Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some "Climbing" Pics

So I've mentioned more than once Addison's latest obsession with climbing.

It's not up onto anything big, and we haven't attempted stairs yet (mostly because we live in a one level house with stairs leading only to the basement)

She likes to climb onto or over small objects such as toys...or my clarinet case. (-:
(notice the hole in her She grew right out of that onesie...)

The other night, she started wanting to climb up into her bathtub. Since I noticed that I can monitor the drowning aspect of this exercise and it causes her to play on her knees...this morning I filled it up just for play time.

She was suspicious

But had no idea that I was tricking her

To put those little legs under her

And push up with those legs (attempting to go face first into the bath...what can I say, she loves bathtime)
So she splashed and played and overall had no idea that she was actually working on new skills. Shhhh, it'll be our little secret. (-:

"Mommy, why do I have water on my face?"

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. What a tricky mommy you are! She is a great climber and look at her push herself all the way up on her legs...AWESOME!!!

  2. OMG .... she works sooo hard. Bootcamp? (:

  3. Precious gift from the Lord! Every day and every new experience that we get to share with Chubbs is a great blessing.
    Love you lots.....
    Grampa Smith

  4. LOL...I LOVE pictures of Chubbs! Man she's a strong little kid!! Great job Chubbs :)

  5. Hello, I recently came across your blog. I enjoy reading your post so much. You are such a sweet mommy! Your "niceness" just bubbles right in to your posts.. have a nice day!


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