Monday, April 4, 2011

teething storm

Today was supposed to be the calm before the storm.
Instead, teething issues took a forefront and became a storm all of their own.
Up until a month ago, we gave her a baby aspirin every night to prevent blood clotting following her last heart procedure. I'm convinced it helped her break in her 4.5 very sharp little teeth with minimal pain and fussing.
Once the six months expired, we teething woes are quite real. I have a list a mile long to do today. I'm leaving with almost 50 teenagers from my school on Thursday for a band competition in Virginia Beach. I'm going to be away from my baby for four whole days. Maybe she senses that and wants to store up extra attention today to prepare for our separation.
So far I have gotten NOTHING on my list done for my trip. Seems that Chubbs just needs me more today...which is totally fine by me.
Poor little girl. It just breaks my heart.
The only thing that was calming her was cuddles from Mommy...which I gladly obliged with...until she deemed my jaw simply too delicious to resist. I am now sporting a very visible bite mark....and some pain of my own. So we have a temporary hold on cuddle time.
Hopefully when she wakes up from her nap she is in a better disposition. Although, I can't really blame her. This week makes me want to cry and fuss too...she's just doing it for both of us. When did it stop being OK to just cry and yell when you're upset and frustrated?

Today has become the storm before the storm.

She did ask if she could join my band and come on the trip as a participating member.
She is quite persuasive.

It's killing me to think of leaving my I guess I'll tend to my bite wound and pick back up with the cuddles....come Thursday I'm going to want even the bites back.


  1. Poor baby girl and poor mama! I feel your pain...Sutter bit my cheek the other day and it swelled instantly and stung for a good part of the day...gotta love those sharp little teeth! Enjoy your snuggles, break out the tylenol and try not to think about Thursday!

  2. Great pic on the euphonium... did Arron start to teach her to play "I only have eyes for you"?

  3. Deanna,

    have a safe trip!


    enjoy Daddy time!

  4. oooh poor baby and poor mommy! Can I just say I think she's a natural on that euphonium :) You should totally take her up, then you'll win the competition hands down.

  5. Aw, poor Chubbs...Russell sends her a big hug :)

  6. Where do we sign up for cuddle time!! She's just as adorable when she's sad. Sorry, she doesn't feel so great right now. :(

  7. She is so precious! I hope your time away is good. Daddy and daughter time is so important!

  8. I'm late reading this, so you are probably back from your trip by now. I hope all went well while you were away.

    Claire is struggling with teething too. She is getting 2 bottom molars and an upper tooth right now, and one of the molars just won't break through. Her poor little thumb has to be sore from all the chewing.


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