Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rookie Mistake

It is no secret that I am a new mom. I make rookie mom mistakes all of the time. Such as leaving a roll of toilet paper only one step up in the bathroom, discovered by Miss Chubbs, unrolled and shredded with her four very sharp teeth in the space of a few minutes. Such as Addison crawling over to the plants in the living room at every available opportunity and either scratching her face or eating some dirt. Such as the following video. Sometimes you can try your best and bad things still happen.

I would just like to say that I was told to practice this by Addison's therapist. BTW, Addison is rocking this exercise. Check out her arm strength:

I had to split this into two videos because my phone will only tape in 40 sec intervals. It was during this second video that Addison achieved therapy success and there were tears due to a new mommy/rookie mistake.

Lesson learned. The exercise "Climbing on the Cushion" must always include support on all four sides of said cushion especially when the reclining, successful baby decides to celebrate her climb with a delicious roll.

Her tears lasted for approx 10 seconds....after some cuddles they turned into laughter. She cried much harder earlier today when she got her synergis shot and bled all over Mommy's white Northface fleece (I'm pretty sure we were both crying...yet another rookie mom mistake)

Yes, I feel bad that she rolled off the side of the cushion, but more than that? I'm elated because she successfully crawled on top of it all by herself! She is so strong. She actually did this for the first time during therapy yesterday. The therapist tried it and Addison did it like she had been climbing her whole life. (Note: I read about it on her therapist notes, I was at work. I have no idea how she avoided the rolling incident...I'll check on it)

Anyway, after waking up this morning at 8, changing Addison's diaper, vomiting the breakfast I hadn't even eaten yet and almost immediately going back to bed- this is about how today has gone. I am still in the stage where I feel like absolute poo, my stomach is just starting to pop out enough to make me feel somewhat fat and it's early enough that it's hard to convince myself that there is a baby in there. Thank goodness I have Chubbs to remind me the result of all of this hard work. (If I can manage not to kill Chubbs with my constant mistakes)

I'm probably the only mom who would post such embarrassing proof of her bad motherhood, but I'm more proud of Addison's success (esp since she wasn't hurt) than I am embarrassed for my mistake. You know, Addison's sibling will have to thank her for getting so many painful occurrences out of the way for him/her. I heard the vicious rumor that second time Mommies never make mistakes.....Perhaps I will be the first to bust that rumor. Unfortunately, Mistake is my middle name (and here you thought it was Joy)


  1. bad mothering? right here baby! A month ago or so I dropped Brooke in front of her PT and my hubs. I was wiggling her out of her jams and she flung herself forward...luckily I caught her right before she hit the floor...ugh! 4 kids though and that's the first time that's happened...rolling off the couch? sure. But dropping? nope

  2. The aunt was entrusted by her married sister to care for the nephew. Since he was a nursed baby, putting him to bed was tricky. If needed rice cereal was available. "Bring it on! He's really hungry." (Did I mention he was still really little -- maybe two months old.) I fixed the cereal in a pyrex pudding cup -- lots of it! I put Brian's infaseat -- the latest baby thing of the 1960s -- on the kitchen table and started spooning the cereal down the hatch. Baby had the funnies ton his face and was gumming his gums in a strange way. We were half done with the cereal when Grandma came in the door. She looked and Brian and then at me. And said, "Oh, my word! Honey, why is the cereal so thick and why did you make so much?" "I read the box," I answered ever-so-honestly. Mom said, "But he's just a little guy! You only needed a couple of tablespoons and it needs to be THIN so he won't choke." She took the cup and thinned it out -- but he didn't each much after that. I think he was already full. Thankfully he didn't sceam all night from gas pains. This was one of several Aunt Bloopers. My nephew survived and is now forty-nine years old and a wonderful adult with children of his own. (They survived me, too!) Maybe this is why I spent my life working with high school and college kids -- their fragility lies in different areas and it's hard to overfeed them -- especially the boys those ages.:-)
    So don't worry. My Mom was sure I grew up only because I had double the guardian angles of the average child. Afer all, you do know from having lived there briefly that all the kids from Lake Wobegone are above average and this must be one of the ways they are.

  3. I don't see bad Mommy, I see big accomplishment!! Good for Chubbs!! :) I will admit though, I've been there done that in the "bad mommy moments" area too... I don't think any of us would be good mommies if we didn't make a few mistakes. hehe

  4. I was watching the first video and my daughter Amy came up and asked who the baby was, I told her Addison..She stood there watching and then clapped her hands and said "Oh look, she made it up! We should teach Russell that!" lol
    Actually our PT showed us that last visit, I just havnt tried it with Russell yet.
    And the little fall, haha, it has happened to the best of us, trust me you dont have to be a rookie Mom to have that happen!

  5. Actually, I think I am a worse mistake maker than you are, Deanna!!! I can't remember which one of the four that it was but one of them was in their walker, and the walker went down the basement steps!!! It was a miracle that nothing bad happened....I felt so guilty and I felt like a horrible Mom...until I heard the same exact stories from some other Moms....then I felt a little better =) You are doing a fantastic job with Addison!!

  6. I was hoping to see a picture of the toilet paper incident. For me it was always tissues and wipes. I'd look away for what seemed like only a minute and the next I know, the baby would have pulled out every tissue in the box, or wipes out of the box.

    And Jessica had a thing with gum. She'd manage to find my purse and eat almost an entire pack of gum. One right after the other until they were all gone.

  7. Deanna- I am fighting a little bit of jealousy here...I can't even picture Lily doing something like that...the deliberate, focused movements combined with her babbling...she is amazing. Lily's therapist tells me all the time how well she is doing for her age and having Ds- Addison blows Lily out of the water AND she's younger. You really should be proud. I am so thrilled for you!!

  8. ummm...yeah girl you have NOTHING on my rookie mom mistakes, or my veteran mom mistakes for that matter :) I'm surprised my kids are still alive! Yeah Addison for such an accomplishment!

  9. Addison looks so good WOW. Ha! My 1st child fell off the bed and there was also as time I almost cut off her finger....I won't go there. I'll make just as many mistakes with Eslea because she is a different child. They'll just be different mistakes and probably more related to trying to overcome any physical limitations. Thanks for sharing the video!

  10. I figure as moms, we are bound to make mistakes. Claire has taken a few spills too, and I'm sure there will be more!!

  11. yeah, that wasn't bad AT ALL! But, you do have first time mommy view of what is a big mom mistake. I felt so horrible when my first fell off the bed! Sure, I still would, but I'm easier on myself and you will be that way too.


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