Friday, April 29, 2011

Evil Dominos/Hysterical Pregnant Melt Down

I am a calm person.

I do not irrationally yell at customer service people-ever since my stint as a bank teller and I saw the other side.

I just wanted to start this story with that fact about myself- hold on to it, you'll need to recall it in a minute.

Let's start this story with me in Kohl's with a cute baby happily strapped up in her pink stroller...standing at the cash register, buying $230 worth of maternity clothes for $44 (OK, that has nothing to do with the story, just wanted to do a brag shout out to bargain shopping prowess taught to me by my mother-in-law)

The actual story begins the second I left Kohls. I decided to call in dinner. I had taken my string orchestra to lunch and to watch the Vermont Symphony rehearse all afternoon, had a chiropractor appointment, did the unsettling task of trying on new maternity clothes (all on my day off) and I was pretty wiped.

Pizza sounded good-so I called our latest fav-Dominos (it's cheap and it's right by our house). Now, maybe I'm the worst mother in the world, but today when I picked up pizza naive little me decided to leave Addison buckled in and locked in the car as the weather was pleasant, she wouldn't freeze or get overheated, I would take the time they gave me-add five minutes to make sure, park right in front of the store front, be in and out with the pizza.

(Please don't tell me that I'm the only person who's ever tried this. I couldn't physically carry her and the pizza at the same time)

They told me it would be 25 minutes, so I got to the parking lot with a little time to spare, climbed in the backseat with Addison and fed her dinner while we waited. When she had swallowed the last carrot soaked cracker, I made sure there were no crackers within her reach and went in, thinking that surely by now they had finished the order I had called in over a half an hour ago.

I went in and stood waiting to be helped for 10 minutes. Note: There were three employees all standing in front of me...all answering phone call after phone call...all ignoring me. And yes, this store has a glass front, and I could see my car from where I stood, but still...that was not cool to this overprotective mommy.

I told myself to be calm. I am a calm person.

Finally, I was assisted. I paid for my order and asked him specifically how much longer it would be because I had a baby in the car and couldn't wait inside. He assured me it would only be 2 minutes.

No problem. I sweetly told him I was going to run out and wait with her and would be back.

I ran out, Addison was fine. Not so patiently waiting for me-she was reaching her cranky stage.

Hurrying back inside, giving them five minutes, I was sure it would be finished by then.

Once again going inside, I stood there for 10 whole minutes before the three employees finally put down the phones to ask if I had been helped. I told them my name, they checked on my order and said it would just be a second more.

By this point I was starting to get super ticked. I don't mind waiting-just tell me it's going to be a long wait so that I can time things right with Addison. I'm for sure not going to stand waiting in the store being told it's just "one more second" while my baby's waiting in the car.

Right when I was reminding myself that I am a calm person (another 5 minutes in), a guy sailed in right up to the cash register asked for his called in order which was conveniently sitting and waiting for him, paid and sailed back out. All while I was still patiently waiting (I admit, I shot this guy a glare..he looked at me so smugly, I couldn't help it).

That's when this calm person lost it.

I ran up to the counter and out of nowhere came a hysterical pregnant lady. (OK, yes we're still talking about me)

"Wait a second, I called my order in too-almost an hour ago and you said it would be 25 minutes. Why was his order ready when mine wasn't? I told you that I have a baby waiting in the car. I can't wait in here and yet I have been waiting for almost an additional half an hour what you said would be 2 minutes."

The guy then had the nerve to calmly tell me that my pizza was halfway done baking. It would just be "another couple of minutes"

When I realized that they hadn't started baking my pizza until I had arrived at the store, I irrationally let my ticked/angry side over rule my calm personality. Even if they had just admitted when I arrived that they messed up my order and that it would be another half hour-no problem, I would have gone back out and waited with Addison instead of being strung along, them making me feel like I couldn't leave while Addison sat alone in the car.

I'm sorry, but to me that's just not OK. Especially when I asked specifically for a time estimate because of the baby in the car issue, and they kept telling me "two minutes" for a half an hour.

