cracked me up, because it's close to one of the nicknames we have for Mille- "Cheeks McGee". :)

  3. Great news! No more meds! I remember the feeling of freedom when Calvin was off all heart meds! Now he just has lots of supplements, but those feel better to be giving. She is doing so great and I hope your basement recovers :( I hate clean-up jobs. Speaking of, must get off the computer!

  4. So happy there are no more meds! You have such a sweet girl!

  5. wow, I'm impressed that you sorted out the flooding...that is totally a husband kind of job around here

  6. Water! That sucks!
    Medicine gone? That's good!
    Baby faces...too cute!!

    She is a baby doll!

  7. Hahahahaha she is hysterical. Happy Wednesday, indeed!

  8. Yep, I'm totally jealous not to be able to cuddle on the couch with cute-faced Miss Personality! She's so funny!

  9. yay for no meds for little miss cutie pants! boo for a soaked basement! I have a pic of my oldest that is remarkably similar to the dishwasher one...gotta love toddlers!

  10. What a cute little ham she is!! Love the pics! Sorry about the basement mess!! Been there, done that! (But not while pregnant.)

  11. Yep...a little jealous, but I have my own Jacks McPhee to cuddle with! Found you from Holly's your blog! Great on the no meds! So does that mean she had PH and it's resolved? Yeah!!!! Check us out if you'd like!

  12. Yes, she still has pulmonary hypertension, but during her last Cath it is now diagnosed as mild...after two surgeries and 9 months of O2. YAY!

  13. Ugh! Water in the basement is no fun. We had that while I was pregnant. It was a huge process to get it fixed. Love all the Chubbs faces!


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