Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Therapy Star

Warning: This post is going to include some blatant bragging...I would apologize, but am honestly too proud of my little girl to care that I am being one of those annoying moms....

This morning Addison was all kinds of cranky. I chalked it up to the fact that she was breaking in lots of new teeth and we recently discontinued her previously prescribed 1 aspirin a day because we had filled the required 6 months.

Anyway, right when her PT arrived, her whole mood changed. She became happy, energetic, ready to show off McPhee: (I tried not to be offended that she looked more enthusiastic about seeing her therapist than she did me)

She was seriously all over the place, crawling- going up on all fours, her latest skill- going from stomach to sitting up, and she tried to pull herself up to stand on pretty much everything! She kept getting those knees and legs under her and then pushing up...

From a child who absolutely refused to place any weight whatsoever on her little legs a few months ago- today's performance was astonishing.

She seemed to enjoy every minute.
I'm sure this is the way you all sit up. (-: She pulls herself up into the splits from her tummy

and then pushes herself up the rest of the way. (This is a new skill that she started this week. She now does it probably ten times an hour...what a showoff (-: )

Also- she seems to relish being on all fours. She won't crawl in this position yet, but she'll keep transitioning to it every couple of minutes and rock back and forth.

She seemed to especially enjoy crawling up onto her bear chair

and playing with her stacking rings...which she LOVES and will do ANYTHING for.

This child is motivated to move and go places!

Doesn't she look so big here?

I seriously was just so proud of the progress that she displayed even in just the short appointment.

The therapist used the word "determined" to describe Addison...I was pleased she chose that word over "stubborn" (since it's a trait she inherited from...ahem...Aaron?)

and Addison let us know when she was done working...
Anyway, after therapy she pretty much refused to nap all the way until we had to run across town for little sibling's Addison cried the whole appointment (see above pic if you need a visual)...doubtless sensing that her thunder was momentarily being stolen....

But I forgive her because I was so proud of her today...and for little sibling with that strong, easily findable heartbeat. (1 pound of weight gain for this pregnancy so far....back from the 12 lost between those first few still at -11...are second pregnancies kinder in the weight gain department? Totally OK with me.)

It was a good day...with not a lot done around the house...but good appointments. So why am I so tired?


  1. Way to go big girl!!! I like will take her BIG places I have no doubt! She truly has come so far in the last year and will only continue to go further. I love the last picture, she's totally done and has no problem letting you and anyone else who will listen know!

    As for pregnancy weight I gained almost the exact same weight with both boys - 27lbs with Landon and 25lbs with Sutter. At birth Landon weighted 8lbs 3oz and Sutter weighted 8lbs will be interesting to see what others have to say!

  2. Do not apologize for bragging! We want these great things too! Great post :)

  3. way to go, Addison!!!!

  4. Great pictures!! I really love the last one too. She's making sure you heard her loud and clear! :)Brag away!!

  5. Good job Addison!! Anna and I are proud of you, too!!

  6. Yeah! She is so friggin' smart! I do love the pic where she totally looks like a big girl! I thought that before I even saw the comment. Love her! How do you not just eat her neck sugar all the time??
    Brag on mama!

  7. I read this last night, but I loved it so much I had to come back and read it again this morning! Addison is just doing so awesome...I am so proud of her! And she IS looking more grown up these days :) And brag away about this little one whenever you want Deanna cause I love hearing all of it!!

  8. Nice work Addison!!! She's doing awesome!

  9. Addison, you're a rock star!!

  10. Nice work Chubbs! I love how kids are so different in what motivates them. Claire NEVER got up on her hands and knees to rock. One day she got up on all 4 and just started crawling, and she still gets into sit from the splits. :)


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