Thursday, March 17, 2011

Profitable Day Off

Dear House, Laundry and Dishes,

I understand that you are feeling neglected and in need of some attention. But honestly, did you think that you could compete with this?

I'm sure spring fever has nothing to do with today's phenomenon of wanting to do absolutely nothing...or the long week that we're almost done with...or the fact that we spent most of the morning watch Addison do everything but backflips for the PT this morning. (We're so proud of her, aren't we?)

Hopefully will get some attention...Aaron owes me one or two and I plan on collecting...


  1. LOL...Ahhh Deanna, I love your posts!! That top picture of Addison is adorable :)

  2. in my house laundry and dishes always lose...
    in fact they lose so badly that my hubs begged me this morning to do laundry after leaving the house in a holey ratty shirt I usually wear to bed..
    yeah, I'm a bad wife...

  3. I do love those jammies,and they fit her really well!

  4. The mess in my house will be there after Claire goes to bed. And if I don't get to it then, which I usually don't, it just keeps waiting...


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