Wednesday, April 20, 2011

awesome steps

All right, since I love you all so much, I'm going to share with you the most awesome thing I have ever posted.

No, not those shoes...but they are pretty awesome as well.

The word awesome totally doesn't do this video justice. This video is the cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness.

Before you watch it, a couple of things:

1. Sorry for the blatant bragging. This Mama is pretty proud right now.

2. Some of you might not find this video very exciting. But for those of you who know how hard this is for Addison to do...and remember the post that I wrote not that too long ago about how she refused to put any weight on her legs AT ALL...and for those of you who notice her lifting up onto her toes, flexing her knees, and kneeling on her knees before standing...I know some of you will appreciate this video almost as much as I do. (-:

Without further ago..I present Chubbs McPhee's latest emerging skill:

(Note: this is a minute and a half of what she spent doing an ENTIRE 45 min therapy session... **********-that is the computer equivilent of me beaming with pride)

I'm not sure if my tears have anything to do with the fact that I'm 20 weeks pregnant, that I'm working too many hours a day on editing my book, that my house is messier than when I'm not on spring break...OR that I have such extreme pride in my little girl who works so hard.

Lately she's really taken a turn from baby to toddler. I'm doing my best to adjust to the change. Guess she's just prepping to be the big sister...such a smart child. (-:


  1. Fist pumps! fist pumps! This is amazing!!! I just had to laugh at the last few seconds when she's trying to snoop thru the contents of the top of the ottoman! A girl after my own heart. Congrats to all of you!

  2. Go Addison!!! She's taking big girl steps!!! Look at her determination, she wants to do it and is working so hard! I'm pretty sure I would have cried too...happy tears of course!

    I have to say watching her do the splits is amazing too! Sutter is not flexible at all so anytime I see the kiddos who are it blows my mind!

    She's doing fantastic...she's gonna show that new brother what big kids do! :)

  3. I dont think the tears are from being pregnant...thats pure pride baby!! And I cried a little too!!! I cannot believe how strong she is!!! Russell is not quite there yet with the pulling to stand, hopefully soon though...And Addison MOVES her feet forward!!! Thats HUGE! We are still working on that! Oh my gosh...I am so proud of her, she is doing AWESOME!
    BTW...Loved the music on the video, lol :)

  4. This really brought tears to my eyes! Wonderful job, Addison! I can see you're working hard and how exciting to see those steps! Grandma is so proud of those baby steps! I love you!

  5. WOW-- I am so proud of my little niece! Good job Addison!

    Aunt Andi

  6. Dear Chubbs: Grampa is overwhelmed with joy for your accomplishments today. You continue to show us all the character of your heart. God is so gracious in sending you to us. May today be the beginning of your journey to find a personal relationship with Him.

    Lots of love..... Grampa
    ps I can't wait to go on walks with you...

  7. Tears here! Yay for Sweet Addison :)

  8. Dave and I are so impressed! It's so neat to see how far she has come!!

  9. Big, huge, excited congratulations from Milton!!!! Lovin' the flexibility!!! :)

  10. Addison is smart, beautiful, and talented!! Congratulations on this big accomplishment, Chubbs!

  11. Tears! I'm so proud of you Addison! You just earned yourself some German chocolate. Your mom and little bro. can have some too. OK, and Daddy. Whatever. Tell your mommy I need your address!

    What a determined little bundle of cuteness! She was trying to make up for scaring her Mommy so badly!

  12. Woo-hoo! So happy for all of you!

  13. Yay Addison! She is growing up so fast! Speaking of which, her cousin Lauren thinks it has been way too long since they got to hang out together...


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