I informed the Dominos employee that I could not wait another minute. "My baby is in the car, I told you that, and I need to leave right now. Please refund my purchase, I am just going to leave because I can't wait another minute." (for all I knew, "two more minutes" equalled another hour)

The manager came over all in a huff and I repeated my frustrations (imagine a sweet, calm voice and then imagine the opposite of that..yep, got it). He said that they were busy, surely I could understand that.

I said that it's fine if I need to wait an hour for my order-just tell me upfront how long it's going to be and stop stringing me along saying it's going to be any second while my baby is out in the car. I just want accurate info, so that I can be a responsible parent. (I didn't say that last sentence, but it's what I was thinking. Totally couldn't have pulled that line off with my hysterical tone of voice)

Note: by this point, there was a line forming behind me, pointing and judging (judge all you want, but good luck getting your order on time). Also, the employees all stood gawking at me (no wonder my pizza wasn't ready)..and the phone magically stopped ringing during my tirade. This calm person got front and center stage for her out of character mini break down. excellent.

The manager slowly fished cash out of the drawer to repay me (I paid with CC) and just as he handed it to the huffing, puffing pregnant lady, two boxes magically appeared with my order. The manger said (at this point completely avoiding eye contact with me), "Just give it to her."

I left with the cash, the boxes of pizza and a 2 liter of chilled orange soda...feeling guilty. I just wanted my money back, I didn't want a free meal. But in the same breath, I was still super ticked that they weren't just honest with me about how long the wait would be (and forgetting to put in my order when I called)

So, that's my biff with Dominos. After several glasses of chilled orange soda and a satisfying, but will remain unknown pieces of pizza, I am feeling much calmer than I was. Perhaps my pregnancy hormones overacted a touch...I had one of those pregnant meltdowns that "other women have" (anybody else watch Better with You?)

Pretty sure I'm never, ever leaving Addison for another 30 sec run in. This experience taught me to never rely on quick service...assume the worst because leaving my baby alone for more than a second like that just doesn't sit well with me.(full of mom guilt)

I have a feeling that I'm going to have to call under an alias, and send Aaron to pick up our pizza from now on....It's quite tragic, really...

I don't care how fabulous the pizza sauce it or how delectable the garlic crust tastes. Dominos-you have made my list.


  1. I am very proud of you for your shopping prowess. I also can totally sympathize w/ the whole Dominos scenario. Bravo for totally deserved that free pizza and soda. I agree that it wasn't about them forgetting your's about the dishonesty and cover-up charades that they put you through. 3 cheers!!!

  2. do you have a little caeser's pizza in your area? we order their pizza carryout now and then. one day my husband paid less than the usual amount. he didn't even need to request the discount, they gave it to him for a couple minutes delay on our order. we appreciate their efforts for repeat customers. (that ends my pizza commercial =)

  3. Ooooh! That would drive me nuts! I tend to be calm too, but that kind of crosses the line.

  4. it is completely understandable!!! do not second guess yourself. I cannot imagine that you were that horrendously rude or anything. I wouldn't hesitate a short note to the managers either. they should have handled you and your order better than to assume you were an idiot - they were playing dumb. it was their job to say upfront something along the lines of the truth!

  5. TOTALLY understand!! I love how you are totally honest and good for you for asking for a refund! I will say that every time I have used that dominoes, they are almost always on the phone and It takes a good couple of minutes for someone to come to the counter!!

  6. no you are not the only one who has left her baby in the car :) but don't tell that I admitted it. I probably would have lost it too and I don't have the excuse of pregnancy. Glad the pizza made you feel better.

  7. The 'huffing' manager part ticked me off. I remember when Domino's guaranteed 30 minutes delivered or your order was free. humph

  8. Ok, I had to laugh at the Better With You reference that I just watched!!

    Also, this made me irrationally angry. Because all customer service stuff makes me irrationally angry when they're soooo rude to customers. I totally disagree with getting huffy with people who is doing your best to help you, but these people were doing nothing of the kind and it makes me cranky on your behalf.

    Good for you for standing up!


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